Stone City

This exhibition will centre around the theme of Bath Stone and the fascination that many people have grown to have for it. The especially fine limestone, quarried by hand from underneath Bath are the building blocks of our streets and give the city its unique appearance. Surrounding Bath’s Artists and residents for hundreds of years, the stone has had an unintentional yet profound impact on many people’s style, taste, and visual practice. The stories and images of how it was mined are both mysterious and captivating and will sit alongside a range of artwork which depicts or is inspired by Bath Stone.

Jack Lavender: Stones

For our second show in the new project space, Jack Lavender will present new work responding to the space. The exhibition will run from 16 June - 22 July, open Thursday - Saturday 12 - 5pm.

Opening: 15 June 18:00 - 20:30


My Perspective on time is not an activity in nostalgia.

Where is my future?
Is it in front of me or behind me?
Can I find it in my past?
What is becoming of this landscape
that makes up my memories I’m lost!
I’m looking for a past that wasn’t even there.

I’m listening to the past to try and find some direction
to find the thoughts
that drove me to where I’m at now,
who else has been listening?
Into my past who has seen
My memories does anyone give a shit.

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