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Virtual Residency WEEKENDS – Together, separately






The virtual residency is a gathering of artists who work in sync, meet to talk and crit, and support one another and use a change in pace to think differently about their creative practice.

This session of the Virtual Residency happens over three weekends – Saturday and Sunday 7&8 /  14&15  /  21&22  November 2020

The residency is mixed discipline. The program welcomes, but is not limited to:
visual artists, conceptual artists, video artists, writers, poets, multidisciplinary artists, performance artists, installation artists, photographers

The content of discussions during the residency will be determined by the work undertaken by participants. Some participants might plan to produce deeply conceptual work. For others the process will be more practical. Others will work on a mixture of both. 

We recognise that it is not possible to carry out an in-person program using virtual tools. This program has been made to make the most of the tools we have rather than try to recreate an in-person residency using video. 


Participation Requirements

/  Prepare and deliver a ten-minute presentation of their work to fellow residents.
/  Commit to attending all meetings.
/  Allocate the majority of the day outside the meetings to creative practice. 
/  Actively take part in discussion of others work, seek ways to contribute ideas and offer support to fellow residents.
/  Be willing to listen to the ideas and support from fellow residents regarding their own work.
/  Contribute one ‘weekday newsletter’ of inspirational content (text or visual) to be sent to residents (a template will be provided).
/ Abide by our community guidelines.
/ Be familiar with and able to use the apps Google Meet and Telegram. Attention to video calling set up is essential.

A virtual program allows those who cannot travel to take part and this residency in particular hopes to meet the needs of those who undertake other work or have other committments Monday to Friday. However, the residency is also a commitment, and shouldn’t be undertaken unless at least four-to-five hours per day can be set aside to attend meetings and move creative work forward. 


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