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A platform for voices unheard and stories untold.

Global Voices Theatre returns with three highly anticipated events, premiering excerpts of plays in translation and from the wider English-speaking world. Performances of rehearsed readings will be taking place on the following dates:

  • Global Female Voices at Arcola Theatre: 8pm, Saturday 23rd February 2019
  • Global Female Arab Voices at Rich Mix (part of the AWAN festival): 8pm, Saturday 9th March 2019
  • Global Queer Voices at Arcola Theatre: 3.30pm, Saturday 6th April 2019

For Global Female Voices and Global Female Arab Voices, we are welcoming submissions from female-identifying playwrights; and we are particularly interested in reading submissions from playwrights from Arab countries and the Arab diaspora. 

For Global Queer Voices, we are welcoming submissions from playwrights who identify as LGBTQIA+.

We are looking for plays from contexts beyond the UK; exploring issues and settings that audiences might not otherwise see in London theatres. Playwrights should be based (or should have previously resided) outside of the UK; or they should be part of the international community.

Plays can be any length, from any period, and with any number of characters; and must be in, or translated into, English.

If you are submitting a play that has been translated and if the play or translation is still under copyright, you must ensure that both the playwright and the translator (or the relevant rights-holders) give their authorisation for the translation to be submitted and to participate.

This is a paid opportunity, dependent on funding.


Before applying, please take a look at the questions and answers below.

Does it have to be a new play?

We only specify that the play should not have been previously staged in the UK.

I’ve written a play in a language other than English – can you help me get it translated?

We’re only able to accept plays that have already been translated.

I’m a playwright with a great idea for a play, or am writing a play at the moment that I need some guidance with – can you support me in writing a play for this event?

We’re looking for plays that have already been written and are not able to offer dramaturgy or feedback.

I’m a playwright from a less represented part of the world, but I write in English – can I still submit my play?

Yes.  We are very aware that the ‘English-speaking world’ represented on London stages can be overwhelmingly from a small number of countries and that there are large areas of the English-speaking world which are almost completely unrepresented.

Will I be paid if my play or translation is used?

Yes. Playwrights and translators will receive a modest fee, dependent on funding (we will receive confirmation in late January 2019).


Global Voices Theatre is a non-profit company. We will be charging a minimal ticket fee to attend readings which covers the basic costs of staging the readings. Translators and writers will retain all rights to future production, and we will invite producers, directors and representatives from theatres to attend. We hope productions are picked up for future development or performance.

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Banff International Literary Translation Centre (BILTC) | Literary Arts






The Banff International Literary Translation Centre (BILTC) offers student, emerging, and professional literary translators a period of uninterrupted work on a current project. Participants will work in a trilingual environment with consulting translators and peers, resulting in a mutually beneficial learning experience.

Participants will work individually and as a group with a faculty of accomplished translators of French, English, and Spanish. Participants will also have an opportunity to consult with the author whose work they are translating.

What does the program offer?

The BILTC program offers individual work sessions with consulting translators and the program director. Accepted translators can expect to present their work-in-progress at round table sessions held three times a week and moderated by the program director and guest faculty. The round table sessions will include a broader group discussion of issues and challenges faced in the practice of literary translation.

A guest publisher will share experiences on translation in an informal talk, and translators will have the opportunity to read from their works-in-progress at an open reading event. Readings and presentations of experiences related to writing and translating may be shared at additional informal sessions. 

Who should apply?

BILTC welcomes applications from translators at various career stages including student, emerging, and professional translators. Participants seeking time to focus on a current literary project and an opportunity to connect with literary translators from around the world will benefit greatly from this program.

All applicants must be translators from the Americas translating literature from anywhere in the world, or translators from anywhere in the world translating literature from the Americas.

Eligible projects include translations of works of fiction, literary non-fiction, poetry, children’s literature, oral tradition, and drama. We especially welcome projects involving Indigenous languages of the Americas. Translator applicants’ program applications should be filled out in the same language that they plan to translate work into.

Application Deadline: January 30, 2019

Date: June 03 - June 22, 2019

Contact & Links: 
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