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Social Media Strategy: Branding, Sales, and Campaigns for Artists

Social media is the fastest-growing and most expansive way to connect with art buyers and collectors globally.

So, how can artists make the most of opportunities to connect with new audiences and increase their sales?

Learn what, when, and how to post with the help of social media expert, Alex McCann. In this exclusive online masterclass, we will be covering the best ways to develop flawless branding, build a following and create more sales. By developing a unique and compelling voice, digital storytelling will help you connect with audiences better than before. A thriving artist career is at your fingertips.

In this online session, we will be covering:

• How to generate an authentic following

• Why personal branding is effective

Live online Thought-Provoking Conversations

This is your opportunity to be on the ground floor of a movement to create the future of participatory thought-provoking entertainment.
Seeking engaging self-starters to coordinate live online thought-provoking conversations. Successful candidate(s) will gain leadership skills and while using technology to foster community engagement and encourage conversations about innovation, faith, the environment, or people-to-people ambassadorship.

Learning Outcomes:

- Leadership skills
- Teamwork with in-person and remote colleagues
- Effective methods for online community-building


Within The Scroll - A dance/ movement invitation

Calling All Dancers, Movers and Expansive Thinkers!

How to Cut Through - Profile Building & Digital Marketing for Artists




1: Cutting Through in a Crowded Space

9.45 AM - 1 PM

Take your work and professional profile to the next level. Learn how to navigate the art world effectively, build your reputation, sell your work through galleries, and fund your next project.

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