Open Call for Artist Round 48 July - September 2021


PILOTENKUECHE, Leipzig / Germany

ROUND48 July - September 2021


"PILOTENKUECHE" is an international art program based in Leipzig, Germany. The independent project is run by artists with the aim to support and empower artists.


Call for Submissions: Global Dance Video

On April 30th, 2020, Mark DeGarmo Dance hosted Virtual Dance for Dance to connect with its global communities and raise money for its year-round programming. After the video broadcast, MDD held an open dance party on Zoom…

Click here for the first Global Dance Circle video

To continue to connect with our global communities, MDD is now seeking submissions for our next “Global Dance Circle” video! Professional and recreational dancers are all invited to submit a clip. To be included in MDD’s next "Global Dance Circle" video.


Please include (where applicable): 

Your name, as you would like it to appear in the video

Sound Occupations: Open Call for Artworks

Sound Occupations are part of Student International film festival’s (STIFF) supporting program (26. – 29.11.2020.) developed under the Rijeka Capital of Culture 2020. We invite artists to send us their work that explores, records, changes, interprets, produces or in any other way interacts with the sounds of everyday life; in any preferred artistic medium.

Exhibition Sound Occupations is dedicated to sound as a primary generator of everyday and artistic impulses. 

Sound could be understood as an epistemological formative instrument that enables us to analyse urban and imagined spaces but also as an aesthetic tool to help us build and rebuild these landscapes in practice. 


LINHA DE FUGA is the second edition of an international laboratory that aims to promote encounters between creators, artists and thinkers from different countries, designed as a field of experimentation, learning and sharing of collective knowledge. It takes place between 30 May and 21 June, 2020 in the city of Coimbra through practical creation seminars and collaboration workshops led by invited national and foreign artists who bring and propose different artistic practices to the participating artists.
The laboratory is aimed at arts professionals with a minimum creation path, with no age limit. We are looking for artists who want to expose their processes and interact with critique to their work from peers and the public.

switch 2019

The annual switch event will take place this year from 3rd-10th of November, in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland. 

switch locates itself outside of the big city and locates itself in the rhythm of a smaller place.

We are inviting artists working with film / moving image / lens based Media, to consider an application for switch 2019.

switch began in 2008 showing eight works by eight artists in eight locations in Nenagh town centre. For the 11th edition of this event we are making again an open call to all artists working with film, lens based media and moving image to submit one work. 

switch 2019 is eight works, eight locations, eight artists.

Scope of Proposal:

Saigon Experimental Film Festival II

Saigon Experimental Film Festival II

Working with underground DEO cinema and artist bar 289E, we will be holding our next screening at A. Farm, a local artist residency located in a converted factory at the edge of Saigon. Our goal is to generate interest in experimental cinema and video art in Vietnam.

Genre focus: experimental, abstract, video art, documentary. 
Length: under 15 minutes 
Prefer films made between 2015-2019.



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