Call for sonic experiments in text: BLURT

blurt is an experimental platform supporting artists to develop text-based works for performance and live-to-air broadcast on RTM.FM. In this testing-site for testing text, TACO! invites artists to consider, with us, radio broadcast as an expanded form of publishing. We perform to publish, which is to say, to make public. And our moment of thinking is live on air! TACO! is seeking proposals for sonic experiments in text: aural encounters, vernacular enquiries, conversations, radio plays and other weird waves. TACO! will support four artists or artist groups to develop and test work over a four-week research and development period, over the months of April and May. This will culminate in blurt, a public performance series at TACO! and broadcast live on RTM.FM.

1001 Lies You Should Say Before You Die

What is the truth?
What is the lie?
Are you telling me the truth? Are you lying?

Can I create my own reality through the lies?

This project is an invitation to people around the world who’d like to share their lies.

Lying seems the easiest way to save the moment that we suffer in. However, finding the best lie to say is not easy. With dozens of lie we live, we pick only one of them for salvation.

Share your lie. What did you say? No one wonders the truth.
As we want to read the book of travel before we go for a vacation, we need a creative lie guide for better life experience. Submissions to be published as a guide book.
Share your best lie in order to create a best lies book.


The juried show Wordplay will feature the work of three selected artists from the jury pool for one group exhibition.  Artists who use words, text, narrative, and other communicative means in their work are invited to apply.

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