Looking for Creatives w/ Out-of-the-Box Ideas | Virtual Spring Creativity Summit




This Spring, diopsydity [Die-Ahp-Sydity] will be hosting a virtual summit with the focus of gathering all types of creatives. Whether the medium they work in be visual, traditional, digital or literary -- it is a gathering for collective inspiration. Most importantly, gaining inspiration and enhancing creative ideas through the exploration of nontraditional techniques and prompts. Viewers will be able to challenge themselves and step out of creative comfort zones.

diopsydity is looking for creatives that love to genre/medium bend. Those who use unique techniques/tools in their creative/brainstorm process that they feel has yet to be realized by others. Something they feel could inspire and challenge creatives to try out.

Topic Examples:

  • Character/Creature Design
  • Art Journaling/Sketchbooking
  • Collage/Scrapbooking
  • Visual Storytelling/Film/Short Comics/Animation
  • Worldbuilding/Visual Development
  • Creative Writing/Storytelling
  • Timed Challenges/Prompts [5 day challenge, for example]
  • Tips/Demos on the nontraditional use of an app/tool / or demo of app/resource that isn't well known.

What ideas do you have that you feel would be a great addition to this summit?

There will be two ways that you can participate in the creation of this summit.

As a Creative Guest:


•You are an artist, illustrator, storyteller and/or [other type of creative]

•You have a skill for mind mapping/organizing and expanding on ideas for creative projects

•You are good at presenting/demonstrating an idea

•You have a [art/design] social media account following of at least 10k with a high/quality engagement rate.

•You are passionate about supporting and inspiring other creatives

•You are flexible and able to meet deadlines.

Plus but not required

•You have already made a course, mini course or workbook

•You are looking for creative partnership opportunities

•Your email list is 5k+

•Huge Plus: You are building an art community on TikTok

As a Creative Speaker:


• You are a visual artist, writer, creative brand and/or creativity coach.

• You have a strong passion for sparking inspiration, teaching and encouraging artists.

• You like challenging yourself, trying new things and testing non-traditional methods.

• You are an excellent presenter with a quality camera and microphone.

• You have something to offer that you feel would be really beneficial for creators.

• Your relevant email list is 5k+

• You have a relevant social media account of at least 25k with a high/quality engagement rate.

• You are flexible and able to meet deadlines.

Plus but not required

• Huge Plus: You have an engaged TikTok Community


Prize Summary: 
Participation as a Creative Guest w/ a Magazine Feature or as a Creative Speaker
Prizes Details: 

As a Creative Guest you will have:

  • your pre-recorded interview air during the virtual summit.
  • a section in the summit community dedicated to your content. [Interview, mini-course - for example] Where viewers can engage with you.
  • a reserved spot to feature in an interactive online magazine.
  • an opportunity to share a relevant freebie tied to your newsletter - to build your own email list.
  • an individual promo campaign link [% pay per ticket sale earnings] Great for those who have decent reach and high quality engagement on social/newsletter subs.

As a Creative Speaker you will have:

  • your pre-recorded video presentation air during the virtual summit.
  • a section in the summit community dedicated to your content. [Video, Freebie & Challenge - for example] Where viewers can engage with you.
  • an opportunity to share a relevant freebie tied to your newsletter - to build your own email list.
  • an individual promo campaign link [% pay per ticket sale earnings] Great for those who have decent reach and high quality engagement on social/newsletter subs.

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Virtual Artist in Residence Solo Exhibition



Join an online international community of artists from 70+ countries by submitting to Culturally Arts Collective's Artist in Residence program. You'll have a solo exhibition page with a unique URL and a full artist profile to display your bio, artist statement, social links, and business information. Exhibit up to 10 works in a personal collection on our website. We will post and promote your work on social media. As an Artist in Residence, get exclusive access to artist networking, education, and professional development oppportunities and events. You retain all intellectual property rights. 

Culturally Arts Collective is a US-based arts advocacy non-profit organization working to reform arts accessibility and representation through education, exhibition, outreach, networking, and professional development. 


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Virtual Art Vol. III




Virtual art is a virtual exhibition, dedicated to promoting artistic and creative expression.

This project is defined by a need to accurately express art, appeal to several senses, move within the light, the shadows, and the colours, play with the intersections of reality and phantasy, and the boundaries of digital and analogue.

This exhibition, which features a collection of high digital artworks, represents fresh insights, perspectives, and ideas that change our reality.
The Virtual Art Gallery seeks to provide selected works with significant worldwide exposure for artists to assist them in negotiating and confronting their works and their creations in a virtual environment.

We are now accepting submissions for our virtual art exhibition. Artists from all over the world are encouraged to submit their applications. Artists, regardless of their background, are welcome to send us their work.

There is no fee for submission

HD photos of 3-5 artefacts of yours (different work)
Artist Statement (3rd person, max 150 words)
Artwork (title, size, medium, and price
Project description
Social media

Your application
We welcome submissions from artists from all disciplines. Simply send us an email with your work and briefly explain who you are, some details about your work, and why we should be one of our next virtual artists


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
50 euros
Contact & Links: 

CENTERs 2021 Calls for Entry - Review Santa Fe Photo Festival & Portfolio Reviews



Applications are Open for the CENTER 2021 Calls for Entry. Apply online today to the Awards, Grants & Review Santa Fe Portfolio Reviews - Want extra discounts? Sign up as a member!

All of CENTER’s Call for Entry opportunities accept submissions from national and international photographers and lens-based artists. Work can have been made at any time and work that has been submitted previously may be re-submitted as we have new jurors each year. Work derived from all photographic processes is accepted, as well as mixed media that is photo-based. Only the Multimedia Award accepts video, multimedia files and/or still images for submission.



CENTER’s premier juried Portfolio Review event is a conference for photographers who are seeking audience expansion, critical discussion, and community connection. Online juried portfolio review dates: October 12 - 17, 2021 | Scholarships & Mentorship Available

SUBMIT: 15-20 images and a 325-word project statement

PACKAGE: Includes 9 portfolio reviews, inclusion in the Review Santa Fe 100 online index, Photographer & Scholarship Presentations, and more. Reviewers selected in October 2021.




Information about all of the current Awards, Grants and Portfolio Reviews can be found online -

If you have additional questions, please visit our General FAQ or contact us at


Image credit Images from the series “No Memory is Ever Alone” © Catherine Panebianco

Prize Summary: 
Career Advancement
Prizes Details: 

Includes 9 portfolio reviews, inclusion in the Review Santa Fe 100 online index, Photographer & Scholarship Presentations, and more!


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Entry fees can be found online -
Contact & Links: 

Virtual Residency – Together, separately






The virtual residency is a gathering of artists who work in sync, support one another and use a change in pace to think differently about their creative practice.

Now recruiting artists for the following dates:

The residency is mixed discipline. The program welcomes, but is not limited to: visual artists, conceptual artists, video artists, writers, poets, multidisciplinary artists, performance artists, installation artists, photographers

The content of discussions during the residency will be determined by the work undertaken by participants. Some participants might plan to produce deeply conceptual work. For others the process will be more practical. Others will work on a mixture of both. 

The residency is a week-long, intensive undertaking that lasts for six days, beginning Sunday on Friday. Each cohort is a maximum of six participants. We recognise that it is not possible to carry out an in-person program using virtual tools. This program has been made to make the most of the tools we have rather than try to recreate an in-person residency using video. 


The timetable takes place between 10am and 7pm local to Barcelona (CET). Use the Timezone Converter to see times in your location. 
Welcome and introduction (1h on Sunday)
The six participants will introduce themselves, say where they are from, a little about their creative background and state their intention for the week, as well as how they intend to begin that day. Facilitator shares information about the program and the organisation
Plan and Progress (30mins to 1h daily)
Report on progress from the previous day and state a plan for the current day.
Presentations (45mins to 1h daily)
Participants will each give a ten-minute presentation followed by Q&A 
Debriefing (30mins on Friday)
Participants will be asked to share their thoughts surrounding the outcomes of the residency and future plans. 

Participation Requirements

/  Prepare and deliver a ten-minute presentation of their work to fellow residents.
/  Commit to attending all meetings.
/  Allocate the majority of the working day outside the meetings to creative practice. 
/  Actively take part in discussion of others work, seek ways to contribute ideas and offer support to fellow residents.
/  Be willing to listen to the ideas and support from fellow residents regarding their own work.
/  Contribute one ‘daily newsletter’ of inspirational content (text or visual) to be sent to residents (a template will be provided).
/ Abide by our community guidelines.
/ Be familiar with and able to use the platforms Zoom and Telegram. Attention to video calling set up is essential.

A virtual program allows those who cannot travel to take part. However, the residency is also a commitment, and shouldn’t be undertaken unless at least four-to-five hours per day can be set aside to attend meetings and move creative work forward. 

Admission criteria

Active creative practice
Experience of taking part in online groups and calls
Clear desired outcomes for the residency
Ability to take part fully without the interruption of other commitments
Familiar with the language used to discuss the art-making process

Enthusiastic about taking part in a virtual environment

Contact & Links: 

YET TO .COM(E) Virtual Creation Residency






Calling for artists based in Argentina, Iran, USA, France, Switzerland, and Germany. This call is open to all artists with various disciplines that wish to engage in a virtual creation residency.

• YET TO .COM(E) invites six interdisciplinary artists to collaborate in artistic dialogue and practice with another. The program establishes three distinctive virtual residency incubators where two artists can live, brainstorm, and dream about a shared futurethrough their unique artistic lenses. 

In the current pandemic, we are left with the tension of global and local concerns. The present feels dystopian. The future is unknown. Therefore, we believe sharing a virtual creation space is needed to break this individual isolation. Despite all the challenges we face today, YET TO .COM(E) seeks to break down the artistic limits by a playful and experimental engagement in the digital sphere. 

• YET TO .COM(E) is made possible by these international partners:
Espace Croisé (FR)
Plataforma Lodo (ARG)
Work It Out Platform (CH/DE)
Re-connect Festival (Internet)

Application fee: Free
Each artist is offered a fee of: €700
Application deadline: December 5



Contact & Links: 


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