still life

Street + Still Life + Fashion

A juried group photo show on street + still life + fashion at Black Box Gallery.

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The Constructed Image – an international juried photo exhibition

The concept of the constructed image encapsulates a deliberate orchestration of visual elements to convey narratives, emotions, and artistic visions. This theme explores the intricate interplay of subject, composition, props, lighting, and environment in crafting captivating photographs, at any scale. Through meticulous arrangement, photographers construct scenes with purposeful backgrounds, carefully chosen color palettes, and thought-provoking poses, blurring the line between reality and imagination.

A Taste for Art

About this exhibit:

This international juried art exhibition is open to all media. Entries must have a food, restaurant, or agricultural theme.



September 23 at 11:59pm

(Enter art via



October 7, 2023



October 27 & 28

by appointment



October 31- December 2, 2023



November 11, 2023



Notifications will be sent prior to the closing of this exhibit.



Sacramento Art Cookbook

This year Sacramento Fine Arts Center (Sac Arts) celebrates food and art in two ways. We have a food-themed juried art show this November. Information for that show is available now. We’ve also received a grant to do something unique and creative; an art cookbook. This community art cookbook will be self-published by Sac Arts with assistance from the Sacramento County TOT Grant program. This cookbook will be made up of recipes from multiple individuals and feature artwork from local artists. Sac Arts is looking forward to working with the community to create a publication that celebrates Sacramento’s rich culinary and visual arts sectors.


General Information: Submissions to this cookbook will be open to all residents of the Greater Sacramento Region.

Beauty in Decay

Beauty is subjective in the eye of the viewer. Societal conventions pressure us to conform in like-mindedness to visual pinnacles, yet the most ethereal craft often originates from divergent work that transgresses tradition. How does your work depict "beauty" in our deconstruction of the captured image? Potential subject matter includes but is not limited to abandoned places, found objects, still life, and the examination of decomposition and demise. Beauty in Decay is an international juried group exhibition open to photographers ages 18 years and older. All black and white, color, conventional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.

Still Life Group Show

Enter your original or limited edition artwork where the main theme is inanimate objects for the group exhibtion "Still Life". Best in show is voted on by the public and wins $100 cash prize and 2nd and 3rd get free entry to the next show of their choice. All artwork must be for sale.


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