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Strike A Light, Everyman Theatre Cheltenham, Hawkwood and Lives of Colour
Artist Call out and Commission

We are offering a unique seed commissioning opportunity for a Black artist or Black led company to develop a piece of touring work. The commission aims to support a piece of performance to be an example of excellence in touring that has the potential to reach a diverse audience.

The commission will include:

  • £3,000 cash investment to develop the work
  • Two residencies: one with Everyman Theatre Cheltenham on 2nd – 7th September and one with Strike A Light at Hawkwood on 23rd  – 27th September 2019 to develop the work. 
  • Hawkwood residency will include rehearsal space, accommodation and full board for up to 5 artists.
  • Everyman Theatre residency will include studio rehearsal space and a £500 contribution towards travel/ accommodation/ food costs.
  • Please note additional artistic fees will not be offered for these weeks.
  • Opportunities to share the work in progress with audiences at Strike A Light festival in October 2019 and the potential for previewing or programming finished work with Strike A Light in Spring 2020. 
  • 3 days face to face support from Strike A Light / Everyman Theatre producers in the lead up to and during the residencies
  • 3 half days of fundraising support from the Strike A Light team
  • Support in engaging industry professionals in the development and sharing of the work
  • Opportunities to engage directly with diverse audiences and explore and test wraparound activity
  • The full commission details are available here.

Deadline for applications is 21st April 2019


What kind of performance work are you looking for?

This is a national call out and we are interested in hearing from artists who create theatre, dance or spoken word in their broadest sense and from artists who combine these disciplines. We would like to support the creation of a new piece of work, so it might be just at the idea stage or you might have done some very early stage research or development.

What do you mean by Black artist or Black led company?

We would like to hear from artists and companies who are of African or Caribbean descent or of the African / Caribbean diaspora or of dual heritage. Several of the partners are working on an audience development project to engage these communities in their local area as audiences and we are interested in the potential for engaging these audiences in your work, but your work does not have to be about your heritage or identity or specifically for a Black audience.

What kind of spaces are available for the residencies?

The Everyman studio space is approx 9m wide and between 3 and 6m deep depending on layout. It is a wooden plywood floor on concrete. The studio space at Hawkwood is approximately 9m x 5m and has a wooden floor.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Technical Direction Performing Arts Practicum






Under the guidance of Technical Direction staff and/or faculty, you will take part in coordinating activities within Banff Centre’s Performing Arts facilities. Responsibilities may include review of riders and other technical drawings and documents, assisting with the creation of schedules, and updating and maintaining drawings and data sets related to Performing Arts operations. 

This program emphasizes a balance between individual learning and development and the Performing Arts department’s administrative needs. You can expect project-based theoretical learning to supplement experience gained by participating in administration of the department.

What does the program offer?

This program is centered on learning the core skills required to be a Technical Director. Our practicums are responsible for the smooth delivery of production needs for all Banff Centre Performing Arts shows, events, and conferences. You will experience one-on-one mentorship and coaching from our seasoned professional staff who will guide you through production processes. 

You will leave Banff Centre with marketable skills and the confidence and competenceto step up into roles as a specialized professional. Our alumni can be found nationally and internationally working at dance, music, opera, and theatre companies and training at universities and colleges including Cirque Du Soleil, the Stratford and Shaw Festivals, the National Theatre School, the National Arts Centre, the National Ballet of Canada, and the Canadian Opera Company.

Much of the training material is show-driven; you can expect to work on a wide array of shows including theatre, music, opera, and dance as presented by Banff Centre. Please visit our events calendar for examples of upcoming shows. Expect to work alongside a range of artists at various career stages. In addition, you may attend specialized workshops in areas such as paint, scenic carpentry, wardrobe, wigs and make-up, sound, and others based on your learning objectives.   

Who should apply?

Ideal applicants will have completed formal technical theatre training at an accredited institution or have equivalent work experience with a passionate interest in the entertainment industry. They will be able to demonstrate strong organizational aptitude, be computer literate, and have an interest in exploring theatre, music, and production technologies. Potential applicants are aspiring professionals looking to develop their careers and capabilities, with interest in specializing in technical direction as a profession. 

Fees & Financial Assistance

Program Fee (per week): $230.44*
Program Fee with Financial Assistance: $0.00
Daily Living Allowance: $61.00

*The weekly program fee is covered 100% by financial assistance.

Dates: September 17, 2019 - March 27, 2020

Contact & Links: 

The Creative Gesture - Designing for Dance 2019






This workshop is part of The Creative Gesture dance program. From Pablo Picasso for the Ballets Russes to choreographer Damien Jalet’s collaboration with Marina Abramovic, more and more visual artists, architects, fashion designers, and product designers are working with dance-based concepts and performers. 

This program will introduce designers of all disciplines to the fundamentals of designing for dance. Participants will utilize their own artistic ideas and concepts to transform the presentation of dance to future audiences and dancemakers.

What does the program offer?

The program will be led by the Andrea Brussa Master Artists, Canadian designer Liz Vandal and theatre and fashion designer from Norway, Stine Sjøgren. Participants will work with summer dance faculty, including choreographers, costume and wardrobe designers, and technical specialists of the craft of costume fabrication to realize and prototype their design ideas on dancers.

Using the ongoing creation process as an inspiration, participants will work on thematically designed tasks, as well as the chance to interact with the dancers of Alberta Ballet. Participants will conceptualize, design, and fit a costume on a dancer. Participants will see how a costume moves on a dancer and how their work can affect a dancer’s experience. 

Who should apply?

Post-graduate students interested in expanding their understanding and developing skills in costume and wardrobe design for dance are encouraged to apply. The majority of applicants will have significant experience or formal training in visual art, fashion design, or theatre. 

Dates: July 15 - July 27, 2019

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Global Voices Theatre




A platform for voices unheard and stories untold.

Global Voices Theatre returns with three highly anticipated events, premiering excerpts of plays in translation and from the wider English-speaking world. Performances of rehearsed readings will be taking place on the following dates:

  • Global Female Voices at Arcola Theatre: 8pm, Saturday 23rd February 2019
  • Global Female Arab Voices at Rich Mix (part of the AWAN festival): 8pm, Saturday 9th March 2019
  • Global Queer Voices at Arcola Theatre: 3.30pm, Saturday 6th April 2019

For Global Female Voices and Global Female Arab Voices, we are welcoming submissions from female-identifying playwrights; and we are particularly interested in reading submissions from playwrights from Arab countries and the Arab diaspora. 

For Global Queer Voices, we are welcoming submissions from playwrights who identify as LGBTQIA+.

We are looking for plays from contexts beyond the UK; exploring issues and settings that audiences might not otherwise see in London theatres. Playwrights should be based (or should have previously resided) outside of the UK; or they should be part of the international community.

Plays can be any length, from any period, and with any number of characters; and must be in, or translated into, English.

If you are submitting a play that has been translated and if the play or translation is still under copyright, you must ensure that both the playwright and the translator (or the relevant rights-holders) give their authorisation for the translation to be submitted and to participate.

This is a paid opportunity, dependent on funding.


Before applying, please take a look at the questions and answers below.

Does it have to be a new play?

We only specify that the play should not have been previously staged in the UK.

I’ve written a play in a language other than English – can you help me get it translated?

We’re only able to accept plays that have already been translated.

I’m a playwright with a great idea for a play, or am writing a play at the moment that I need some guidance with – can you support me in writing a play for this event?

We’re looking for plays that have already been written and are not able to offer dramaturgy or feedback.

I’m a playwright from a less represented part of the world, but I write in English – can I still submit my play?

Yes.  We are very aware that the ‘English-speaking world’ represented on London stages can be overwhelmingly from a small number of countries and that there are large areas of the English-speaking world which are almost completely unrepresented.

Will I be paid if my play or translation is used?

Yes. Playwrights and translators will receive a modest fee, dependent on funding (we will receive confirmation in late January 2019).


Global Voices Theatre is a non-profit company. We will be charging a minimal ticket fee to attend readings which covers the basic costs of staging the readings. Translators and writers will retain all rights to future production, and we will invite producers, directors and representatives from theatres to attend. We hope productions are picked up for future development or performance.

Contact & Links: 

Writing Theatrical Encounters with Gabriel Gbadamosi




Join award-winning playwright Gabriel Gbadamosi for a practical, floor based workshop on how to use narrative as a tool to explore depictions of time and geography in theatre.

Arcola Theatre, Dalston, London

26 January 2019

10am – 5pm, Studio 4

£90  - this price includes a ticket for Gabriel's play 'Stop and Search' at the Arcola Theatre, 26 January, 8pm.

Contact & Links: 

Call for submissions | Behaviour Swarm: Exploring Performative Practices






Imagine this residency as a hive of inventors, continuously searching for ways to make each other laugh and permuting every facet of reality. Performance artists, dancers, escapees from the theatre, experimental comedians, abstract clowns, and visual artists who have way too much energy for their own good — we invite you to this hive to exaggerate life to its fullest!  

Led by Michael Portnoy and Kira Nova, Behaviour Swarm will explore a series of different modules to continuously fracture your sense of self; behaviour, speech, ideas, your relation to your body, others, objects, and your environment.  We’ll use theatre, dance, and performance techniques to develop your tools for inventiveness, high-level nonsense, slapstick, presence, expressivity, and intuition. Participants will form a company of sorts — a collective organism functioning at times perfectly as a group while growing strength in their own individual work.  

What does the program offer?

This residency offers the opportunity for visual artists to hone their performative skills, receive critical feedback, and grow their performance based practice. The program will be collaborative, but will also provide time and space to develop individual work. Activities will include workshops exploring movement, physical theatre, and improvisational training techniques, as well as riff sessions and performance nights. 

What length of residency is available?

This program is designed for participation over the entire period. Variable dates will not be considered.

Who should apply?

This residency is for visual artists with a focus on performative practices, an exhibition/publication record, who have completed formal training in visual arts at the post-secondary level, or equivalent experience and recognition from their peers. Collaborative groups of no more than two people are welcome to apply.

*Some additional fees may apply.

Dates: June 03 - July 05, 2019

Contact & Links: 


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