Write Over Here: Screenwriting Residency - Fall 2022






Write Over Here is a three-week hybrid screenwriting residency, that offers participants the opportunity to focus on tools to create the time and space to write from home and at Banff Centre through online and in person programming.

Intermixed with faculty to support their practice as required, participants will meet with the cohort online for the first week, and on campus for the following two weeks. These will include daily gatherings, where we share readings, workshops, deeper discussions around process, and Q&A sessions. 

What Does the Program Offer?

Writers will deepen their screenwriting artistry and technical application through faculty mentorship, podcast workshops, access to Screenwriting software, group discussions, and concluding Q and A sessions. 

The residency provides the opportunity for writers to build peer relationships and expand their professional networks to support and create collaborative opportunities in the future.

This is a self-motivated residency and encourages participants to discover best practices to engage and inspire writing to happen at home and away.

Who Should Apply?

This program invites emerging to mid-career Indigenous writers and screenwriters from across Canada and International. Screenwriters can apply with experience from any genre and script length. 

Program Dates: October 10 - October 28, 2022

Online: October 10 - 14, 2022
On campus: October 17 - 28, 2022


Prizes Details: 

*Financial Aid of up to 100% of tuition fee, meal and accommodation fee is available for this program.

107 Tunnel Mountain Drive PO Box 1020 Banff, Alberta Canada T1L 1H5
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Open Script Call/Writer Call for Feature Film

Artistic field:



About Us

Catsnake have been making short films, online videos and TVC for the third sector for over a decade, with the aim of creating a social impact for our charity clients. We are now looking to tell our stories on a larger canvas and are looking for talented screenwriters/writers/dreamers to collaborate with.

Our focus is on telling stories that change beliefs and behaviour. We believe deeply in the power of narratives to engage, entertain, and lead to positive change for our communities, our environment and our collective future.

We have a highly collaborative, relaxed culture, driven by laughter and creativity and fuelled by many cups of tea.

For examples of our past work visit

What we’re looking for

We are looking for exceptional writers, passionate about the idea of creating societal change/shifting mindsets through story to work with us to develop feature film scripts.

Although the stories we want to tell should have some kind of social impact/quest for societal change at their hearts, they first and foremost should be entertaining - be it comedy, horror, a coming of age buddy movie or high stakes drama, we believe we can only truly engage audiences with rethinking their long held beliefs/ideas if we engage and entertain them first.

Our aim is to work closely with writers to develop their ideas/scripts. If we think an idea/treatment/script is something we would like to work on then we will apply for development funding to develop it to a point where we believe we can raise finance for the film.

We are really excited to meet new writers and to start developing exciting, meaningful work with you. We would like the writers we work with to have at least one produced piece of work (short film, TVC, theatre etc).


We will endeavour to read all submissions within one month of the closing date.

We will then shortlist and invite writers for a chemistry meeting to chat through the idea, our plans, ethos and to see if we think collaborating would be a good fit.

From there we will select 1 - 3 projects to take forward into the next stage of development (we reserve the right not to progress any of the proposed projects if we do not think they are the right fit). 

We will engage writers initially through a shopping agreement whilst we look to win funding to develop the project.

Once funding is secured we will draw up an option with payment terms etc for the development and writing period.

We are particularly interested in hearing from/meeting writers with lived experience/from the community affected by a certain issue(s). We believe to be representative and inclusive. It is important that the voice telling the story is authentic.

How to apply

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please apply by emailing us a treatment and script sample for your feature film(s)/long form TV series to The sample script does not have to be from the same project as the treatment.

Deadline for submissions: Monday 28th March Midnight


Entry Fee:

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Working the Wound Screenwriting Workshops


Artistic field:



Learn the craft of screenwriting and originate complex protagonists whose personal arcs speak to the compelling and intersectional experiences of women, people of color, and/or the LGBTQ+ community. For writers of all identities.

Using this unique approach to the craft of screenwriting, Jenny Kleiman uses characters' misbehaviors and trauma (yes, in comedy too!) to develop complex story arcs. Specializing in plot problem-solving, these workshops will help you identify and hone your voice. Further, in an effort to combat and destroy familiar tropes previously reserved for women and minorities in cinema, these workshops are specific to developing and honing the inner narratives, experiences, and tribulations of minority leads.

This weekly workshop is an opportunity to create layered and complex characters to drive your feature or TV pilot. Over eight weeks, you will develop and workshop your idea with the focus and goal of FINISHING YOUR SCRIPT. ​ Modeled after a professional writers’ room, students will read each other’s work weekly to discuss, critique, identify, and learn story structure, this class is great for levels: beginners, intermediate, or professional writers looking to create great stories with compelling leads. ​

8-Week Sessions: $400. Next Session starts Tuesday, January 12, 2021 and runs weekly through February 30, 2021

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