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Global Dance Circle (part 4)




MDD is now seeking submissions for our next “Global Dance Circle” video! Professional and recreational dancers are all invited to submit a clip. To be included in MDD’s next "Global Dance Circle" video, email a 10-second clip of your best moves to!* Please include: Your name, as you would like it to appear in the video Your Instagram to be tagged in the IGTV video Your location (City, State/Region, Country) A few short sentences about yourself Deadline to submit: August 17th. Copyright © 2020 Mark DeGarmo. All Rights Reserved. *Please note: Mark DeGarmo Dance has the ultimate decision of what is included in the final video. By submitting your video to Mark DeGarmo Dance, you are agreeing to: grant MDD all permissions to use, reproduce and publish said video indefinitely; to alter the same without restrictions; and to copyright the same. You also release MDD and its board of directors, officers, employees, legal representatives, and assigns from any and all such claims, actions, and liability relating to its use of said creative work, photographs, videotapes, and/or likeness. By submitting a clip, you also agree to be added to the MDD email list, from which you may unsubscribe at any time.

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The theme Supernatural Women opens up questions of culture, history, legend, politics, femininity and womanhood. Participants may decide to focus only on a tiny segment of the theme for their work. For example, they might focus on just one woman. Or, they might look at a group of supernatural women. They may opt not to focus on specific women, but on a female element of the supernatural that is widely known, or that could be invented by the artist.

The content of discussions during the residency will be determined by the work undertaken by participants. Some participants might plan to produce deeply conceptual work. For others the process will be more practical. Others will work on a mixture of both.

“(of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.””

— Supernatural

The Igbo goddess Ala
The various manifestations of Eve
The women that make up the Hindu Trivedi
The Amazons
Mermaids and sirens 
Fairy godmothers
Mystics, clairvoyants and fortune tellers
A ‘supernatural beauty’
Supernatural women as a concept
The scope of gender

  • Some of the questions that may arise for those incorporating supernatural women into their art practice:
  • Where did the stories of these women originate?
  • Who created supernatural narratives for women, and what was their purpose in doing so?
  • How do supernatural women relate to real women, in the past, present and future?
  • What are supernatural women made from? What shape, material, texture, colour and scale do they have? How do they sound and smell?


The timetable takes place between 11am and 7pm local to Barcelona (CET). Use the Timezone Converter to see times in your location. 

Welcome and introduction (1h on Sunday)
The six participants will introduce themselves, say where they are from, a little about their creative background and state their intention for the week, as well as how they intend to begin that day. Facilitator shares information about the program and the organisation

Plan and Progress (30mins to 1h daily)
Report on progress from the previous day and state a plan for the current day.

Presentations (45mins to 1h daily)
Participants will each give a ten-minute presentation followed by Q&A 

Debriefing (1h on Saturday)
Participants will be asked to share their thoughts surrounding the outcomes of the residency and future plans.  

Participation Requirements

/  Prepare and deliver a ten-minute presentation of their work to fellow residents.
/  Commit to attending all meetings.
/  Allocate the majority of the working day outside the meetings to creative practice. 
/  Actively take part in discussion of others work, seek ways to contribute ideas and offer support to fellow residents.
/  Be willing to listen to the ideas and support from fellow residents regarding their own work.
/  Contribute one ‘daily newsletter’ of inspirational content (text or visual) to be sent to residents (a template will be provided).
/ Abide by our community guidelines.
/ Be familiar with and able to use the apps Google Meet and Telegram. Attention to video calling set up is essential.

A virtual program allows those who cannot travel to take part. However, the residency is also a commitment, and shouldn’t be undertaken unless at least four-to-five hours per day can be set aside to attend meetings and move creative work forward. 

Residency fees are by donation. All donations are considered income and we pay tax on them. The reason we ask for donations, rather than charging fees, is because it means that we can attract a more diverse group of artists.

If every participant were to pay €100 we would cover our running costs. But we realise that this will not be possible for every artist and we encourage them to apply regardless.

Those living in countries with lower per-capita GDP, those who are unemployed or those affected by low-incomes should feel comfortable giving less. If the people that can afford to give more choose to do so they will help us continue this model of inclusion into the future.

We continue to work towards a funded model, but have so far struggled to find a resource that will fund a completely global project. If you know of one, please let us know!


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Care As Practice




How can continuous practices sustain important conversations, enable slow experimentation, and cultivate trust across digital space? In the coming months, virtual care lab will support ideas that practice collective care as a routine or series of gatherings. Think community organizing hour, neighborhood sound walks, digital field trips... and more!

Submit your idea via virtual care lab's website. Submission are accepted on a rolling basis.

Questions? Email**

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We are SKT, a scattered gallery all over the world with no borders.

We strongly believe that art can save the world and we want to create a movement that can survive these weird and difficult times and express itself also in our locations and galleries as soon as we will be free again. 

The virtual exhibition will focus on the art role in the society. To express ourselves and tell about the truth is what unites us, what bring us TOGETHER. Because art in every form will be always deeper and stronger than what divides us. We don’t want to limit submissions to a theme, but to celebrate art as the most successful tool to celebrate unity and togetherness. You can send us up to 3 artworks: every medium and style accepted.

  • 1 artwork + 1 Q&A live on our IG page and our artFixYMX radio + 1 focus on our social media for £20.00
  • 2 artworks + 1 Q&A live on our IG page and our artFixYMX radio + 1 focus on our social media for £40.00
  • 3 artworks + 1 Q&A live on our IG page and our artFixYMX radio + 1 focus on our social media for £50.00

The exhibition runs for 1 month on our homepage (at the moment, there is #ARTMUSTGON online, you can check it out!)

We will need your art pieces photos in HQ, all instructions here: 

Let us know L/W/H so we can visualize them in the gallery exactly as they are in reality! Also, we will need a short bio of you, price, date of creation and medium of the artwork submitted.


- “Together” runs from 15 July, 2020 to 15 August, 2020. Virtual opening at 6pm.

- Call ends on 8 July, 2020. Hurry up!

We are looking so much forward to hearing from you!



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1 artwork £20.00, 2 artworks £40.00, 3 artworks £50.00
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R.A.R.O. en RED. Virtual Program for artists




In response to the current globalized quarantine produced  by COVID-19, R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires has decided to open the game and once again share its entire extraordinary network, only this time virtually. The R.A.R.O. en Red Program is designed for artists who are in a training process and who want to delve both technically and conceptually into their work, review texts and statements, apply for scholarships/grants and have advice from the R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires team, as well as advice from artists who are part of the network and who are also of their particular interest, due to the language they work with or for any reasons they want to explore. Those interested will have the possibility to choose up to 2 of the spaces of the R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires network with which online meetings will be coordinated.

R.A.R.O. en Red stipulates a total of 5 meetings, one per week, for full follow-up and support of the participants.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$ 8,000 Argentine pesos for Argentine Artists or International Residents in Argentina / 200 USD for Latin American Artists 7 300 USD for Artists from the rest of the world
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Open Call for Solo Exhibitions! *Fee Waivers Available*




Cold Coffee Gallery launched on 4.1.20 in response to a global need for virtual creative spaces.

Cold Coffee's mission is to create a unique and immersive curated gallery experience from the comfort of your own screen. Cold Coffee aims to support and represent emerging and mid-career artists as well as historically marginalized artists as well as connect them with art lovers and buyers alike.

Cold Coffee Gallery is brought to you by Grace Nouveau Fine Arts LLC.


Cold Coffee Gallery is currently accepting submissions for Solo Shows, scheduling up to a year out.

The application deadline for Solo Exhibitions are rolling, with a slot opening every month. Apply by April 21st for a May 5th opening. All submissions are considered and many will be added to our lineup, so please apply any date and let us know if you have a preference of month..


Submission Guidelines

Deadlines are noted following the Show title on the next page. There will be ONE (1) Solo Show running at a time as well as TWO (2) curated group shows.
–Solo Shows have a rolling deadline. Artists featured in the Solo Show may not be featured in any concurrent group shows.
Each Solo Show is booked for a month-long run from the 5th of the month to the following month's 4th. One application per Solo Artist per month will be considered. Accepted Solo artists may not apply again for a term of one year.
–Curated Group Shows will have a run time of THREE (3) Months or longer, with dates to be determined at the time of acceptance. Any submissions received after a deadline will be considered as needed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applications submitted after the deadline are not guaranteed consideration.

Proposals are only necessary for Solo Show consideration. Proposals may include written descriptions and/or diagrams. Proposals may be or include artists statements.
Proposals will only be accepted electronically using our online form. Materials sent by mail, in person, or by phone will not be considered. All proposals must take into consideration the nature of our virtual gallery and mission statement.

Images submitted should be photographed on white background and color balanced.
– 1900px max
– 12 MB max file size
– Accepted file types: png, jpg, jpeg, gif, svg
– Videos and audio also accepted on submission form, additional upload will be required for presentation.

We welcome submissions from all artists in all mediums regardless of age, race, sex, gender, or career level. However, preference will be given to emerging and mid-career artists. Femmes, POC, LGBT+, and disabled artists are encouraged to apply.
– Artists should be at least 18 years old.
– Student artists are welcome to apply.

Work which sells will be sold through Cold Coffee Gallery's point of sale. Cold Coffee Gallery will take a 10% commission for works priced under $70 and a 20% commission for works priced $70 or over.
All works will be displayed in our archive as NFS after the end of each exhibition. Exhibited work must be sold through Cold Coffee Gallery within ten (10) days of the end of the exhibition.
–Artists may not sell or distribute prints of exhibited works outside of Cold Coffee Gallery at any point during exhibition or within ten (10) days of the end of the exhibition.
–Artist will be responsible for the shipping/transportation of sold work to the Purchaser. Purchaser will be responsible for the cost of shipping/transportation/applicable insurance. Purchaser will sign the contract provided by Cold Coffee Gallery at time of purchase agreeing to this process. Artist will receive notification of sale immediately. Artist will receive payment from Cold Coffee Gallery upon Purchaser's receipt of all purchased work.
–Original "Not For Sale" (NFS) work and prints/reproductions will be accepted on a case by case basis.

All submission fees will go directly towards the upkeep, marketing, and maintenance of the website. All submission fees must be paid to Cold Coffee Gallery through Paypal (PayPal.Me/ColdCoffeeGallery). Submissions will not be reviewed until submission fees are received unless otherwise noted.
–Solo Shows: $10
–Curated Group Shows: $5
–Fee Waivers: Artists who cannot afford submission fees are still encouraged to apply. Please e-mail with the subject line: "FEE WAIVER [full name as it appears on submission]" prior to submission with a brief note summarizing your financial situation.

A consignment contract will be signed by the artist and a representative of Cold Coffee Gallery upon acceptance of work.

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