Win an online solo exhibition in February 2023

Get International Exposure and Connect with Industry Insiders, Art Collectors and Potential Buyers

Each month an amazing photographer will be awarded a Solo Exhibition in our new dedicated showroom pages. Next exhibition dates: February 1-28, 2023

We want to showcase incredible work. Photography that awakens our imagination, transforms our way of thinking, or simply resonates with who we are.

The Solo Exhibition enables you to reach a wider audience through our independent magazine that has become one of the most vibrant portals of photography on the web.

Call For Artists: Tell Us A Real Scary Story

Do you have an art world horror story?

As an artist, have you — or your art work — ever been hurt badly by the art world — Curators? Galleries? Dealers? Collectors? If so, please share it with us so we can feature it on our upcoming Halloween podcast episode to warn others! 

If you have a real life scary story about how you or your artwork has been has hurt or damaged by the art world, we want to include it our upcoming Halloween podcast episode ART WORLD HORROR STORIES!  So, for your convenience, please submit your story one of these three ways:

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