Open Call to Action: 6x100 Transparency for the Art World


DHAdmann / ODBK invites all art world community to join this project that consists of two parts: a protest and a mechanism to create transparency for the art world. The protest is an ACTION, visiting 100 of the most important museums/biennials/art institutes/art fairs of contemporary art and standing in front of the main door for 6 hours, in the form of a pacific protest, with placards asking for transparency, diversity, inclusion, and democracy in the art institutions and the art world.

The mechanism to create transparency is a web application called  “Art World Transparency Website” that shows the level of equality and diversity of the art institutions. The system will show the statistical information summary of the profiles of the artists selected, shown, and collected by the art institutions. The system will be used to capture the profile information of the artists exhibited and collected by the art institution.  

Join us to make a change in the art world!


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