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Girl 9 Magazine Free Online Print Modeling Contest



2019 Girl 9 Magazine Free Worldwide Online Magazine Print Model of the Month Photo Contest for beautiful aspiring female Lingerie Models, Bikini Models, Vixen Models, Eye Candy Models, Swimsuit Models, Fitness Models, Figure Models, Artistic Nude Models, Pinup Models, Boudoir Models, Exotic Models, Erotic Models, Inked Models, Curvy Models, and aspiring models with beautiful faces, great skin, and great eye catching bodies that look sexy in lingerie or bikini wear.


Are you a beautiful aspiring female lingerie or bikini model age 18-30 looking for a free opportunity to become a magazine print model and take your modeling career to the next level?


Do you have a great face, beautiful skin, and a well shaped eye catching body that looks sexy in lingerie or bikini swimwear and you feel you are ready to take your modeling career to the next level by being a featured magazine print model with other beautiful lingerie and bikini models worldwide in the internationally known Girl 9 Magazine?


Are you interested in a chance to win a free $1,000 print model magazine photo shoot, $1,000 modeling photo portfolio, and becoming a lingerie magazine print model in Girl 9 Magazine with other beautiful and sexy lingerie and bikini models worldwide?


Would you like to have your sexy lingerie or bikini photos featured in the internationally known Girl 9 Magazine and receive worldwide exposure as a magazine print model and build your modeling portfolio in ways that could get you paid jobs as a model in the fashion and entertainment industry?


Girl 9 Magazine’s Free Online Magazine Print Modeling Contest is a worldwide  magazine contest for all gorgeous, glamorous, and sexy aspiring female lingerie models and bikini models ages 18-30 that would enjoy the worldwide media exposure of being featured in the internationally known Girl 9 Magazine with an exclusive full featured magazine photo layout of you with other beautiful selected lingerie and bikini models from around the world that will also be featured.


Are you seriously interested in giving your modeling career a real jump start, expanding your modeling portfolio, getting paid modeling jobs, or becoming a featured female magazine print model in an internationally known online magazine that is known worldwide for featuring some of the most gorgeous and glamorous lingerie and bikini models worldwide?


Do you have the creative talent, the persistence, the beauty, the body, the style, the sexy look, and a great recent professional photo portfolio of at least 12 full body high resolution professional photos in lingerie, swim wear, or artistic nude, that are no older than 12 months, that are worthy of being featured and published in Girl 9 Magazine?


If you answered yes to one of the questions above and you are a serious aspiring model that has a dream of doing print modeling or professional modeling and you are looking for an incredible free opportunity to gain worldwide exposure as a print model, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss if modeling is your passion or you have dreams of modeling, because this is a free opportunity that you should take advantage of if you are serious about jump starting your modeling career, or expanding your modeling career this year.


This is an amazing free modeling print opportunity for aspiring models and professional models looking for a free legitimate magazine print modeling opportunity that could take your modeling dreams to a paying modeling career level, that could give you the high profile modeling opportunity that you are looking for and take your aspiring modeling career to the next level, possibly opening doors to great paying fashion and entertainment job opportunities in the future.


All models that are selected as Model of the Month for this excellent exclusive lingerie magazine print modeling opportunity will receive the magazine cover feature, a full photo feature in Girl 9 Magazine, a full photo feature on our website, and a chance to compete for a free $1,000 lingerie magazine photo shoot.


Girl 9 Magazine Model Submission Guideline:

To apply for consideration as a Girl 9 Magazine featured Lingerie model in an upcoming issue of Girl 9 Magazine:


You will need to submit a professionally written bio with your age, your city, state, or country,  your height, weight, measurements, your email address, and phone number and you must submit 12-20 recent professional full body high resolution photos in one of the following only: lingerie, bikini swimwear, or artistic nude only.


We only accept 12-20 full body head to toe professional high resolution photos in lingerie, bikini swimwear, or artistic nude only.

Submit 12 -20 recent full body HIGH RESOLUTION professional photos of you posing in your hottest bikini, artistic nude, or lingerie only and a bio with complete contact information and measurements to us by email:

All photos submitted by models will be judged on skin beauty, body fitness, hair and makeup, creative sexy posing quality, and photo shoot location.




We do not accept photos that are older than 12 months, we do not accept less than 12 recent high resolution professional full body head to toe photos in lingerie, bikini, or creative nude, we do not accept camera phone photos, we do not accept photos with more than one model in it, we do not accept low resolution photos, we do not accept comp cards, we do not accept photos with writing on them, logos, or photographer signatures, and we do not accept personal photos or photos that are taken in your home, we don’t accept photos in jeans or sneakers, we don't accept head shot photos, we do not accept photos that are collages or have effects, or have borders added to them, so please do not submit none of the above photos for consideration.



Entry Fee:

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