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Open call for QUEER ARTISTS "Pride! #3 Edition"

As we do every year since we were launched as a project supporting Queer and Sexual Artists, we invite all QUEER ARTISTS to participate in our annual Open Call for our Online Collective Exhibition
"PRIDE #3 EDITION" which will take place in June 2023 in our Viewing Room.

Ecologies of Precarious Abundance: Queer Life and Natures

As climate change, biodiversity loss, and widespread pollution drastically reconfigure the environments we live in, things are not only getting worse, they are also getting weirder. Looking to novel organisms, chemical contaminants, and strange bedfellows, we will draw inspiration from queer theory to re-examine ecological relations; breaking down some of the received understandings of the supposed ‘naturalness’ of heteronormativity, while also considering how the field of queer ecologies upholds queer ways of life as strategies for survival and thriving.

My Voice, My Truth

My Voice, My Truth: Celebrating Queer Art & LGBTQ+ Artists
Sponsored by Positive Voice

Thursday, June 3 THROUGH Sunday, July 25

My Voice, My Truth features artwork focused on—and created by—members of the LGBTQ community. Over the years, queer art has a long and tangled history of censorship. This pride month, we hear the voices and truth of the LGBTQ+ artists in our community to commemorate the contributions that they have made.

Queer Identities Open Call

Themes of identity are highly celebrated amongst the exhibitions at IC Contemporary, and with our close connection to the queer community, ICC would like to showcase more artwork that speaks to queer experiences and identity.

Each year our gallery is going to host a queer exhibit and we want you to be a part of it! This current call is for the group or solo exhibition that explores Queer Identities.

In the past, our Queer Identities exhibit was a survey on the subliminal thought processes many members of the LGBTQIA+ community experience while living in a world that revolves around heteronormativity. It mainly focuses on queer experiences of minority stress and the repercussions of the innate pressure for them to follow feminine and masculine norms.

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