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Half-and-Half" Artesumapaz Artist-in-Residencies





Inspired by the legacy of such great residencies as Yaddo and Macdowell, we've designed our Artist-in-Residency program to be one in which visual artists, writers, musicians, and other makers, have the opportunity to experience profound growth. We believe there are three major aspects that can help contribute to break-through: inspiring working space; being surround by awesome nature; and commensality with like-minded souls.

ArteSumapaz was founded on a former coffee plantation in a region in the Andean mountains outside of Bogota, where over a century ago, Frederick Church stopped to paint and draw. While much of the world still suffers from the impression that Colombia is a wild and dangerous part of the world, the country emerged over a decade ago from half a century of internal strife, and is frequently cited as one of the top destinations for travelers in 2020.  

In our "Half-and-Half" AIR Program, participants volunteer two hours a day in lieu of 50% of our regular fees. Those fees are already, by design, extremely low, and serve to help cover the non-profit foundation costs. "Half-and-Half" AIR Program Residents are provided with shared accommodations, and cooked vegeterian meals throughout the day. Artists share a communal table in the hundred-year-old hacienda, while working in spacious communal studios. The 268-acre property features portions of the antique camino real, waterfalls, spectacular vistas, and bountiful flora and fauna during May, Jun or July 2020.

Prizes Details: 

350USD per month and 2 hours daily of volenteer work

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