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Global Conversation 2020 (UN75)





Global Conversation 2020 is inviting Artists of all types to participate in this global group art exhibition. 

Applications for the Global Conversation's first round digital art exhibition is now open - please register at F-99.org/open-call if you want to participate.

The main idea is to create art that tells a story of how you feel about the pressing issues facing humanity. 

Artists in...

North America
South America

Dive into these critical issues...

Police Brutality
Housing Crisis in the Modern Era
Plastic Pollution
Marginalized Indigenous Cultures
Economic Inclusion Across the World
Inner City Teen Crime
Terrorism & Government Corruption  
Healthcare Crisis 
Extreme Poverty in Africa
Destructive Capitalism
Mass Incarceration
Mental Health, Trauma and Anxiety
Climate Change/Global Warming
Crimes Against Humanity
Gender Inequality
Refugee Displacement
Automation & Digital Technologies
Religious Wars and Violence
Human Rights & Trafficking
Shifting Demographics
Pandemics and Vaccines
Water Scarcity
Animal Mistreatment


The leading judgment criteria for any artist interested in participating in the Global Conversation art exhibition is to tell a story, transport knowledge, give community perspective, create to emotionally captivate and last but not least, make the intention to make an impact with your art. Thus, we're calling all artists who are radical in spirit and willing to express their right to freedom of expression to the nth degree. We insist that you dive into these issues fearlessly as the above directly and indirectly effects each of us. Take this international open call as an opportunity for Artists who operate outside the box and care deeply about relevant issues to take the global stage. We want to trigger ambitious action, peaceful solidarity and practical solutions around the UN mandate for their 75th anniversary. This special year is about creating the largest global conversation on the role of global cooperation in building the future we all want. We want to raise the role of Artists in society and create a vehicle for the artists we curate to be invited to take part in discussions on a local and global level about social, political, ecological and infrastructural issues through art. Good luck to you all!

Join hands with F.99 and sponsor by giving artists all over the world the opportunity to create meaningful art pieces that can lead towards practical solutions. Estimated attendance during the tour exhibition will be over 2 Million+ as the impressions will come from 7 art exhibitions in 7 months from 99+ artists in 7 different continents.

The first round starts at the UN General Assembly September 15th, 2020. 


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Influencing decision makers and helping solve the most critical issues facing humanity.


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