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All Residencies for Artists, Designers, Writers, Curators & Art Historians (Self-Guided or with Master Instruction) – All Dates in 2022 & 2023 – Mexico, Peru, Italy




Arquetopia Foundation & International Artist Residencies, Puebla, Mexico – Oaxaca, Mexico – Cusco, Peru – Naples, Italy

All Residencies for Artists, Designers, Writers, Curators & Art Historians (Self-Guided or with Master Instruction) – All Dates in 2022 & 2023


Apply Now through Sunday, October 3, 2021. Spaces are limited. Residency applications are evaluated for selection as they are received vs. after the deadline has passed.


E-mail for more information.


Now in its twelfth year, Arquetopia Foundation is a multiple award-winning nonprofit arts and cultural foundation with a social scope that is internationally established on three continents. Our mission emphasizes critical thinking, a commitment to reciprocity, and a sense of ethics at the core of all artistic practices. Our customized, professional International Artist-in-Residence Programs are among the largest and most reputable worldwide. All of our multinational artist residency programs are unique, with an array of content anchored in local knowledge, critical academic perspectives, and a solid structure of collaborations with prominent cultural institutions, renowned experts, and notable artists. Our residency sites are located in four distinct cultural regions selected for their historical importance, influence and artistic contribution to the world: Puebla and Oaxaca in Mexico, Cusco in Peru, and Naples in southern Italy.

Considering how dominant visual culture has contributed to the invention of Mexico, Peru, and Italy in popular imagination, at Arquetopia, we are constantly exploring local epistemologies and cultures of resistance as a source of knowledge to contribute to social change. We are invested in approaching creative practices with critical perspectives to challenge all preconceived notions of “history” and “place,” and through the use of dynamic language, we question the idea of the body as a fixed identity. Through the years, we have successfully created a generous space where different perspectives meet and address important questions on the legacy of art history and the current state of the world. We are proud to have established through our multiple residency programs a generous and culturally diverse space by hosting every year artists, scholars, and researchers from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Our experience has been enriched by the multiplicity of perspectives of more than 750 of our resident artists and writers who have come from all regions of the world and more than 95 countries. Our residency programs offer competitive professional opportunities for emerging and mid-career, national and international artists, designers, curators, art historians, art educators, writers, journalists, and cultural researchers age 20 and over.

Arquetopia is distinguished worldwide for its array of unique residency programs with substantial content. Our residency spaces function exclusively for productive art professionals, writers, and researchers and include structured, informative programs; a network of collaborative workspaces, institutions, and studios; and personalized project support.


For profiles, feedback and testimonials from many of our outstanding past resident artists, art historians, and writers, don’t miss this page on our website: Arquetopia Foundation: Our Resident Artists

Arquetopia Foundation is now welcoming applications for the following residency programs in the majestic central historic district of Puebla, Mexico; the open countryside of Oaxaca, Mexico; the Sacred Valley of the Andes of Cusco, Peru; and the Amalfi Coast of Naples, Italy, for all dates in 2022 and 2023. Click on each link below for program info on our website.



A. Art, Design, or Photography Residency (Puebla, Oaxaca, Cusco, or Naples).
Flexible sessions of 3 to 12 weeks; various techniques supported.

B. CNC Etching Printmaking Residency (Puebla).
Flexible sessions of 4 to 12 weeks.

C. Mexican Ceramics Residency (Puebla).
Flexible sessions of 6 to 12 weeks.

D. Printmaking Residency (Puebla).
Flexible sessions of 4 to 12 weeks.

E. Art History or Cultural Research Residency (Puebla, Oaxaca, Cusco, or Naples).

Explore magnificent southern Mexico’s unique archives and resources from pre-Hispanic to contemporary. Self-directed (staff-assisted), flexible sessions of 3 to 8 weeks.

F. Writers Residency (Oaxaca, Cusco, or Naples).

Flexible sessions of 3 to 8 weeks.



G. Electroetching Instructional Residency (Puebla).

Learn Electroetching techniques from a Mexican master, with time for independent production in various other printmaking techniques. Extendable sessions of 3 weeks.

H. Gold Leafing & Estofado Instructional Residency (Puebla or Cusco).

Learn an array of Gold Leafing (Gilding) and Estofado techniques from a Mexican or Peruvian master, with time for independent production. Extendable sessions of 3 weeks.

I. Mexican Jewelry & Silversmithing Instructional Residency (Oaxaca).

Learn jewelrymaking and silversmithing from a Mexican master, with time for independent production. Extendable sessions of 3 weeks.

J. Mexican Textiles Instructional Residency: Weaving or Embroidery (Oaxaca).

Learn traditional Mexican Weaving or Embroidery from a Mexican master, with time for independent production. Extendable sessions of 3 weeks.

K. Mexican Textiles Instructional Residency: Tapestry (Oaxaca).

Learn traditional Mexican Tapestry from a Mexican master, with time for independent production. Sessions of 4 weeks.

L. Natural Ink Silkscreen Instructional Residency (Oaxaca).
Learn to create and use a variety of Natural Inks specifically for silkscreening, from a Mexican master, with time for independent production. Extendable sessions of 3 weeks.

M. Natural Pigments Instructional Residency (Oaxaca or Cusco).
Learn to create and use a variety of Natural Pigments for fiber dyeing, from a Mexican or Peruvian master, with time for independent production. Extendable sessions of 3 weeks.

N. Organic Painting Instructional Residency (Puebla).
Learn an array of Organic Painting techniques from a Mexican master, with time for independent production. Extendable sessions of 3 weeks.

O. Peruvian Textiles Instructional Residency: Andean Weaving (Cusco).
Learn traditional Andean Weaving from a Peruvian master, with time for independent production. Extendable sessions of 3 weeks.

P. Pre-Columbian Ceramics Instructional Residency (Puebla or Cusco).

Learn pre-Columbian Ceramics techniques from a Mexican or Peruvian master, with time for independent production. Extendable sessions of 5 weeks.


Arquetopia is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our diverse local and international community. Arquetopia’s resident artist and staff backgrounds vary in all aspects. As part of Arquetopia’s mission is to promote diversity, Arquetopia actively fights discrimination by offering access to its programs and activities without regard to race, color, gender or gender expression, national origin, age, religion, creed, or sexual orientation.

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Artist in Residence Fellowship for Writers, Visual and New Media Artists






Residential fellowship for Visual/New Media Artists & Writers:

The Institute for Advanced Study at Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) is accepting applications for its Artist in Residence Fellowship in AY 2022/23:

The fellowship is residential and lasts between 3 and 5 months, depending on the fellows' availability. 

The deadline for applications is August 25, 2021.



Prize summary: 
€2000/month + accommodation
Contact & Links: 

Space Waste Residency





A one-month sculpture residency at Greywood Arts in partnership with the National Space Centre and supported by Cork County Council. 

We are seeking expressions of interest from artists with a sculpture, three-dimensional or multi-disciplinary practice who are interested in examining questions arising around the waste produced by the acceleration of technology. It is an opportunity for an artist to explore the impact of human interactions with space and how we could move forward into the future. What are the implications of sending satellites and other hardware into space? Whose responsibility is it to regulate this and to manage space debris? 

The residency is an exciting invitation for an artist to reimagine and re-purpose technological space components that cannot be recycled. The artist will collect materials from the National Space Centre and observe the workings of a busy ground station before immersing themselves in the creative environment at Greywood. The project concludes with an exhibition and discussion at the National Space Centre in early December to showcase the work created during the residency and kick of the NSC’s 10th birthday celebrations. 

The National Space Centre is set to share space communications components including circuit boards, assemblies and data subframes with the artist, as well as preserved panels from their recently dismantled 11-metre EU-5B4 dish.

“This is a pivotal time in space exploration,” explained NSC CEO Rory Fitzpatrick. “We’re looking at manned Martian exploration in the near future, while Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have launched space tourism as a viable industry. At the same time, there are more than 125 million pieces of space garbage orbiting our planet. It’s an ideal moment to examine questions around our responsibility to live sustainably not only on Earth, but beyond it.”

Prize summary: 
Residency with stipend
Prizes Details: 

Residency includes: 

Access to space technology debris from the NSC and time to visit the campus at Elfordstown Earthstation, Midleton Cork, Ireland.

Accommodation and studio space at Greywood Arts, Killeagh, Cork, Ireland. Transport between Greywood Arts & NSC. Materials budget up to €500. Stipend of €1,000.

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Open call for a virtual residency: Arts Unchained; For democracy in the arts.



Eligibility: is announcing another virtual residency for creative individuals of any background and/or mediums! Our main purpose at is to find new ways for artists to thrive without having to struggle for survival, by fostering a radically empathetic community of artists and art lovers. This residency is dedicated to the ‘democratization of the arts’, where together with other participants, mentors and team members, the residents will strive to create, imagine and work towards projects that can bring the society closer to the democratization of the arts. 

The current artistic landscape operates with the guidance of a select few. All too often we find an environment of exclusivity and elitism even in those institutions and organizations that seemingly function as ‘progressive’. With this year’s’s residency we hope to create a space open to all, that will challenge the current state of the art world and dare to propose new methods of thinking, writing, exhibiting, creating, living, etc. With this call, we call for the diversification and democratization of the contemporary art world and art market so we can all experience an equal and inclusive artistic system!

The residency will include weekly lectures from 4 guest speakers, private sessions with a guest mentor, and workshops, where you will tackle various problems related to the topic and your project. There will also be time to bond and connect to the other participants during the weekly side activities. The main focus will be on developing a personal project that is related to the topic of the democratization of the arts and building a tangible report/article together with the other participants.

At the end of the residency, the will host a live event where the six resident individuals can present their completed residency projects. Additionally, the residency will culminate in the publication of a residency manifesto/leaflet, that will include essays, notes, and material from all individuals participating in the residency (residents, guest speakers, guest mentor, etc.).

The residency will happen during the month of October 2021, with a weekly commitment of 7-8 hours of contact time.

The residency will happen online using two platforms: Zoom and Participants are welcome to apply from all around the world. Please keep in mind that the contact time will mostly happen in the evenings in Central European Time. 


  • You are a creative individual of any background (artist, curator, academic, etc.);
  • Each week you are able to present your weekly progress;
  • You are keen and interested to work on the democratization of arts;
  • You show up to the meetings and workshops (total of 7-8 contact hours per week);
  • You are proactive, creative, and have a critical mindset;
  • You are a team player;
  • You have access to internet connection strong enough for video calls; 

How to apply? 

Should you have any issues or concerns, contact us at

Monetary reimbursement: 200 Eur + 200 KONJ coins.

Deadline for submission: September 16th, 00:00 CET 


We strongly encourage any individuals of any and all professional and personal background, age, ethnicity and culture to apply freely! A platform for artists, curators, and the forever curious. Like you.



Contact & Links: 

Open Call for 2022 / Artist Residency Program AADK Spain





Dear friends,

In the midst of a global scenario that is still looking for balance, we are filled with enthusiasm for the possibility of releasing this new Open Call. At AADK Spain, we continue working to facilitate spaces for creation and bring our resources closer to those who need time for reflection and experimentation within their artistic practice.
Today, our doors remain open, and we feel strangely and strongly equipped with the experience gained during these odd times.

We believe that all we have experienced during the periods of confinement and social distancing has deeply impacted our idea of ​​what is essential and what is relevant. Without a doubt, these times have also affected our sensory perception: in a matter of a few months, we became aware of the relevance of some of our most forgotten senses. The loss of smell became an indicator of our state of health, the need for bodily contact reminded us about the fragility of our emotional ties.

Touching is essential to our lives — it is estimated that within a day we touch around 150 objects and surfaces. Our contact with other human bodies is significantly less frequent than that, but nevertheless essential for our well-being.
Today, touching is a gesture that invites us to redefine: how do we touch our planet?, how do we connect with other living beings and with our peers?
We invite you to think about touch in all its complexity, reflecting, for example, on what we call textures – in image or sound – as a type of information that comes from a tactile experience.
We consider that, already immersed in this “new normality”, it is essential to reflect on the limitations that have been imposed on touch as well as on our continuous turn towards a virtual world.
Re-discovering our tactile relationship with the world and reactivating our haptic perception – that set of non-visual sensations that an individual experiences to receive information – are the proposals of this call.

We look forward to your applications!
The AADK Spain team


AADK Spain invites all artists and researchers who wish to work on the topics of body, territory and spatiality to participate in its Artistic Residency Program. For this call, priority (not exclusive) will be given proposals that work with the topic of the haptic/tactile through any creative discipline (dance, performance, visual arts, work with new media or any other duly justified approach). Both individual and collective proposals are eligible.

AADK Spain understands residency programs as contextualized spaces where location models the practices and modifies both its participants and the local communities. Thus, our Artistic Residency is an interdisciplinary and socially committed program that offers its attendants a space for analysis and production. It aims to facilitate research in rural environments, highlighting the value of local knowledge as a means to re-think how these locations can position themselves in an era of massive urbanization through a social, historical and geographical perspective.

Throughout their stay, participants create a temporary community that shares experiences and processes, fostering debate and a transversal perspective of their projects. AADK Spain provides tutelage and curatorial follow-up as well as assistance in production and management of projects and Open Studios night on the last Saturday of each month. Additionally, participants are encouraged to keep in touch with us after their residency ends, so that we can promote their work in forthcoming exhibitions curated by our platform as well as in papers, conferences and/or publications.

The amount of participants varies every month, but reaches a maximum of six projects (including individual proposals or duos/collectives).

- Duration: 1-6 months with 2 months being the recommended minimum for the full development of a project. The residency period starts on the first day of the first month and ends on the 30th day of the last month.

- The artists will have access to: accommodation, work space, access to common areas and outdoor space, basic technical equipment, support in production, mentoring and curatorial support, visibility of the artist in the communication channels of AADK Spain.

- Accommodation: private room in a shared house or individual apartment.

- Studio/Workspace:
Centro Negra is the main building of AADK Spain. It serves both as working area and exhibition space. It is located on the slope of a mountain, being reachable only by foot, and stands at the foot of a Moorish castle from the twelfth century.Its architecture is an assembly of small poultry yards and ancient houses that fell into disuse at the beginning of the twentieth century. It still retains many stone walls and mountain ledges.
The current structure is made up of 6 different and interconnected spaces. Each of them is unique in its size and morphology, constituting a set of great versatility and capable of adapting to multiple purposes. Given the morphology of the building, closedworkspaces are not possible. We invite you to take on this challenge as an opportunity to be in touch with the creative processes of other participants.

Prize summary: 
Selected artists can participate in our Artist Residency Program for a period of 1-6 months.
Prizes Details: 

Paid residency opportunity. Please find out about fees in our Terms & Conditions on our website.

Contact & Links: 

Making Our History: Artists Render Lincoln’s Legacy




The Center for Lincoln Studies (CLS) and Visual Arts at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) invite applications for an innovative remote artist-in-residency program focusing on the legacies of Abraham Lincoln. Twenty artists will be selected from throughout the state to participate in the residency during the 2021-2022 academic year. They will learn and think about Lincoln’s varied legacies in monthly meetings with each other and with faculty from Visual Arts and CLS; they will also present and discuss their art in-progress at several of the meetings. Each artist’s object will be to create art that stimulates conversation about the American past.

The artworks will be exhibited from August to September 2022 in the Visual Arts Gallery at UIS, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, and the Springfield Art Association. The exhibitions will include short videos that document the making of the physical art and explore each artist’s historical perspective and artistic approach. The videos will later form the basis of a permanent digital exhibit hosted by the Center for Lincoln Studies. The digital exhibit will document the historical legacies explored by the artists and will provide resources for K-12 teachers to teach about Lincoln and the American past.

Requirements: Artists must be residents of Illinois during the period of the residency, participate in seven Zoom meetings during the residency program, agree to be filmed in their studio about the art-making process, and deliver a finished work of art to UIS by June 30, 2022. Artists will receive $2500 for their artwork, which will become the property of the University of Illinois. 

Selection Process: The juried artists will reflect geographical diversity, diversity of form, method, and concept, and diversity of background. Faculty, graduate students, and alumni of the University of Illinois will receive extra consideration for up to eight of the twenty slots, and the jury will seek to include at least four graduate students to create opportunities for emerging artists. 


Selection of artists-in-residency: September 15, 2021

Residency period: September 2021 to May 2022

Delivery of art: June 30, 2022

Exhibition schedule: August-September 2022 


Making Our History: Artists Render Lincoln’s Legacy is funded by the University of Illinois’ 2021 Presidential Initiative: Expanding the Impact of the Arts and Humanities


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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