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RED, YELLOW, and BLUE tubes of paint are the basic building blocks for all the colors of the rainbow. They also stand alone, individually, as strong primary color artistic elements.

Send us your images where one of these colors stands out as a critical element of your photographic composition.  You decide which of the three colors RED, YELLOW or BLUE is central to each image you submit and select the category that matches. 

The number of possibilities is vast and includes black and white photographs with a single point of color, red, yellow or blue monochromes, or any image where one of these PRIMARY COLORS stands out as a focal part of the photograph. Is the blue sea what catches your eye, a red clown nose or maybe a big yellow school bus? Have you modified a print to be all shades of red?  This is a theme to have fun with. 


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Grand Prize 1

First PRize 3

Second PRize 3

Third Prize 3

Juror's Selections 20

Honorable Mention 20

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2nd Annual "Primary Colors" Online Art Competition




Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces an art call for the gallery’s 2nd Annual “Primary Colors” Online Juried Art Competition for the month of June 2020.  The gallery invites all 2D and 3D artists (including photography and digital arts) from around the world to make online submissions for possible inclusion in the Gallery’s July 2020 online group art exhibition.   

Light Space & Time encourages entries from artists regardless of where they reside and regardless of their experience or education in the art field.  We invite them to send the gallery their best representational or abstract art for this competition.

The “Primary Colors” theme is one in which one of the primary colors (Red, Blue &/or Yellow) stands out as a primary artistic element in the artwork. Any subject matter and any media are acceptable in this open theme competition, as long as the main colors in the artwork are at least one or more of the three primary colors – Red, Blue &/or Yellow.

The deadline to apply to this art competition is June 26, 2020.

Early entry and art student discounts. For further information and to apply online, visit the Light Space & Time website.

Prizes Details: 

Winners receive extensive worldwide publicity and promotion.


Entry Fee:

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$14.00 for 1 to 2 entries / $24.00 for 3 to 5 entries
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