Superpresent Fall 2024 Issue

Superpresent magazine is seeking submissions on the them SURVIVAL.  We are looking for video, film, paintings, drawings, sculpture, and all forms of visual art. We are also looking for poetry, essays, short stories, etc.  Superpresent is a magazine that puts an equal emphasis on visual art and the written word.

Guest Room: Simon Baker & Aden Vincendeau

Guest Room aims to spark collaboration. Simon Baker, Director of the MEP (Maison Européene de la Photographie, Paris), is teaming up with his colleague Aden Vincendeau.

Together, they have developed the following framework for your submissions: "Happy accidents: embracing mistakes".



Call for Exhibition │Free entry

Accepted media: Photography, Video, Digital Visual Design

Group Exhibition in Rome. June 2024


From the classical to the contemporary period and all throughout the history of art, mythology has inspired artists in their representation of universal ethical and moral values. Such values have accompanied the development of civilizations since ancient times.



switch 2023

The annual switch event will take place this year from 29th October - 5th of November 2023, in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland. 


switch locates itself outside of the big city and locates itself in the rhythm of a smaller place.

Inviting artists working with film / moving image / lens based Media, to consider an application for switch 2023 responding to the theme of Play.

switch began in 2008 showing eight works by eight artists in eight locations in Nenagh town centre. For the 15th edition of this event we are making again an open call to all artists working with film, lens based media and moving image to submit one work. 



Call for Exhibition │Free entry

Accepted media: Photography, Video

Group Exhibition in Rome. April 2024


"Metamorphosis” is the theme of the exhibit scheduled for April 2024.

Metamorphosis as process that manifests itself through mutation and change, as a process determined by the passage from one state to another, and finally as one that in the biological cycle coincides with the breath of nature. Metamorphosis is here a phenomenon that instills the perception of becoming; it is where the transience of the state of things contains the deepest meaning of existence.


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