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Constellations Intermediterranean Gazes





From the Roman limes to today’s globalized world, borders may simultaneously play the role of bridge and barrier. Wanderings, nomadisms, pilgrimages, invasions, exiles, and colonization have turned the history of mankind into a history of migrations. Nowadays, the migration phenomena continue its course in its most tragic version. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the year 2019 ended with more than 1,200 migrants dying in the Mediterranean Sea and 110,000 arrivals to Europe, which is the sixth consecutive year of massive arrivals.

Convinced of the role of the image as a vehicle for transformation, Constellations wants to support and promote emerging young creation by providing a space for reflection as it imagines, creates, and enriches itself with new forms of cultural hybridization. Through a format of artistic residencies, virtual meetings, traveling exhibitions, and cultural actions, the project aims to help create bridges between the various identities and territories that make up the Euroregion, establishing new points of reflection that have emerged through the artistic and cultural exchange in terms of migration and borders. Constellations also want to promote the virtual format as a normalizing fact in the current context of the health crisis.


1) Artistic residency

Through this call, two young artists will be selected to develop a project on the theme mentioned in one of the two proposed artistic residencies, led by the associations Lumière d'Encre and Es Far Cultural, located in Ceret (Occitania) and Es Mercadal (Menorca) respectively. Each of them, lasting one month, will take place during the spring-summer period of 2021 (see specific dates for each center). Each project will be personal and independent from the other selected artist. During the residency, artists will have at least one meeting with the local public to share their creative process.

2) Virtual meetings

Given the incipient digitization of the artistic content because of the health context, we believe it appropriate to use the virtual space as a platform for communication and debate between artists through 2 open virtual meetings, where they will talk about topics such as the creative process, the conceptualization of their work or the link between identity and territory, among others. Through the sharing of the creative experience of each artist, we want new reflections to emerge around the topics covered, giving rise to new ideas for formalizing the work for the next stage of the exhibition. The virtual actions will be moderated by Jiser association and will be open to the public and broadcast live through the Zoom platform.

3) Face-to-face actions at FotoLimo

This stage establishes the interconnection between the works of the resident artists at the Fotolimo Festival, which will take place in the villages of Colera, Portbou, and Cerbère during the second half of September 2021.

This stage establishes the interconnection between the works of the two artists through a collective and itinerant exhibition. This activity will be linked to others such as round tables and workshops aimed at local schools and/or institutes.

With the aim of establishing intermediate Mediterranean bridges beyond the Euroregional area, an exhibition of the Collective220 will be included. Since 2014, this project brings together several Algerian photographers with the desire to photograph realities in a personal and subjective way, telling stories and bringing new perspectives to today’s Algeria. At the same time, there will be a presentation of the exhibition and a round table with the presence of one of its members, moderated by Jiser.

4) Traveling exhibition

Later, the exhibition will move to Es Mercadal, Minorque, as part of the Menorca Doc Fest (October 29 to November 1, 2021) and, finally, to the Lumière d’Encre Gallery in Ceret at the beginning of 2021.

Prize summary: 
Prizes Details: 

The call is open to photographers and visual artists up to and including age 35, regardless of nationality or condition. An author can submit more than one project but will need to make a separate entry for each of them. Each of the 2 chosen artists will receive an amount of 2,700 € of which 1,500 € corresponds to the artist royalties, 700€ to production and material (managed by the artists), and 500 € to transportation, which includes both the journey to the chosen residence and to FotoLimo festival. Any expenses that exceed these amounts will be assumed by the artist. Any other expenses arising from the exhibition such as its assembly, disassembly, communication, and dissemination of the exhibition will be assumed by the organization of the FotoLimo festival.

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Open Call: Sustainable Studio Practice




This residency has been established as a safe space where you can develop a project focusing on the topic of sustainability within your artistic practice. It doesn’t have to be built around the production of art – quite the opposite: we are looking for art thinking projects that provide a new approach to studio practice in times of climate crisis. You will be working in a temporary community which will include artists from around the world. What most interests us is sustainability as a method, not as a subject. Our overall goal is to prepare a manual for sustainable studio practice which we can use in the future.  

MeetFactory is a non-profit international centre for contemporary art. Our mission is to foster a dialogue between individual genres and make current developments on the art scene accessible to the general public. We support original projects in the fields of visual art, theatre, and music, as well as interdisciplinary and experimental platforms. We aim to create a space in which art is alive and artists are present, enhancing a direct exchange between international artists and visitors, as well as between different fields and generations.


What do provide:

- accommodation in a shared apartment,

- studio space,

This residency is intended for artists living within a radius of 1000 km from Prague.

Make sure you are able to spend at least 80% of your residency time here in Prague.


Selection results will be announced on the 22nd of December 2020 at the latest.

Committee: curators of the AiR MeetFactory + invited external curator (will be specified)
Please be aware that the dates and conditions of the open call can be changed due to government restrictions. 

Prizes Details: 

- a fee of 500 EUR (gross) per month,

- production budget up to 200 EUR,

- travel reimbursement of up to 200 euros (only for land transportation – no air travel).

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COM UNIDAD - Virtual Artist Residence OPEN CALL





Correlacion Contemporanea is a self-management project that develops initiatives that question the current system of production, diffusion and research of contemporary art in Peru. Since 2016, Correlación Contemporánea aim is the exchange between students, young and professional artists, encouraging a space for horizontal dialogue in order to stimulate the creation of new possibilities in our artistic environment.

COM UNIDAD is a virtual artistic residence based in Peru that proposes the creation of a collaborative network made up of cultural actors related to peruvian history, art and community practices, from traditional art to contemporary art, through the management of projects, artistic education and archaeological practices in order to generate the continuity of community work from a context of isolation and social distancing that the new normal proposes us.

The work program aims to rethink the development of community art practices through virtual strategies that build a network of community initiatives of creation, management or education based on the collective research of the main cultural, social and geographical axes of Peru.

For this purpose, COM UNIDAD, proposes a research work divided into three cycles, three regions and three months, in which the group made up of residents, collaborators and coordinators will carry out a constant exercise of dialogue, exchange and analysis of the forms of life and social organization that develop in the coast, andean and jungle of Peru.

> Contemporary art as an affective and community tool in rural areas.
> Cultural scene and autonomous management.
> Pre-Hispanic Peruvian culture (Cosmovision, language, rituals, and others).
> Post-pandemic community art.

The COM UNIDAD residence offers a residency program developed in 3 Months / Cycles* in total, which correspond to the 3 regions of the country:

1. COM UNIT - Amazonian jungle: three weeks
2. COM UNIT - Coast: three weeks
3. COM UNIT - Andean highlands: three weeks

*Participants can choose to carry one or two cycles separately

N ° OF PARTICIPANTS: According to availability

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 18, 2020

RESIDENCE PERIOD: October, November, December 2020

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Residencies with Families Post COVID-19




ArteSumapaz was founded on a former coffee plantation in a region in the Andean mountains outside of Bogota, where over a century ago, Frederick Church stopped to paint and draw. While much of the world still suffers from the impression that Colombia is a wild and dangerous part of the world, the country emerged over a decade ago from half a century of internal strife, and is frequently cited as one of the top destinations for travelers in 2020.
Residents are provided with private accommodations, and cooked meals throughout the day. Artists share a communal table, while working in spacious communal studios. The 268-acre property features portions of the antique camino real, waterfalls, spectacular vistas, and bountiful flora and fauna. 
We want to open this space for the artist with their families, we have the space and the right environment for ensure a great familiar experience.

Prize summary: 
700 USD per person
Prizes Details: 

The cost is monthly, include food 3 times per day, open kitchen, private room with hot water and private desk, access to all the areas in ArteSumapaz

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Wassaic Project 2020 Summer Residency FAMILY Open Call





Application opens: October 21, 2019

Deadline: December 4, 2019, midnight

Residencies are 1–8 weeks in length and applicants accepted through this program are considered full participants of the Wassaic Project Artist Residency Program.   

Residents are selected by a review committee composed of the Wassaic Project Co-Directors, the Residency Director and professionals in the field. Successful residents will be selected based on the quality of their work, commitment to their practice, and their ability to contribute to the community at large.

The Wassaic Project broadly defines “Family” as comprised of a group of more than one individual where there is an in-house, and dependent, caregiving relationship. The Wassaic Project recognizes that artists who have caregiving relationships, as providers or recipients, often opt-out of peer community building for practical reasons. The Wassaic Project aims to provide family accommodations which increase access to our residency program.

Examples of caregiving may include, but are not limited to:

Parent/Child (parent is caregiver)

Child/Parent (child is caregiver)

Partner/Partner (where one partner is a supportive caregiver of other and cohabitation is required for caregiving)

A recipient of caregiving.

A self-selection into this application for separate and additional housing space by identifying as a Family applicant.

Residents are selected by a review committee composed of professionals in their field, the Wassaic Project Co-Directors and Residency Director. Artists and writers will be selected based on the quality of their work, commitment to their practice, and ability to interact positively with the community at large.


The Wassaic Project cultivates and supports a community for emerging and professional contemporary artists, writers and other creatives. Housed in historic, landmark buildings, the residency program offers between nine and thirteen artists each month the opportunity to live and work in the heart of a rural community. The Wassaic Project seeks artists working in a diverse range of media who want to produce, explore, challenge, and expand on their current art-making practices, while participating in a community-based arts organization. The Wassaic Project welcomes and values participants of all identities and backgrounds.



Residents will receive an adaptable raw studio space in a historic livestock barn. All studios are roughly 200-300 square feet. Artists will have 24 hour access to their studio and accommodations which include a private residence with three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and two full baths. Residents also have access to workshop facilities as well as the potential for expansion of workshop space and the possibility of working outside. The residency’s workshop facilities include a Wood Shop, Print Shop (silkscreen studio) and a kiln. 



Two to three times a month, artists-in-residence are invited to sign up for one-on-one studio visits with Visiting Artists/Critics. Our embedded critics - Ghost of a Dream - also make group studio visits each month, along with our Residency Director and additional WP staff. All residents are invited to participate in a monthly evening of artist’s talks and presentations, as well as Open Studios towards the end of their residency.



In an effort to serve and support emerging artists, we are able to subsidize residencies for all individual artists who do not have other forms of support. Thanks to the generous support of donors and grants, the fee for the Family artist residency is $900 per month per resident, which may be prorated. We may provide up to $300 per month in additional financial assistance based on artist need. 

Our intention is for financial assistance to be given to artists for whom it would be impossible to attend without financial support. If that is not the case for you, please do not apply for assistance. Financial assistance is provided to reduce financial hardship; our allocation is not based on merit. Each year the amount of financial assistance we are able to give is determined by our budget, which fluctuates annually.



Our expanded Education Fellowship program awards three free 2-3 month residencies in exchange for extensive participation in the Wassaic Project’s education programming, which connects the local community to contemporary artists and artistic practices. Recipients of Fall and Spring Education Fellowships will work primarily as Teaching Artists in our Wassaic X Webutuck program, which builds critical thinking and creative problem solving skills through collaborations between emerging artists and public high school students. Recipients of the Summer Education Fellowship will work as Teaching Artists and facilitators in many of our summer programs including Art Scouts, a free summer camp for K-6th graders, and Art Nest, our drop-in making space. All Education Fellows will gain extensive curriculum-building and teaching experience.

Wassaic Project

37 Furnace Bank Road

Wassaic, NY 12592


For more information about the Wassaic Project’s Summer Program:


For more info about the Education Fellow:


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arteventura • call for artists • summer studios 2019




arteventura • ecologic artist’s residence in the Spanish inland • summer studio 2019
Deep in the Spanish inland, on a wooded estate of 25 hectares, lies the ecologic artist’s residency arteventura.
A distinct philosophy of autonomy and back to basics form the foundation of the residency.
Whether you are a visual artist, a writer, a performer, a thinker or a dreamer...
Are you looking for magical quietude or swirling turmoil, do you want to hatch and grub, then this is the ideal spot.

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