Local, Sustainability & Arts

Call for Artist: Local, Sustainability & Arts


1. Hosts


Korean Scholars of Marketing Science

Korean Economy & Management Development Institute


2. Exhibition Title

Local, Sustainability & Arts


3. Goals

To find the new perspective to make creative activities based on local culture

To make an international symposium <Local, Sustainability & Arts> with artists, planners, and scholars

To make a group show with artists and planners around the world


4. Submission Schedule

Submission Deadline: April 3rd, 2022

Announcement of the screening: April 8th, 2022



ESSERI URBANI develops along with the territory and for the territory. Likewise, it is also a challenge. The Apulian territory, which has peculiar features and anchors its identity to an invaluable tangible and intangible heritage, requires a proper strategy of protection and development, whose aim is to avoid speculative dynamics and to place it at the centre of a long-term project to enhance and promote its resources.

The Trieste Contemporanea International Design Contest 2021 is open until 27th of February 2022!

Set up in 1995, the Trieste Contemporanea International Design Contest is advertised every two years by the Trieste Contemporanea Committee and it is open to designers from the 17 Central Eastern European Countries adehering to the CEI and from the Baltic Countries, Austria, Kosovo, Germany and Turkey.

The 2021 edition, under the auspices of CEI (Central European Initiative), aims to reflect on individual contribution we can make to sustainable development. Basic issues of concern are how to effectively change ourselves and increase our responsibility to others and to our planet. 
Once the participation terms are up, an international jury selects among the most interesting works the winners and a number of projects shown in a conclusive exhibition in Trieste, Italy.

Crown Shyness - London, Sept 10/Oct 8, 2021

Sometimes trees can be a little too respectful of one another’s boundaries, sometimes they just stop growing when they get too close. This phenomenon is called Crown Shyness — when the tops of individual trees avoid touching in the forest canopy, creating separation lines and boundaries in the sky. Researchers found that during calm conditions the branches interlocked, ‘like loosely fitting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle’. When the wind gusts the branches, they can often touch and become intertwined.

Repurposeful: The Art of Collage & Assemblage

After a year of social isolation, we’ve re-engaged with our local communities and learned that through cooperation there is power to effect change. RePurposeful speaks to a renewed knowledge of our interdependence, and will serve as a celebration of the alchemy that occurs when bringing disparate and diverse parts together to create something new, better, more beautiful, and more purposeful.

What kind of "collage and assemblage" work are we seeking?

We are looking to review both traditionally defined collage and assemblage. We are also looking for work that pushes these formal boundaries but is related to collage and assemblage in spirit. For instance, textile works like quilts are welcome for submission.

Art for Climate Change

Art for Climate Change

A digital exhibition telling the story of climate change today.

Be part of the community of advocates for climate change action.

Announcing the Open Call for artists submissions on Platforme Planet Earth

– Deadline July 31, 2021

As the world's first online gallery and marketplace dedicated exclusively to climate change and the environment, through your participation you become part of an essential community demonstrating the need to take action to protect the planet.

In addition to entering the competition for the juried show, your paid submissions will appear on our website for at least 2 months – with immediate visibility and showcasing your commitment as a climate advocate.


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