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Arthousehaus Digital Exhibition Open Call





We are hosting an international open call for a digital exhibition of the home. 

We are looking for submissions related to traditional or invented domestic spaces, for people, animals or otherwise. We aspire to interrogate the perspectives of dwelling, from the familiar and anthropocentric to the imagined or unknown. 

All meduims and disciplines encouraged.  

The home will be an object of our collective imaginations, designed and built from the selected works into a digital happening featured on

Submission Deadline December 15th, 2020

Selected Artists Notified by Jan 1st, 2021

Exhibition Opens January 30, 2021


Some words to inspire further thought:

“As I stood in contemplation of the garden of the wonders of space, I had the feeling that I was looking into the ultimate depths, the most secret regions of my own being; and I smiled, because it had never occurred to me that I could be so pure, so great, so fair. My heart burst into singing with the song of grace of the universe. All these constellations are yours, they exist in you; outside your love they have no reality. How terrible the world seems to those who do not yet know themselves. When you felt so alone and abandoned in the presence of the sea, imagine what solitude the waters must have felt in the night, or the night's own solitude in a universe without end.

And the poet continues this love duet between dreamer and the world, making mankind and the world into entangled creatures that are paradoxically united in the dialogue of their solitude.”

- An adaptation from the Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard


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