I Used to Think...Then I thought

Open Call

I Used to Think…
…Then I Thought

Following on from our successful ‘Pause for Thought’ Exhibition back in May, Original Magazine are collaborating with the Open Eye Gallery based in Liverpool, for our latest exhibition: ‘I Used to Think…Then I Thought’.

From the powerful reactions from our ‘Pause for Thought’ open evening and throughout the week of the exhibition; we want to continue the talks that surround mental health and wellbeing.

ArtConnect x Modulor Open Call | Material Hybdrids


Show us projects that combine different materials in unique and interesting ways. Win prizes from Modulor to choose from their huge selection of professional art supplies and get featured in ArtConnect’s Magazine as well as Modulor’s own magazine for creatives.

How do materials inspire you and enter into your artistic process? What combinations of materials excite you? Show us projects that you think combine materials in fascinating ways.

This open call is created especially with the new school year in mind and is open to students registered at art schools in Europe. Projects may be either digital or analog as long as they incorporate and highlight at least two materials in combination or juxtaposition.

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