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Talking's Tuff, A short survey on rejection





One aim of Tuff Luck has always been to represent that feeling we've all experienced yet rarely talk about, rejection. There are many ways to do this, namely through our open calls for work thats been turned down and through giving advice to those who've been feeling rough about it. However, something we are really keen to do is generate our own data on the matter from the experiences many of you have shared with us prior- hence 'Talking's Tuff', a small survey which allows you to open up (anonymously, if you so wish) about your recent short comings. Talking can be tough, especially when it's centred around perceived 'failure', So we want to dissect this topic more through visual diagrams, trends within certain demographics and and short articles/essays on the results to put your mind at rest and show how universally felt it is. 

Please check out the form, making sure to fill out all required sections. Please note that leaving your name is optional, you are more than welcome to fill this survey out anonymously.

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