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Epoché: Therapeutic Residency for Visual Artists - March 2018​



Epoché: Therapeutic Residency for Visual Artists – 1st – 29th March 2018

Establishing an art practice that sustains and cherishes the creative process is an incredible effort for artists, especially whilst trying to balance the dialectical struggles of connecting with others versus taking time out for oneself; wanting to work with structure and deadlines versus wanting creative freedom plus the internal and external expectations versus self care. Now more than ever there is a need to create a professional sanctuary, focusing on exploring the core of the creative self and the specific challenges that visual artists face. TATVA’s Therapeutic Residency for Visual Artists offers programs combining input and guidance from an experienced curator and attuned artist; in combination with personalised emotional wellbeing sessions, group circles and facilitated discussions with psychotherapists to fuel and enable your creative growth thus have a fulfilling art practice.

Description of the residency program:

Over the course of the specialised residency, visual artists will have the opportunity to develop connections with a like minded international community through co-creation and experiential learning in an atmosphere of respect, mutuality and exploration. TATVA offers an opportunity of participating in a meaningful life experience, removed geographically and conceptually from the usual studio practice in an environment where experiments can be made and leaps of imagination can occur to explore emotional and social awareness and learn ways in which these can be translated into the art practice.

The sessions through out the residency will focus on unique issues affecting the artists' work and how their art impacts on them as artists and as people. Interactive activities will be organised all through the residency to explore the beauty of Goa and delve into more avenues for creative collaboration.The residency will provide its residents skills that will enrich their practice, their relationships with self and others and their overall wellbeing with openness and sincerity.

Areas of focus: Self awareness and self expression, Emotional and creative processing, the relationship between the artists inner and outer worlds, Cultural and social impact and implications, identity exploration, Nurturing meaning and purpose as artists in day to day living

Work assistance and equipment: TATVA suggests artists to bring their own material but we will help them to source whatever they need locally with prior requests.



TATVA is situated in on a beautiful and serene river island called Corjuem; in the tropical state of Goa, India. Residents have a choice of single or shared bedroom, balcony, air conditioning, Wifi; plus use of the common areas including the kitchen, living and dining areas, garden and terrace.

Fees and support:

This residency is entirely self-funded by the artist; there are no scholarships available from TATVA to artists but we can help the artist to secure funding from other sources that the artist wishes to apply for.

The artists have the option of joining for one, two, three or four weeks. The Fee is 500 USD/ 32000 INR a week and joining dates are 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd March. Discounts are available for artists staying for the period of one month/4 weeks and artists of South Asian origin. We do accept partners accompanying the artist, even if they're not artists themselves - if interested in this package then please ask for prices.

The residency fee includes all nature activities, cultural trips and tours. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided daily. The fee is inclusive of creative arts process, personalised mentoring, one-to-one and group support; all facilitated by qualified and experienced professionals specialising in the arts, personal and professional self development and empowerment.

Expectations towards the artist:

To be open, inquiring, empathic, curious, supportive and reflective. There are no expectation of art work/projects to be completed however an exhibition and/or show can be organised upon the artist's request.

Application/Booking information:

Write an email to with your C.V and samples of your work plus a statement about why you would like to be a part of Epoché.

The Team:

The Residency is lead by Kripi Malviya and David Stanton, the founders and co-creators of the TATVA Center; also by Katharina Domscheit-D’souza, the founder of PEPPINA art.

David Stanton is the founder, co-creator and consultant at TATVA. He started his career in mental health in the UK over thirty years ago, in a community based project giving counselling, advice and information. For the past nineteen years he has been an international psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer, lecturer, consultant and coach. He has helped establish and manage a number of non-profits, private, community and residential mental health services in Europe, Africa and Asia. His goal is to continue helping people through his experiences, knowledge and research. He is dedicated to furthering mental health awareness through therapy and education and is especially interested in working with diverse cultures in various settings.

Kripi Malviya is the co-creator of TATVA. She is a psychologist, experiential psychotherapist and mental health advocate with a Masters in Clinical Psychology with an International Certification in Addiction Counselling and Training.​ She has worked with​ adolescents, adults, couples and families with multi-disciplinary teams of international mental health professionals, from varied cultures and therapeutic backgrounds. She facilitates addiction treatment and general mental health training workshops in the South Asian and South East Asian regions; including Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand including her role as a Regional Resource Training Coordinator in India. Kripi is an existentially inclined psychotherapist and a poet who promotes and facilitates the reciprocal connection and relationship between creativity and psychotherapy with respect, openness and vulnerability. She is the co-founder of the Poetry Therapy Society of India and the Indian Association of Existential Therapy.

Katharina Peppina Domscheit-Dsouza is a specialised curator, mentor and visualisation facilitator.

She is of German origin and accomplished a BA in History of Art and Film Studies and an MA in Arts Management and Policies from England and London. During this time she also worked extensively as a curator, artist mentor and agent within London’s art scene before she moved to Goa four years ago to establish PEPPINA art, pushing boundaries.

She believes in creating emotional awareness and social change through visual art in curatorial frameworks. As a visualisation facilitator, she intents to create sustainable communities of lasting discourses and art appreciation.
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Weekly Program Session Descriptions


Nature walks:

Explore the countryside of Corjuem island around the TATVA residency with our residency dog Cyan through hikes, walks and trails surrounded taking in lakes, rivers and paddy fields. A wonderful start to the day.


Personalised sessions:

One to one confidential psychotherapy sessions with your assigned therapist; who will help you delve deep into your self and uncover blocks, patterns, triggers and strengthen your emotional and social awareness by providing clarity and exploring your meaning and purpose. These sessions will be to provide you emotional support and enhance your general emotional wellbeing.


Community Process:

A group therapeutic process to share feelings, fears, triumphs, intuitions, narratives and solutions to champion and empower the creative spirit. This is a unique space created for self-reflection and relational awareness of your roles and place in the world.


Creative arts/practice group:

A group discussion led by a specialised art mentor and curator for sharing of ideas, prompts, and art work for collective feedback via expressive art sessions and experimental workshops. This is a dedicated space for artist collaborations.


Personalised art mentoring:

An experienced professional in the art industry will guide and mentor you, connect you to the local arts scene and offer tools for creative engagement, inspiration and self expression. The goal of these sessions is to help translate your growing self awareness into your individual artistic and studio practice.


Cultural evening/outings (cultural immersion):

A curated program invites the participating artists to immerse themselves into the local Goan arts and culture scene; be it art exhibitions, literature, music, theatre, performances etc.


Community dinners:

Once a week all members of the community will come together to do a communal meal; including sourcing the ingredients, preparing, cooking and eating together.


Meetings with local artists/professionals:

Visits curated for you to meet local artists in their homes, environment and studios; or they will be invited to the residency for an interaction and chat about their work, inspiration and journeys for artistic, cultural and theoretical exchange of knowledge and experiences.


Countryside exploration (nature therapy):

Every week we will decide collectively to arrange a tour or visit to a naturally beautiful place in Goa, keeping in mind your preferences and likes. This can be a beach day, dolphin watching, fishing, boating, waterfall trip, heritage walks, visiting villages and local communities etc.



Fee Detail: 

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Psychodynamic Support Group for Artists




The gift of creativity emerges from our choosing to express our deepest selves. Yet if one is inadequately cared for, rejected and inconsistently supported, it is likely there are narcissistic wounds that hinder one from fully owning and manifesting aspirations. Consequentially, these oppressive messages and shame based beliefs and fears can stymie creative expression. The inner critical voice of shame may incessantly remind one of the oppressive stultifying messages internalized throughout the years. It sends the message that you don’t have the right to be who you are, and accordingly, you don‘t have the right to express yourself creatively and authentically.

As a psychotherapist and a creator of therapeutic theatre designed to inspire and encourage healing for at-risk underserved women and girls plagued by histories of childhood trauma, neglect, and abuse, I have a personal interest in understanding the abuse artists are frequently subjected to, the traumatic wounds awakened, and the process of recovery. 
Through mutual support and empathy artists from diverse mediums will encourage each other to know that their unique creative gifts matter; that they matter. Through dynamic processing of core injuries, which hinder creative expression and success, conscious reparative solutions that allow new healthier ways of being and creating can occur.

This 90 minute Group will meet in the theater district NYC twice/month Sunday @ 5 PM. Cost is $60. All participants must be interviewed (free of charge) by Rev. Heller prior to entry into group.


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