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Commemorative Site for Enslaved and Exploited People




Davidson College is a liberal arts institution dedicated to cultivating humane instincts and disciplined, creative minds. Our community touchstone is the Reformed Tradition of the Presbyterian Church, a tradition rooted in the belief that all lives are valuable, equal, and deserving of dignity. 

Founded in the American South in 1837, less than thirty years before the Civil War, Davidson College recognizes our participation in slavery and responsibility for the pain and mistreatment of enslaved and exploited people throughout our history. 

In 2017, Davidson College embarked on a study of our institution’s ties to enslavement and the exploitation of labor. We created a Commission on Race and Slavery to undertake this multiyear project, and the Commission presented their findings in August of 2020 (full report here).

In response to recommendations from the Commission, in order to fully and honestly confront the wounds and blind spots of our past and to be true to our Statement of Purpose, a Special Committee on Commemoration was formed. The Committee was tasked to engage broadly with the Davidson College community to recommend a visible and appropriate commemoration, including the possibility of commissioning a work of art to not only honor the contributions of enslaved people and exploited laborers but to more deeply reflect on the lives affected, to celebrate them, and ground us in our commitment for just and humane action in the future. 


In discharging its responsibilities, this Committee will be guided by these values:

-Davidson College is committed to acknowledging our institutional history honestly and fully.

-Davidson College is committed to also acknowledging the range of ways in which individuals have contributed to Davidson’s history honestly and fully. 

-Davidson College is committed to building a genuinely inclusive campus in the present and future.

Prize Summary: 
Project budget estimated to be $3,000,000-$4,000,000
Prizes Details: 


Davidson College is accepting qualifications from creative individuals or teams that include professional artist(s) in partnership with landscape architects, architects, and/or engineers to create a commemorative project, integrating artwork and landscape. 

The selected finalist will be asked to create a permanent, interactive space and artwork sited at a highly visible and prominent location on the Davidson College campus, determined by the Special Committee on Commemoration. The completed space and artwork will serve as a nexus for healing, reflection, recovery, and a reaffirmation of Davidson’s commitment to equality and justice in keeping with the Project Background stated above. Its goal is to facilitate intimate individual experiences as well as support both formal and informal collective gatherings of members of the campus and the broader community, including ongoing speaker presentations and campus events.

A committee of representatives from the college will select a pool of creative finalists from the Request For Qualifications to move forward in developing specific proposals. The final project will be managed by the Van Every/Smith Galleries, Davidson College’s Facilities Planning and Use Committee, and the Board of Trustees.


The design of the commemorative project should achieve a cohesive aesthetic experience that is distinguished from, yet sensitive to, the site, character, architecture, and sculpture around the college’s campus.

-Though Davidson’s historical record as it pertains to enslaved people is limited, the commemorative project will incorporate information from the College’s archives to acknowledge individuals and family legacies.

-The commemorative project will acknowledge the atrocities, injustices, omissions, and blindspots of the past while also imagining a new future. The site should provoke empathy, and focus on perseverance, triumph, and the valuable contributions of those being commemorated. 

-The commemorative project should include an interactive element and engage multiple senses. 

-The commemorative project should visualize/acknowledge the absence of information. The design should allow for the incorporation of new information and research as it is uncovered.

-The commemorative project should focus on the roles and history of Davidson College and the town of Davidson in the larger institution of slavery. 

-The commemorative project should combine artwork, landscape design, and functional infrastructure to accommodate individual, intimate experiences as well as community collective experiences such as gatherings and events for community members of all ages and abilities.

-The commemorative project must be constructed of durable materials capable of withstanding the elements and campus use for a duration of 20+ years. 


-This call is open to all professional artists/architects/design teams who have experience managing, designing, and completing public art commissions.

-Demonstrated management of projects of similar scope and scale is also a qualifying credential.

-Strong preference will be given to individuals or teams with leading members who embody and understand the African-American/Black experience. 

-Eligibility must be demonstrated in the application materials submitted. Exceptions will only be considered for those who can compellingly demonstrate why their experience is exceptional and sufficient to fulfill any of these requirements.


January 7, 2022
Submissions Due by 11:59pm 
Applicants will submit requested qualifications via SlideRoom. 

January 2022 – March 2022
Applications Reviewed
The jury, appointed by President Carol Quillen and the Board of Trustees, will identify the most highly qualified artist(s)/architects/teams for this opportunity from past work samples. 

March 2022-April 2022    
Selection of Finalists
Virtual interviews will take place and the jury will determine a shortlist of three finalists and three alternates. The Special Committee on Commemoration will present their recommendations to the Campus Planning and Use Committee and the Board of Trustees for approval at their April 2022 meeting.

May-August 2022 
Research/Pre-proposal Development
Each of the three finalists will be awarded a $10,000 honorarium to develop a pre-proposal based on the final site determined by the Special Committee on Commemoration. The fee includes all project related costs such as design fee, travel, materials, etc. The finalists will be expected to engage with stakeholders, including college archivists/historians, physical plant, students, faculty, alumni, and community members in order to learn more about Davidson’s history, site, and scope for the commemorative space. Details of this process are forthcoming. 

The pre-proposal should successfully respond to the criteria outlined in the Request for Qualifications. The finalists will present conceptual designs, schematic plans, 3-dimensional sketches/representations, and other materials to convey the design concept to the selection committee and the college community. The finalists should make recommendations about how they will engage the community throughout the process. A budget estimate is required at this stage. 

September-October 2022   
Finalist Presentations
The finalists will have an opportunity to present their pre-proposal design and qualifications to the jury during a campus interview. Proposals will be shared with the wider community for public comment.

October 2022  
Final Selection
The jury will select one (1) finalist based on their written and visual pre-proposal and qualifications to recommend to the Board of Trustees. 

At this point, the finalist will be expected to work closely with various stakeholders to revise and finalize their design/concept.

As part of the contract between Davidson College and the selected finalist, a specific schedule/timeline beyond October 2022 will be agreed upon, from community engagement through final design approval, fabrication, installation, and dedication.


Exact site details will be provided to selected finalists in advance of preparing their pre-proposal. 


The total budget for the project is estimated to be $3,000,000-$4,000,000 which includes all costs associated with the project including design and engineering fees, all reimbursable expenses for the artist/team, mock-ups, materials, fabrication, utilities, surveys, testing, engineering, construction, commissioning, and owner contingency. 


Please address questions to Lia Newman, Director/Curator of the Van Every/Smith Galleries at A compilation of FAQs will be addressed on the project’s website.


Application must be received via SlideRoom by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on January 7, 2022.

The following materials must be uploaded:

-Credentials: A resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) demonstrating professional history and skills or experience. If applying as a team, all team members must submit resumes. 

-Statement of Interest: A brief introductory narrative that also provides insight about your interest in this project.

-Images of recent work, completed in the last 10 years: Up to ten (10) images or three digital video or movie files (2- 3 minutes each maximum).

-Annotation: Artist/creative team participants, Title, date, media, dimensions, location of project, additional collaborators, indicate permanent or non-permanent, museum/municipality/organization that commissioned the project, and project budget for all submitted images.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Boothbay Sculpture Trail

Artistic field:




Sculpture Boothbay is pleased to announce an open call for artists for inclusion on the Boothbay Region Sculpture Trail’s 2021 season. We invite artists to submit proposals for inclusion on the Boothbay Sculpture Trail for the 2021 season. Artists selected will receive a $200 honorarium and support with installation and siting. It is incumbent upon the artists to arrange transportation of the work to the Boothbay Region. 

The sculpture trail is located in the Boothbay Region of Midcoast Maine. Established in 2017, the Trail is a public art exhibit installed throughout the Boothbay peninsula that can be experienced on foot or by car. The collection includes work by artists from around the world, with a focus on those living and working in the state Maine.

Works on exhibit are intended to be available for sale through the artist. The organization will not charge commission for sales made this season.

Sculpture Boothbay is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that promotes, exhibits, and educates visitors and students on the art and practice of sculpture, sculpting, and art-making. Sculpture Boothbay works with partner organizations to host the Maine Stone Symposium, the Boothbay Region Sculpture Trail, the Point of View and Ocean Point Auctions. For more information, please contact Sculpture Boothbay at or visit

Please keep in mind that this is an OUTDOOR sculpture trail. While the organization will provide general maintenance to the trail and the sculptures, the work will be sited outside and uncovered for the duration of the season. Sculptures selected will be on view for up to two years.

Proposals are due May 25, 2021.

Sculpture Boothbay Board members and a select advisory committee of community members will conduct a review of proposals. Selected artists will be notified by June 1.

Selected sculptures must arrive by June 15, 2021

Each artist may submit up to three (3) sculptures for consideration to
To complete your application, you will be asked for:

Contact information


Artist statement (up to 200 words)

 1-3 Images per sculpture (JPEGs, each under 5MB) 

Image captions including approximate dimensions and weight and price


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Keep Midland Beautiful Call for Artists - Public Art - "Wind"

Artistic field:





This opportunity is open to all artists emerging and established artists, individuals and artist-led teams, and artists working with a wide variety of media, who have completed projects for private clients, public agencies, or for grassroots/community projects.  Artist teams of any size may apply.  Prior Public Art experience is not a requirement to submit information to KMB.  Artists with West Texas connections are encouraged to apply.

Selection Process:

Information and materials submitted in response to the RFP will be evaluated by the KMB Board of Directors Beautification Committee.


Keep Midland Beautiful is accepting proposals from artist or teams of artists who wish to be considered for a permanent art installation in Midland at Island off W. Wall St, W. Front St, and Williams St, in Southwest Midland.  The site is in a busy business area with heavy traffic.  The artwork will be installed permanently on the Island in advance of native, drought tolerant plants being installed.  This installation will be the first in a series of art projects to be led by Keep Midland Beautiful.

Scope of Project:

KMB is seeking an artist or team of artists to create an original work of art that expresses “Wind” as a theme.  KMB is looking for applications showing artists conceptual plans and preliminary designs in advance of fabrication and installation of the work of art to be located at traffic island formed by W. Wall St, W. Front St, and Williams St, in Southwest Midland, illustrated in the Location Map below..  Because of the nature of business conducted by KMB, use of natural products and materials is recommended.

Prize Summary: 
Budget For Sculpture
Prizes Details: 


The project budget is estimated at $50,000.  The amount budgeted for an artist or team of artists is all inclusive for the commissioned art project, including design; materials; fabrication; delivery; installation, including the pedestal (if necessary); insurance; and travel expenses.  Keep Midland Beautiful will separately fund promotion associated with this project.  KMB intends, and will have right, to use submitted concepts (models, illustrations, etc.) for project fundraising.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

“Bird Houses and Nests”

Artistic field:




“Bird Houses and Nests” Exhibition September 26th – January 3rd, 2021

SculptureTucson (ST) and Tucson Botanical Gardens (TBG) are hosting a joint exhibition of outdoor sculpture related to “Bird Houses and Nests.”

All work will be on display in outdoor garden spaces, so artists are encouraged to create work that is large-scale in size.  While there is no maximum size restriction, works smaller than 5 feet high will not be considered, unless the piece is mounted on a base, and the entire sculpture plus base is equal to 5 feet.  Sculptures must be secured to the base.

To be considered for this exhibition, artists are invited to submit digital images of previously completed works.  Based on those images, artists will be invited to create a new work for the exhibition. Each chosen artist will receive a $500 honorarium. This is a financial gesture, in addition to a possible exhibition sale, and should not be expected to cover the cost of fabrication.


The “Birdhouses and Nests” Call to Artists is open to artists 18 years and older working in all sculpture media. All works must be original works of art.


All completed applications must be received by ST by 5:00 p.m., May 15th, 2020.

Selected artists will be notified on June 1st , 2020.


All sculptures selected will be available for sale with the artist receiving 70% of the sales price.


Entrants are responsible for delivery and installation of their work prior to the show as well as, deaccession and return following the show. ST will cover up to $250 of the expenses involved in returning unsold work.

Works must be exhibition ready, appropriately free-standing and ready for display.  TBG will not accept works that are damaged.

All accepted work must be delivered to the Tucson Botanical Gardens by Wednesday, September 23rd, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

TBG will exercise professional care in handling accepted artwork. Works delivered in good condition will be insured by the TBG during the exhibition from time of delivery until the pick–up deadline.


SculptureTucson will not be responsible for works left after the pick-up deadline and will charge a $10 per day storage fee. Only artists who have made previous arrangements have the option of leaving their work at ST headquarters for up to a year.   If an artist sends a representative to pick up his/her work, TBG must be notified in advance.


SculptureTucson reserves the right to use all images for publicity and/or educational purposes.


Submitting an entry constitutes an agreement with all conditions of this prospectus.


May 15th:          Entry form and images must be emailed to ST no later than 5:00 p.m.

May 22nd:          ST selects works.

June 1st:            Notification of selections sent.

August 31st:       Accepted artists receive first half of their $500 honorarium.

Sept. 23rd:         Sculptures delivered to TBG from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Sept. 26th:         First day open to the public, opening reception. Artists receive second half of their $500 honorarium.

January 3rd:       Last day of exhibition.

January 5th:       Artist pick up of all works, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Questions regarding the application and exhibition process should be sent to:


Only complete applications will be reviewed by SculptureTucson. Incomplete or partial applications will not be considered.

SculptureTucson has the right to accept or reject any/all applicants.

Submission of an application does NOT guarantee or constitute acceptance to participate in the  show.

SculptureTucson does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

ABOUT SculptureTucson is a non-profit organization committed to being a hub for the creation, visibility, and appreciation of sculpture. Proceeds from the annual SculptureTucson Festival Show & Sale are used in part to purchase, donate and exhibit sculpture in public settings. Our education programs foster engagement, dialogue, and appreciation of sculpture for the public and access to professional opportunities for artists.

Our goals include sustaining the annual Sculpture Festival; establishing a public sculpture park; placing art in public spaces; creating hands-on art education programs; and becoming a resource for diverse artists and patrons, local and international communities.

Prizes Details: 

Each chosen artist will receive a $500 honorarium. This is a financial gesture, in addition to a possible exhibition sale, and should not be expected to cover the cost of fabrication.



Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Call for Indigenous artists for permanent sculpture at the Dairy Arts Center

Artistic field:




The Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado invites artists’ proposals for a new public artwork for a permanent public art sculpture dedicated to Indigenous people in our community and region. The intent is to acknowledge the traditional Indigenous inhabitants of the land occupied by the Dairy.

“Acknowledgment is a critical public intervention, a necessary step toward honoring Native communities and enacting the much larger project of decolonization and reconciliation. Join us in adopting, calling for, and spreading this practice.” – Honor Native Land: a guide and call to acknowledgment, US Department of Arts & Culture

A selection committee of Indigenous community members, artists and activists will lead the Dairy in the review and selection of the proposals. When a final proposal is selected, the Visual Arts curator will work with and support the selected artist(s) in the production of the project, from
technical development to engagement. The completed work shall be installed in time to honor Indigenous Peoples Day, 2020. This call is open to Indigenous artists only. The selected artist will receive up to $10,000 for time and materials. Additional funding for installation or other needs will be considered.

Prizes Details: 

The selected artist will receive up to $10,000 for time and materials. Additional funding for installation or other needs will be considered.

The artist or collective selected will collaborate throughout the project with the Visual Arts Curator and selection committee. Artists’ responsibilities will be defined in a written commission agreement, which may include, but will not be limited to agreeing to:
● Work with curator and staff, along with possible consultants (for example, structural
engineers or art conservators) to finalize material specifications and fabrication plans
(including technical drawings), to ensure the artwork’s durability for display in an outdoor
● Work with curator and staff to develop final fabrication budget.
● Adhere to established schedule and deadlines for the project.
● Participate in periodic presentations with various community constituencies.
● Participate in documentation of the project’s development with Dairystaff.
● Work with the Dairy staff and contractors and being present during the installation of the piece.
● Communicate regularly with Dairy staff throughout the development, fabrication, and
installation of the project.

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 
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