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Paper Machine Publication Residency




Deadline: November 14th

Past Artists and Projects Include:

The People’s Paper Co-op produced The Re-Entry Bill of Rights an edition of letterpress and screen printed works advocating for formerly incarcerated people using paper created from shredded criminal records from a criminal record expungement clinic.

Antenna’s Paper Machine Residency supports artists in the development of creative projects and public programs that explore and expand the possibilities of print-based artistic inquiry. The program annually welcomes up to 6 artists — with a mix of local and national/international artists to realize unique proposals for print-focused projects and public programs. Over the course of a month long residency at Paper Machine, Artists-in-Residence will: 1) develop original editioned work under the broadly-defined rubric of printmaking, including publications, sculptural books, zines, multiples, and other such works; and 2) will present complementary programs that engage the public in their artistic process, including participatory compositions, workshops, or artist talks.  Selected Artists will be awarded a $1500 honorarium, paid travel to and from New Orleans, a month long stay in the Paper Machine residency space, and assistance in development/execution of a 300 piece edition with 50 copies given to the artist. All materials will be provided for the production of the edition .

Paper Machine is a 5,000 square-foot center for creator-driven publishing in the Lower 9th Ward, which houses a range of new and traditional technologies: commercial-grade digital & foiling presses as well as letterpress and silkscreen, direct-to-garment, 3D printing equipment, and full book bindery. The second floor offers affordable studio space for local artists and the Artist Book Collection at Paper Machine, a teaching collection of artists’ books, editioned and one-of-a-kind productions spanning visual art, literary art, graphic design, printmaking, bookbinding, papermaking, and publishing.


Artists must apply with a proposed project. We understand that these ideas may morph throughout the residency, or even between application and arrival. Ultimately, Paper Machine exists to support each artist’s creative process and what happens where it intersects with print-based technologies. We ask for a written proposal and supporting images in the application in order to get a sense of how an artist might use their residency, but we know that things may change. Because the print center may be an overwhelming environment for some at the beginning, a proposal provides a great place to start, but we expect many artists’ projects will diverge from the original proposals.

Public Program

We ask that all Paper Machine residents propose some kind of Public Program. This could be an artist talk, workshop, collaborative project, or anything else that creates a moment for our community to engage with you and your project. This will be proposed after selection.

Support Materials

Support Materials can include examples of past work, focused on a detailed explaination of one past project and then a portfolioof up to 10 works. You are asked to describe your project proposal and you can als include a pdf that expands upon your project proposal description.

Important Dates

November 14, 2019 : Deadline for applications

Late December 2019 : Residents announced

April 2020 – November 2020 : Month long residencies hosted (timeframe based on the schedule of the artist)


-Open to visual artists, writers, collectives, or long-term collaborative projects.

-Applicants must be working in their field of expertise for at least 5 years.

-Cannot currently be a student enrolled in post-secondary or graduate-level programs.

-Artists-in-residence can come to the program with little experience working in print, but we ask that artists come with an open mind and eagerness to learn and work.


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100 ILLUSTRATORS most attractive in the world Vol.2




Japan Illustrators’ Association is making an annual collection of “100 ILLUSTRATORS most attractive in the world Vol.2”.

We are looking for an illustrator to appear in this collection.

This book will be sold worldwide, and the contact information will also be posted in this book, so this will be the powerful PR tool for them.

The application is free of charge, but you will be charged 18,000 yen as a publication fee only if the publication is decided.


Winners can post their works on one page.


Entry Fee:

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Artillery Magazine CODE ORANGE Photo Submissions




Code Orange is a new Artillery Magazine column, web-based, issue-oriented photography contest/project curated by Los Angeles based artist, Laura London. London works in the medium of photography and video.

CODE ORANGE is a documentary photography project which aims to encourage uncensored expression in affiliation with Artillery MagazineWinning entries will be published in upcoming issues of the magazine, finalists will appear online.

We see this as a venue for artists to express how they feel about the current state of the world. Tumultuous times like ours have historically produced some of the most interesting, captivating and timeless art; we hope to find and share similar works today.

Images which include any subject and convey how our country and the world are affected by social, political, environmental change as well as a day in the life type imagery which includes: personal, universal, identity issues, etc. The photographic artwork can be produced with a film or digital camera, using a professional camera and or smartphone. Images made in black and white and or color are accepted.

The main criteria for the images submitted to the Code Orange Photography Contest/project is that they are “documentary.” Carrying on the traditions of documentary photography, for example: in the works of; Louis Hines, Social Realism Documentary Photography, Doretha Lange’s, images for the Farm Security Administration, Robert Frank’s images and book, The Americans, New Documentary Photographs, which also includes photographers: Garry Winograd, Diana Arbus, Lee Friedlander. Roy DeCarova, images of Harlem and others, concurrently Stephen Shore and Robert Adams documented the American landscape, and William Eggleston broke ground with his color photography. Street Photography Reportage photographs of Manual Alvarez Bravo, Daido Moriyama, Henri Cartier Bresson, W. Eugene Smith, Mark Ellen Mark, and many more artists/photographers.

We are looking for any and all types of documentary photography submissions.

Please feel free to spread the word. Thank you!


Entry Fee:

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Call for Artists - A5 Portfolio #29 (August 2019)




A5 magazine wants to try and shine a light on some of the amazing artists working today. We are now taking entries for the August edition of the zine.

Brief: send us a large digital image of your work. Also send us any information you think is relevant. Any text needs to be kept brief as we get hundreds of submissions.

Deadline: 5th August 2019


Entry Fee:

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'Creature', a collaborative songbook




Mob-Handed Press is a series of collaborative songbooks created by selected musicians around a central theme. Artists contribute one song each, which are then anthologised into a zine. This publication is launched with a night of performance and storytelling.

It is a communication between artist and audience, and an exploration of how people visualise the music that they write, perform, and consume.

Issue Three of Mob-Handed Press will be entitled, 'Creature':


Creatures of habit,
Uncontrollable beasts,
The ones within…
And the ones without.

Participants are invited to submit one song around the theme of ‘Creature’. The selected songs will be anthologised into a printed songbook.

Contributors are encouraged to play with the format of song-writing.

There are no strict rules as to what constitutes a song; only that contributors should be honest about how they visualise their music.

It could be sheet music, a visual score, chords, rough notes, an illustration, a list of words to be read in no particular order… Long, short, personal or impersonal, easy or impossible to perform.

As this is a publication, artists should send their song in a visual format, as opposed to a sound recording.

There will be an event to launch the songbook, taking place in Bath, where contributing artists will be invited to discuss and perform their compositions.

'Creature' will be released in tandem with this years FAB19 festival, taking place in Bath, UK.


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Last Call for Manuscripts (Prose, Poetry, Art)




Last call for mansucripts from The A3 Press. Deadline is Tuesday, November 20th.

Do you have a series of poems or short stories, or maybe a long story that can be spread out over several pages? Maybe a short play in 12 parts or scenes, or even 12 very short plays? Do you have a combination of drawings and short stories? Or poems and photographs? Or maybe 12 drawings or photographs without text that would fit into our A3 map-fold format?

The A3 Press is a place for work that might struggle to find a traditional home, work that's lyrical and intense, a bit weird, perhaps, hybrid, experimental. We also welcome work that's traditionally beautiful. We like work that is urgent, that says something about what it's like to be alive at this point in history.  

Our first six titles will appear in early 2019. We'll then publish six new titles every six months. For a chance to be one of our first six chapbooks, please visit our Submittable page for more details.

Email us directly with any questions, or contact us via Twitter.


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