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stARTup Los Angeles 2019: Call for Artists




stARTup Art Fair Los Angeles is a contemporary art fair for independent artists.

The fourth edition of the fair runs February 15-17, 2019 at the stylish Kinney Hotel in Venice, CA with easy access to Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey. stARTup LA takes place concurrently with the Art Los Angeles Contemporary gallery fair in Santa Monica, which is 10 minutes away. Participating artists will have a fantastic opportunity to expose new work to a myriad of collectors, curators, gallery owners, art consultants, and writers who will be coming to the city for a weekend of contemporary art.

The core mission of stARTup Art Fair is to provide a marketplace that gives artists the power to present and sell work on their own terms. All sales proceeds belong 100% to the artists.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: NOVEMBER 11, 2018. Those selected from the open application process will each take over a hotel room for the course of three days to present a solo show of their work. Through its democratic, online application, artists get the opportunity to have their work reviewed by an impressive Selection Committee with a diverse range of art world professionals:

Mark Moore  Owner/Director Mark Moore Fine Art Advisory and Mark Moore Gallery Culver City, CA

Amanda Færk​  Assistant Director at V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Shana Nys Dambrot  Independent curator, and arts editor, LA Weekly

Mishelle Moross  Founder/Director, MuzeuMM Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Mendel Black  Widely exhibited artist, Los Angeles, CA

Amy Kisch Independent art consultant/curator, Founder AKArt Advisory

There are application and exhibitor fees.

Fee Detail: 

stARTup Small Works Art Fair: Call for Independent Artists




stARTup Small Works San Francisco is a "tabletop" style art fair in an industrial warehouse setting where select artists can show small-scale works in all mediums. The fair runs September 29-30, 2018. Located in San Francisco’s trendy Dogpatch neighborhood, the warehouse is within walking distance of Minnesota Street Project, McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, and the Museum of Craft and Design.

Small Works offers an excellent opportunity for artists to experience stARTup Fair in a smaller, more approachable framework that taps into a unique collector market. The deadline to apply is August 5th. Artists can apply online with a resume, bio, proposal and 10 images. Up to 40 artists will be selected to exhibit in the space.

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Create a large woodcut with BIG INK at Deedee Shattuck Gallery, Westport, MA



Event Synopsis: BIG INK is pleased to partner with Dedee Shattuck Gallery for two one-day large woodcut printing sessions. We’ll be utilizing BIG INK’s giant mobile etching press to pull prints. If accepted, artists will have two months prior to the event to carve their image into a piece of plywood. BIG INK remains in contact with each participant providing guidance and technical support when needed.  The Shattuck serves contemporary artists and craftspeople as well as the local and global art communities by providing compelling exhibitions, enriching cultural events, and a forum for the exchange of creative thought and critical discussion about the arts.  The Shattuck emphasizes the relationship between contemporary art and the environment. The Shattuck is primarily solar powered.

About BIG INK: Our mission is to inspire a greater appreciation for relief printmaking and extend its practice among contemporary artists.  We invite artists, via a call-for-entry application process, to submit a proposal to create a woodcut, at least 24” x 36” in dimension, through  Approximately sixteen proposals are accepted per event and those selected are given two months to carve an image. At the end of the two months, BIG INK meets with the artists at a predetermined space, such as an art center, festival, or community print shop, and helps them print his or her woodcut onto paper. These events culminate in exhibition opportunities and potential sales for the artists who participate.  Since mid-2017 BIG INK has helped 125 artists create new work at venues across the United States.

Event Location: Dedee Shattuck Gallery, 1 Partners’ Lane, Westport, MA 02790

Deadline for Consideration: Midnight, April 9th, 2018

Event Date(s): Jun 16th & 17th, 2018

Criteria: BIG INK considers proposals based on the following:

Size: Images must be at least 24” x 36” in dimension but not larger than 40” x 96” in dimension.

Material: Artists are responsible for securing their own ½” thick plywood, 1/2" MDF or 3/8" Shina for carving and their own carving tools. The plywood or MDF must be ½” thick, the Shina must be 3/8".

Originality: The uniqueness of the design will be a major consideration.  A drawing, digital graphic, altered photography, collage, sketch, painting or print are acceptable examples to include with your proposal. Images must be solely created by the applicant.

Cohesiveness: The anticipated dimensions of your woodblock should match the format of the image you submit.

Fees: It is free to submit a proposal; accepted artists pay $295 dollars to participate.  This covers all consumable materials for the event including: printing ink, paper, cleaning supplies, and equipment usage.  All that is required of the artist is to bring a fully carved block. 

Benefits:  BIG INK events are best described as a concentrated burst of productive energy bringing together leading artists from throughout the region to network with each other and potential patrons.  We provide the technical expertise and specialized equipment necessary to bring the artist's studio directly to the public in an engaging way. Our mobile printing press, dubbed “The Big Tuna,” has the ability to produce woodblock prints up to 48” x 96”. No other etching press of its size is used for this form of collaborative printing.  In addition, selected participants also receive:

Professional Prints: BIG INK assists in the creation of three impressions from each participant's carved block.

Video Tutorials: Never made a woodcut or woodblock print? No problem! We've created step-by-step video tutorials to walk you through the whole process.

High-Res Photography: We provide a professionally photographed image of each participants work at no additional charge.

Curated Exhibits: National and international art venues curate BIG INK exhibits from our growing portfolio. Your work could be featured next!

Outreach: We create a page for each participant on our website.  Our web and social outlets receive thousands of views each month and will put your work in front of a larger audience.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Can two artists collaborate on a proposal?

A: Yes, list both names on the application.

Q: Can I submit an existing image with my proposal?

A: Yes


Q: If accepted can I change my proposal image after the fact?

A: Yes, as long as it falls within the same aesthetic.


Q: Does my proposal image have to be a certain size?

A: Your proposal image can a small.  It doesn't have to be the same size as your final carved woodblock.


Q: What time are we expected to arrive at the event?

A: 10 am sharp


Q: How long are we expected to remain after our work is printed?

A: Until 5 pm


Q: Are we expected to attend both printing days?

A: No, but you’re welcome to attend.


Q: How many prints does each artist produce?

A: Three


Q: Can I bring my own paper and print more?

A: Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time to print more.


Q: What type of paper do we use?

A: Masa


Q: What type of ink do we use?

A: Oil based relief ink, bring an apron and wear work cloths.


Q: Do I have to bring any other materials besides my carved block?

A: No


Q: Can we print in color?

A: No


Q: How do we transport the finished prints?

A: BIG INK provides newsprint to wrap the work and tubes are provided for those that are mailing work.


Q: Do you have recommendations on where to stay?

A: We use Airbnb most frequently and quality hotels are usually located a short drive away or within walking distance.


Q: What is the best way to transport the finished block if I'm flying?

A: You may be able to ship your block directly to the venue.  Contact us directly to confirm. When shipping your block please include a return label in the package. This makes shipping your block back home simple.

Fee Detail: 
Free to apply, $295 if selected to participate

Open Call 'SENDING LOVE TO THE WORLD' All Welcome!



Sending Love to the World / by Miya Rosa Marques

‘Sending Love To the World’

is an OPEN CALL for artists from all around the world, who would like to make this world a little bit better through their art!


Why ‘Sending Love To the World’?

Unconditional love is the cure for human-made hatred and anxieties. In fact, all negativity is human-made and a result of the absence of love. Where unconditional love is, negativity does not exist. Love is superior compared to hatred and anxieties; as light is superior to darkness. Switch the light on and darkness disappears. Unconditional love is a choice. So, let’s just chose love over hatred. Let's send love to the world!



Participating is really simple. Regardless of your age, profession, ethnic, cultural, or educational background; whether you consider yourself an artist or not; all you need to do is to follow the guidelines on our website
Read the summary of the guidelines below:

  1. Interpret and visualise the theme of ‘Sending Love To The World’​
  2. Put your ideas down on a small-scale format. The longer side of your original artwork shall be no larger than 23,5cm. 
    It can be of course smaller!
  3. You may use any artistic tools to design your miniature/small-scale artwork: pencil, colours, collage, photography, …​
  4. All submissions that convey the core principles of Theoretical Art will be included in the installation in Hong Kong. Simply said, if your original artwork includes solely the positive and constructive forms of artistic expression and conveys the spirit of love and beauty, you are in. Your artwork travels to Hong Kong and will be presented to the world!​
  5. Important, your artwork will not be sent back to you. Instead it will be either gifted to an individual or institution that strive towards positive change in the world; or sold for charity purposes to support non-profit social projects.​
  6. All submissions will be presented and promoted online prior the event in Hong Kong. Therefore, please send your artwork together with the participation form to the address below as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the final closing date for entries is January 15, 2018.


Palmi // Theoretical Art Residency
Calle Salut 21
Apartment 2-C
07600 Llucmajor
Majorca // Spain



Fee Detail: 

32nd Chelsea International Fine Art Competition




32nd Chelsea International Fine Art Competition


32nd Chelsea International Fine Art Competition—Opens on February 1, 2017

Artists from across the globe are invited to enter the 32nd Annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. With a fierce dedication to promoting the arts and discovering and exposing new talent, the CIFAC continues its tradition of honoring selected artists and awarding prizes aimed at giving artists invaluable exposure to promote career growth and boost recognition.

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is a wonderful way to keep your artwork in front of important museum curators and art experts. Stay connected to the international art scene through competitions, let others see your work, and have your work create a dialogue with other artists.”

Angela Di Bello, Director, Agora Gallery

This year’s competition awards are valued at over $70,000 and are designed specifically to support our larger mission: to promote the spread of extraordinary and innovative art in our modern world and to ensure the future productivity and enhance the careers of selected artists. Aside from cash prizes, other awards include participation in the collective exhibition, magazine profiles, and valuable PR opportunities. A portion of the gallery’s proceeds from artwork sales will be donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation.

Upon seeing my work displayed at Agora I was proud to be part of such a high quality and diverse exhibition...Winning the competition has affirmed my confidence in my works and direction as an artist. It has also made me realise that you need to seize the opportunities and engage with a broader artistic community.”

Sue Howard, Australia, 2015 Selected Artist

The 2017 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition will be accepting entries February 1st - 21st , 2017. Results are announced on March 20, 2017, with the competition exhibition scheduled for August 19–30, 2017.

Interested? Ready to seize the opportunity and take your career to the next level? Visit for competition details and instructions on how to enter. You can also contact us at

Fee Detail: 
$45 for up to 5 images


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