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TanzLabor Ulm - ResearchLab





The TanzLabor Ulm - ResearchLab consists of up to four residencies per year. It is aimed at supporting dance by nurturing emerging choreographers to realise their ideas from concept to live performance.  The TanzLabor Ulm - ResearchLab residency facilitates choreographers to create a work by providing studio space, a stage to perform, travel costs, 3 weeks local accommodation for up to 5 artists, a living allowance and a co-production budget to create and premier a new work. Through a national/international open call the selected 'dance makers' are invited to co-produce the work created in the ResearchLab, to premier in our PerformanceLab program. The ResearchLab powers imagination through dance, it champions innovative ideas and embraces risks. By creating optimal conditions for dance artists and establishing a dialogue with our audiences through open rehearsals, the ResearchLab provides greater awareness of the limitless potentials that dance has to connect and inspire.  


The ResearchLab offers 1000 euros for the artists living costs and up to 2250 euros as co-production partner to realise your premier as part of the PerformanceLab Programme.

Prize summary: 
ResearchLab offers 1000 euros for the artists living costs and up to 2250 euros as co-production partner to realise your premier as part of the PerformanceLab Programme.
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ENS is always looking for ways to help independent makers. RESID-ENS20 had to be canceled due to the pandemic but RESID-ENS21 is going to be the kick-off of a wonderful dance year. We will allow a makers to create a new performance in our black-box studio. We provide spots for makers of any level in their carrier and with a successful residency works will be recorded and/or included in in the programming of our theater performances.

Who can apply:

This residency is open for all sorts of dance makers that are:
- Seasoned veterans in the field
- Students looking for the experience
- Emerging choreographers starting their carrier as a maker
- Others willing to create a work in a company setting
- ​Applications are not limited to the Netherlands, international and traveling choreographers are welcome.​

Residency will take place in the dance collector black box studio

When will it take place?

In 2021 Resid-ENS21 will take place between
- 1/14 May 2021
- 31 May/13 June 2021
- 21/30 June 2021
multiple makers that are selected will work in one of these periods.

Are there costs?

There is an application fee. The residency covers the studio use, the provided dancers for it's selected makers. Makers are responsible to arrange their own temporary housing. ENS can help where necessary but charges a extra fee for the work.


Short work applications have a 35 euro application fee
Advanced work applications have a 55 euro application fee
Large work applications have a 75 euro application fee

Payment can be made via:
Bank transfer


- This is for starting makers wanting to try a residency
- A four day program
- Maker will be allowed to create a small ten minute piece.
- Maker will be provided dance students to create.
- Application costs 35,- euro


- This is for makers that already made a couple of dance performances
- A five day program​
- Making a strong work of +/-20 minutes.
- Maker will be provided dancers/ dance students 
- Application costs 55,- euro
- Only the 65 applicants with be considered


- For makers with a lot of experience and is comfortable in making larger works. 
- A ten day program.
- For a 30/45 minute work.
- Maker works with company dancers
- Application costs 75,- euro
- Only 25 applicants will be considered​​

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YET TO .COM(E) Virtual Creation Residency





Calling for artists based in Argentina, Iran, USA, France, Switzerland, and Germany. This call is open to all artists with various disciplines that wish to engage in a virtual creation residency.

• YET TO .COM(E) invites six interdisciplinary artists to collaborate in artistic dialogue and practice with another. The program establishes three distinctive virtual residency incubators where two artists can live, brainstorm, and dream about a shared futurethrough their unique artistic lenses. 

In the current pandemic, we are left with the tension of global and local concerns. The present feels dystopian. The future is unknown. Therefore, we believe sharing a virtual creation space is needed to break this individual isolation. Despite all the challenges we face today, YET TO .COM(E) seeks to break down the artistic limits by a playful and experimental engagement in the digital sphere. 

• YET TO .COM(E) is made possible by these international partners:
Espace Croisé (FR)
Plataforma Lodo (ARG)
Work It Out Platform (CH/DE)
Re-connect Festival (Internet)

Application fee: Free
Each artist is offered a fee of: €700
Application deadline: December 5



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A Retreat in Princes' Islands - Tab Residency Spring Applications






Tab Residency program offers artists a residential space to devote time and focus on creating both individually and collectively. We can no longer offer an exhibition at the end of the residency period since the gallery space has been closed in March 2020.


Tab Residency, founded and run by artists, is open to all contemporary artists throughout the year. We accept residencies minimum one to maximum three months long. The residency periods are organized with open calls for six month periods and applications are accepted before the deadline of the open calls.


The Princes´ Islands is an archipelago off the Anatolian coast of İstanbul, Turkey, mostly car free, naturally and historically preserved area. Ten minutes walk from Büyükada port, the residency building is a shared building with four stories, one floor for the studio spaces, one floor for accommodation rooms, one floor for common spaces such as kitchen and living room, also there is a garden.


The residency studios does not contain any specific workshops so they can be used for many kinds of production. The studios are organized considering the needs of each artist. Please feel free to ask for other equipment or tools besides listed, depending on your needs. Disciplines involved can be visual arts, industrial design, fashion, interior design, conceptual art, literary arts, architecture, new media, performing arts (the artist should consider the size of the studio space), multi disciplinary works, any kind of recycle, upcycle or reuse projects.


Visual Art

New Media




Film Making




Performing Arts

Textile Art




Internet Connection

Electronics tools, printer, scanner, basic painting equipment, well equipped toolbox (drill, jigsaw, dremel, bench grinder...) and various materials to be reused for upcycle and recycle projects.

Musical Instruments





Woodworking Tools


What is expected of the artist:
Donation of an artwork is not mandatory but will be appreciated.
The artist should straighten out the needs and style of production beforehand.
The artist should provide information about old works and exhibitions.
A residency fee of 500 euros monthly should be paid before the beginning of the residency.

What are the benefits of the program:

The residency in Büyükada offers the artists a quiet and peaceful living and working opportunity, very close to the charming chaos İstanbul.

The artist will have the chance to experience the cultural and historical city of İstanbul.

To be able to take part in the contemporary art events and meet local artists.

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Open Call for Artists






There is one month left to apply for 2021 Residency at GlogauAIR! Visit our website for more information on the program and to know how to apply. Join us in our 3 or 6 months residency and take your time and space to research, create, produce and present your work, alongside with other talented artists and in the lively atmosphere of Berlin!

Remember, deadline is on the 30th of November 2020!


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De:Formal Online Residency





De:Formal is pleased to announce our new online residency program, a response to creating art and building community during the time of social distancing. The residency program is a virtual space for artists to explore and create, to build international communities, and to have dedicated time and space for experimenting on something new.

Our goal is to create a no-cost and easily accessible environment that allows artists to experiment with novel ideas, host virtual happenings, or anything else that inspires the artist. We are creating a platform dedicated to promoting art that is made and exhibited through the browser. It is a love letter to and an experiment in, digital art, and the internet.

We provide each artist with a temporary Wix account to explore digital studio practice. Wix is an easy-to-use and flexible website builder that will function as your studio / blank canvas / performance stage / streaming channel / community space for the duration of the program. We will promote work in progress, artist events, and other related material through our social media throughout the program.

The residency program lasts for one month, the first three weeks are dedicated to studio time, research, and creating online work through the provided web portal. The last week is for presentation and celebration. Residents have the option of having live streams of your work, hosting virtual artist talks, online Q&A, themed webinar, live performance through Twitch/Zoom/Instagram Live, and any other online activities. 

Each participating artist will be given an interview feature on De:Formal alongside the residency.


De:Formal Online Residency hosts one artist in resident at a time on a monthly rotation

Each resident receives a $60 artist fee on the last day of residency

Each resident is expected to treat the program like any other on-site residencies, please be prepared to spend dedicated time each day on researching, creating, or thinking about your digital studio practice

Each resident has the option to host online events during the last week of the program

Each resident is expected to deliver work in progress material for social media promotion at least twice a week

Each resident is expected to participate in an artist interview feature

Residents may create whatever they like through the web portal provided, but any kind of hate speech and discriminatory contents will not be allowed

Residents who wish to include adult contents should have a warning of some kind before users enter the site


We welcome artists working in all medium, from anywhere in the world, with access to a computer and internet to apply! To apply, please prepare the listed required material and fill out the application form.

A brief proposal that includes why would you like to participate residency program, what do you plan to make, and themes of research for the duration of the program

A short biographical statement that includes information about your background and your practice, please do not send us the kind that lists exhibition history, etc..

Selected artists will be announced and contacted via email within two weeks after the application deadline

Prize summary: 
All residents receive a $60 artist fee on the last day of the residency
Prizes Details: 

All residents receive a $60 artist fee on the last day of the residency.

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