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Commemorative Site for Enslaved and Exploited People


Davidson College is a liberal arts institution dedicated to cultivating humane instincts and disciplined, creative minds. Our community touchstone is the Reformed Tradition of the Presbyterian Church, a tradition rooted in the belief that all lives are valuable, equal, and deserving of dignity. 

Founded in the American South in 1837, less than thirty years before the Civil War, Davidson College recognizes our participation in slavery and responsibility for the pain and mistreatment of enslaved and exploited people throughout our history. 

Boothbay Sculpture Trail

Sculpture Boothbay is pleased to announce an open call for artists for inclusion on the Boothbay Region Sculpture Trail’s 2021 season. We invite artists to submit proposals for inclusion on the Boothbay Sculpture Trail for the 2021 season. Artists selected will receive a $200 honorarium and support with installation and siting. It is incumbent upon the artists to arrange transportation of the work to the Boothbay Region. 

The sculpture trail is located in the Boothbay Region of Midcoast Maine. Established in 2017, the Trail is a public art exhibit installed throughout the Boothbay peninsula that can be experienced on foot or by car. The collection includes work by artists from around the world, with a focus on those living and working in the state Maine.

Keep Midland Beautiful Call for Artists - Public Art - "Wind"


This opportunity is open to all artists emerging and established artists, individuals and artist-led teams, and artists working with a wide variety of media, who have completed projects for private clients, public agencies, or for grassroots/community projects.  Artist teams of any size may apply.  Prior Public Art experience is not a requirement to submit information to KMB.  Artists with West Texas connections are encouraged to apply.

Selection Process:

Information and materials submitted in response to the RFP will be evaluated by the KMB Board of Directors Beautification Committee.


“Bird Houses and Nests”


“Bird Houses and Nests” Exhibition September 26th – January 3rd, 2021

SculptureTucson (ST) and Tucson Botanical Gardens (TBG) are hosting a joint exhibition of outdoor sculpture related to “Bird Houses and Nests.”

All work will be on display in outdoor garden spaces, so artists are encouraged to create work that is large-scale in size.  While there is no maximum size restriction, works smaller than 5 feet high will not be considered, unless the piece is mounted on a base, and the entire sculpture plus base is equal to 5 feet.  Sculptures must be secured to the base.

Call for Indigenous artists for permanent sculpture at the Dairy Arts Center

The Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado invites artists’ proposals for a new public artwork for a permanent public art sculpture dedicated to Indigenous people in our community and region. The intent is to acknowledge the traditional Indigenous inhabitants of the land occupied by the Dairy.

“Acknowledgment is a critical public intervention, a necessary step toward honoring Native communities and enacting the much larger project of decolonization and reconciliation. Join us in adopting, calling for, and spreading this practice.” – Honor Native Land: a guide and call to acknowledgment, US Department of Arts & Culture

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