The Inevitable Ether – A Residency Award from Greywood Arts & the National Space Centre

Greywood Arts & the National Space Centre invite expressions of interest from artists working in any visual, installation, or time-based medium who engage with themes of outer space, technology, and speculative futures in their work. This six-week residency from October 15 - November 25 is an incredible opportunity for an artist whose practice would benefit from observing the workings of a busy satellite groundstation campus before immersing themselves in the creative environment of The Residency at Greywood Arts.

The award includes an opportunity for the selected artist to showcase their research and creative process, and to experiment with installation of work from the residency at the National Space Centre, located near Midleton, Co. Cork.

Visual Arts Thematic: The Weapon of Theory as a Conference of Birds

Co-led by Ayesha Hameed and Xenia Benivolski with guest faculty Kite and Jota Mombaça, this visual arts residency welcomes artists who are interested in exploring music, language and rhythm as they affect the geological, bio-political, and the mnemonic through media, performance, language, and writing.

TRACTOR residency - call for fall 2022

We welcome each and every passionate professional from all creative businesses, nationalities, and ages to spend some creative weeks with us in Zalaegerszeg; a dashing city in the west of Hungary, on the banks of the Zala River, close to the Slovenian, Austrian (and Croatian) border and only 220 kilometres/137 miles (by car) south-west of Budapest or 32km/19.67mi from lake Balaton.

Famous for its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and laid-back lifestyle, Zalaegerszeg offers an inspirational setting for intensive, introverted exploration, experimentation and/or creation within contemporary art practices.

RED Flamingo / exhibition + residency opportunity

Due to some short notice cancelations we have this last minute opportunity for exhibition/installation ideas!

We offer you a kind of white cube environment, which you can transform or use according to your creative vision.

There are no limitations in regard to medium, theme, or subject. Our only condition for the selected exhibition is that it takes into account the specifics of our exhibition space, this however can be transformed as you wish (walls can be painted etc.).

Gallery details:

WIDTH:  3 m / 9.8 ft
LENGTH: 5 m / 16.4 ft
HEIGHT: 2,05 m / 7.5 ft

of white, drywall space, no window (one end of the space is the door, but if needed can also be used as a wall surface - has a drywall).

An Urgent Situation: Rethinking Tourism through Architecture, Art and Community Pt.2

During phase two of An Urgent Situation, a series of online gatherings will focus on a specific task: the conceptual and physical development of Samong Haven Bali, a culture centre presently in development in rural North-West Bali, Indonesia.

Artudio International Artists Residency (AIA Residency)

Artudio is hosting a year around Artudio International Artist Residency (AIA Residency) program for two multidisciplinary artists which could last anywhere from 1 month to 6 months. As a group of visual art practitioners in Nepal, we intend to create an art space for not just artists, but individuals from all walks of life; for them to reflect on themselves, self-realize, be able to critically think and bring about transformative engagement through contemporary art practices, initiatives, exhibitions, residencies, workshops, and visual arts education. Artudio aims to create a sustainable art ecosystem and uncover the creative potential of its beneficiaries through the support of an extensive network of professional contemporary artists and art communities.


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