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Do you have a creative project that needs funding? Have an exhibition coming up? Have membership fees to pay but can’t afford to? Are you a larper? Maybe you really want to attend the next Shattered World event but can't afford the ticket? A Dancer in need of new costumes? Do you need funding? Do you need to pay studio space fees? Is it time to purchase new tools? Is it a new guitar? Perhaps you're saving because you want to tour? Have you got recording studio fees to pay? Are you planning to release an EP? Is it that pair of Kool Karlifornia Infirri leather pants that will put together your look? Does your brand need new merch? Or maybe you're part of a club?A market stall holder? Do you run workshops? Part of a car club? Do you want to raise money for charity? Are you a publican who wants to attract more musicians to play gigs? Do you volunteer for wildlife conservation charities? Is there a course or workshop you'd like to do? Are you interested in promoting the Perth music scene

*******If you answered yes to any of these questions then, What are you waiting for? 

       - Join the team at Around The Sound today and start earning money -

We are looking for 50-100 people who want to earn some money selling Perth’s only locally produced music magazine and website, Around The Sound. Our profits go to charity and you can sell copies to family, friends, bandmates, artists, fans, anyone who is interested.

Around The Sound is published fortnightly and we also have some fantastic fundraising opportunities available for any individuals or community groups who are searching for the easiest fundraising game changer that will significantly increase the $ in their kitty.

If you or someone you know is interested, contact Ash Lee or Andrew Thompson for more information today.



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