Gomma Photography Grant 2022

Do you have a photo series that you want to publish and be awarded for? But you don't know how to do?  The 2022 Gomma Photography Grant is now Open for Entries. 

Launched in 2014 by the Gomma crew, this grant contest is tailored to fund and support photographers working in various genres.

It is independent, ethical and quality-focused

"Photographers that are recognized through the Gomma Grant are known to have expanded their career to a higher level, both professionally and artistically«. BJP

Share your visions with the world: receive exposure, support and funding for your work. Apply now to the Gomma Photography Grant 2022.

Each Other

Submit figurative works that in some way reference the relationship between individuals to be considered for a group show at Aplomb Contemporary Portrait Gallery. Apply for the in-person exhibition and VR exhibition or the VR exhibition exclusivley for a discount.

Group exhibition at Aplomb gallery Nov 12, 2022 -Jan 5, 2023 and in VR during the Meta Biennale, 2022. Submit up to 5 works to be considered for a group show at Aplomb Contemporary Portrait Gallery that reference the relationship between individuals. Juried by Gallery Director Danielle Festa.

The Moth Art Prize 2022

The prize is judged by the publishers of The Moth. They are looking for two-dimensional portraiture, figurative or other representational work of any size – work that is courageous and bold and is in tune with the aesthetic of The Moth, contemporary but timeless. 

Work should be submitted for consideration in the form of good quality digital images suitable for print to mothartprize@themothmagazine.com.


‘I consider the artists who have won The Moth Art Prize to date to be exceptional painters. It is a real honour to be part of this group and I am truly grateful.’ Blanca Amorós

The Royal Society of Portrait Painters| Prizes and awards, worth over £40,000

Portrait artists are invited to submit work for exhibition alongside members of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters at their Annual Exhibition 2022.

Selected artists will have their work exhibited in a prestigious showcase at The Mall Galleries in Central London at which a number of works will sell and a number of commissions will be placed. The Society welcomes paintings, drawings and original prints including digital/ipad prints from artists over 18, from the UK and internationally to be shown alongside members of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters at their Annual Exhibition.


Focus: Portraiture

A juried group photo show on portraiture at Black Box Gallery.


Artistic Celebration of Motherhood


CSOPA and SAA have partnered to create a special tribute to mothers May 1 - May 30. The virtual exhibition, Artistic Celebration of Motherhood (ACM), is a multi-media event featuring original art ranging from classic portraiture to abstract expressionism.

Portrait artists submit through the official prospectus on website.

Entry Deadline March 29, 2021.


Image: Mother's Kiss  by Linda Champanier  (Copyright 2021)


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