GoggleWorks Center for the Arts: Cohen Gallery Proposal Submission Form




Rolling Submission

Juried Annually: First week in October

The submissions are reviewed by the GoggleWorks Exhibitions Committee consisting of 14 voting members and several advisors.

About Cohen Galleries:

Located on the first floor, the largest gallery in the GoggleWorks is divided into two distinct spaces and is capable of hosting either one major show or two separate exhibitions simultaneously. The West side of the gallery is approx. 2,700 sq. ft. and has a wood floor. The East side is approx. 3,100 sq. ft. and has a concrete floor. Both sides of the gallery feature movable walls that are 4ft. wide and 8ft. high, large windows for natural light, and adjustable track lights.

Submission Guidelines: Any artist interested in exhibiting in the Cohen Gallery should submit a proposal for consideration. Please submit the following items:

* Summary of theme or idea for the exhibition (1 page or less)

* portfolio of 15-20 images

* Artist bio/CV or organization mission statement


Prizes Details: 

Gallery Exhibition

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Love Shack!




All you need is love!

Eclectica! Art Gallery is celebrating everything peace, love and rock and roll! This show salutes "hearts in art."

Love Shack! offers an opportunity to display your work during this promotion, running February 7 - 15th.

Work will be on consignment only. Artists receive 60% of purchase price [set by the artist]. 

1. You may submit only one of a kind, hand made work in the following categories: paintings, collage, ceramics, sculpture, glass, metal, jewelry, wood, functional & decorative objects and accessories. All wall art works must be finished, wired and ready to hang. Other work must be able to be hung from the ceiling, displayed on a pedestal, table or shelf. Jewelry will be placed in a locked vitrine or case.

Work must feature hearts or the themes of peace, [romantic] love or rock and roll. No erotica, please. Keep it clean, kiddies!

Eclectica! Art Gallery is a unique little gallery in an equally unique setting — an historic gazebo in the heart of the Village of Midlothian, just southwest of Richmond. 



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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FRESH! 2018 "Order and Chaos: the world of the Enlightened? ".



The group show will take place between 19th July - 11th August at JanKossen Contemporary, Chelsea, New York.

Artists have always played a role in voicing how the world is seen; they are critics disecting the concepts aesthetics, ideals of beauty, rationalism, tolerance and liberty. How do our artists see the world today? And what can we learn from their viewpoints ?

This years FRESH! Summer show, invites artist working to explore and present their world; to re-.interpret what is considered truth (or not). and reinterpret the realities around us.Artists working in any genre (abstract, surrealism, realism etc), medium and media are welcome to apply.


Please read carefully the guidelines before applying


There are two rounds of submission deadlines. Artists are invited to apply to either date (15th May and 9th June)

​Applicants will be notified via email by: June 15th, 2018


Cost of submission is $40 for up to 3 entries and $5 per every entry thereafter.

Accepted applicants: a hanging fee of a minimum USD 185- to max-USD 500 dependend on wall allocation is applicable upon acceptance.







Open (No Theme) 2015 Art Exhibition Now Online Ready to View



"Marks"  by Marti White

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its September 2015 art exhibition “Open” is now posted on their website and is ready to be viewed online.  The “Open” is a No Theme Art Competition, to which artists were asked to submit their best representational or abstract artworks on any subject matter.

The gallery received submissions from 19 different countries around the world.  They also received entries from 34 different states and the District of Columbia. Overall, the gallery received 734 entries to judge for this art competition.

Congratulations to the artists who have been designated as this month’s category winners, along with the winning Special Media and Special Recognition artists. To proceed to the gallery’s “Open” online art exhibition follow this link


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