Illuminated Lies call for stories

Do you have an illuminating story about disinformation or Fake News that you feel could benefit others?


Creative production company, Medea, invites you to share your true experiences, stories, memories or anecdotes that relate to disinformation, for a collaborative public work that will be presented as part of Edinburgh Fringe 2024.

Call for Entries - The Enigma of Objects

The Enigma of Objects 

** Submissions invited for an instagram-based exhibition. **

This project invites photos of irreplaceable objects from your personal collection, with reflections on why they are special and what they evoke. Submissions will be curated on instagram, offering a peek into contemporary material culture through crowd-sourced artifacts and stories.

  • 2/3 photos of an object from your personal collection. Ensure good lighting and a white backdrop. 
  • A short write up on its significance and what it evokes. Max. 500 characters.
  • Your name and city. You may use a pseudonym if you wish to stay anonymous.

Looking forward to seeing your objects and reading your micro-stories!

Call for Exhibitors: 'Tales of the Iconic' Exhibition

‘People, Objects, Places’

Occasionally throughout our lives, we develop deep, serene connections with complete strangers, artefacts and places. This connection can strike inspiration within us at random times and in rather unsystematic ways. Perhaps when visiting your regular haunt, you stumble across something or someone you’ve never seen before and your attention to detail awakens, or perhaps your town or village has a local landmark or character that in their own rights becomes a legend.

For our ‘Tales of the Iconic’ exhibition, we’re looking for your visual representations of these experiences, whether a painting or photograph; whether a person, object or place, we want to see how and why you’ve documented and connected with it.

Photo Stories

Photo Stories: a Call for Entries Juried by Michael Itkoff at the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts

The Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts is looking for bodies of work for an exhibition in June 2019.  No theme or a prompt to follow, just an open call for a project or sequence of images. This is your chance to exhibit work that extends across a set of images to tell a story or explore an idea. We are looking for your story in photographs. Open to all photo-based work with no limit on subject matter or technique. Entries will be judged as a series, five (5) or more images will be included at the juror’s discretion.  

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