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International open call for visual image: European capital of culture GO! 2025 Nova Gorica - Gorizia




We are once again announcing the call for the visual image of our unique European Capital of Culture GO! 2025 Nova Gorica - Gorizia, which will be our mirror to the world.

We want the symbolism of our cross-border territory, elements that are dear to the people of both Gorizias and with which those who explore our region before and during 2025 will be able to identify. In addition to the logo and pictogram, we are looking for the visual image of the #GoBorderless slogan that embodies our cross-border life and our borderless mentality.

The prize has been increased to EUR 10,000, and the call remains anonymous. 

We are still looking for originality and visibility, let us succeed this time! 

Thank you for helping us spread the word!

Prize Summary: 
10000 EUR
Prizes Details: 

The object of this Competition is the study and creation of a new logo / representative brand that clearly summarises the theme inspiring the event, and which serves as a launching platform and distinctive sign for all activities of the European Capital of Culture project with particular regard to identity and communication. A logo / brand that must be original, innovative, inclusive and "borderless", as the new European capital of the two cities on the border is striving to be original, innovative and inclusive. The visual identity shall be able to address everyone in a clear and engaging way, transferring a positive and modern approach to the great theme of European culture.

The competitor ranked number 1 in the selection will receive an award of €10,000.00 (ten thousand euros). Once the designation has become effective, the award will be paid to the winner upon issue of a regular invoice or equivalent document. The prize is intended gross of any withholdings, i.e., inclusive of taxes and any other contributions and is considered to be remuneration for professional services.


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