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Hello Nature




Hello Nature | Open Call for Artists
Deadline for proposals: Sunday 26 September at midnight

In the context of the greatest health crisis of our times, increasing scientific evidence highlights the critical importance of accessing our natural environment – of garden plants, gardens and gardening, as a key factor that can benefit our physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Hello Nature is a series of artist-led commissions and workshops that aim to provide Southwark residents with greater opportunities to engage with the natural environment.

The project is being delivered in partnership with The Ballad of Peckham Rye, a not-for-profit contemporary art commissioning organisation, Action For Refugees in Lewisham (AFRIL), an organisation established to support asylum seekers, vulnerable migrants and refugees in south east London and One Tree Hill Allotment Society, a member run community allotment. Hello Nature will enhance the Action For Refugees in Lewisham (AFRIL) allotment that supports families from refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant backgrounds who experience food poverty and are coping in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, through building cohesive and supportive relationships between residents, allotment members and the AFRIL community.

We are inviting artists to engage with ideas of ecology and sustainable food production, growing and cultivating plants, particularly within an urban environment. We are interested to hear ideas you might have for one-off workshop sessions and/or small-scale artistic interventions that could relate to activities aiming to; share practical skills; engage people through discussion; explore opportunities for co-production; make and/or present new work within this specific context.

Workshop sessions will take place on the AFRIL allotment, which is located at One Tree Hill Allotment (111 Honor Oak Park, SE23 3NP). We anticipate workshop sessions to engage groups of 10-15 participants. It should be assumed that English is not a first language for all participants, so a range of beginners, intermediate and advanced second language. Please note, the site is part of an outdoor environment that offers some sheltered provision. The site has running water, but no electricity. Key beneficiaries will be children (primary age) and adults (age 25 and over).

Each artist will receive a fee of £200 (plus travel expenses and materials).

– Deadline for proposals: Sunday 26 September at midnight
– Outcome of decision and all applicants informed: w/c Monday 27 September

Hello Nature is supported by United St Saviours Charity


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
£200 (plus travel expenses)
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Conscious | Art Call





Murze is looking for artists creating artwork exploring our consciousness; the mind - mental health, and mental health activism or artwork created by artists living with mental health issues.


Murze Issue Eleven will be looking at artists responses and experiences with mental health and wellbeing - we are looking for artists and creatives to help start a conversation on our personal experiences with mental health, and the wider societal issues associated.


This artist's call is open to painting, collage, drawing, sculpture and creative writing. To enter please send in a portfolio of up to six images and tell us a little about your experience with mental health, or your reasoning for tackling it in your artwork.


Images submitted must be at least 300 DPI


Submission is Free


Deadlines for entry is the 10th March 2020


There are no other entry requirements, this submission is open to all.


The portfolios submitted will be reviewed by the Murze team, relevant art and artists will be contacted regarding Issue Eleven. Issue Eleven will be released in early April, looking at Emotions, Mental health and Wellbeing.


Prizes Details: 

The portfolios submitted will be reviewed by the Murze team, relevant art and artists will be contacted regarding Issue Eleven. Issue Eleven will be released in early April, looking at Emotions, Mental health and Wellbeing.


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Call for Artists: Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award, Artist Commission 2020 at The Tetley, Leeds




Application deadline: 10:00 am, Monday 11 November 2019

Artists are invited to apply for the 2020 Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award (ARMA), Artist Commission, hosted by The Tetley, Leeds, worth £15,000. The Award in 2020 focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of young people. The Award funds an artist (or artists) to conceive and deliver a participatory project which engages a group of young people aged 16 – 25. The group of participants will be identified by The Tetley and at this stage is likely to be a group of care experienced young people. As an outcome of the project, the artist will realise an exhibition, performance or other form of public engagement in the Shirley Cooper Gallery, one of the main gallery spaces at The Tetley in summer 2020. ARMA was established in memory of the artist Alexandra Reinhardt and is supported by the Max Reinhardt Charitable Trust (MRCT).

The successful artist(s) will work with The Tetley and a partner organisation between late May and early September to deliver a participatory project with young people. The artist, working with the participants, will share and exhibit the outcomes of the project in the Shirley Cooper Gallery between late May and early September 2020.

The artist will work closely with the Participation Producer at The Tetley to plan and deliver the project.

This is an exciting opportunity for an artist or artists to undertake a highly respected commission which is well supported by project partners. The ARMA Commission will form part of The Tetley’s artistic programme and will be widely promoted, both nationally and internationally.

ARMA 2020 is managed by Engage, the lead advocacy and training network for gallery education, with some 870 members across 270 museums, galleries and visual arts organisations. Artist Lindsey Mendick was awarded ARMA 2018 at The Turnpike, Leigh; Alison Carlier completed ARMA 2016 at aspex, Portsmouth; Anne Harild was selected for ARMA 2015 at the Bluecoat, Liverpool; in 2014, Maria Zahle was hosted by New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester and in 2013, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva was at mima, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art. 


The Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award (ARMA), Artist Commission 2020

The 2020 Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award (ARMA) will be hosted by The Tetley, Leeds. The Tetley is a pioneering centre for contemporary art located in the stunning art deco headquarters of the former Tetley Brewery on Leeds South Bank. The Tetley is situated in the City and Hunslet ward of Leeds, though not in an area of low cultural engagement as defined by ACE as it includes all areas of Leeds, it is bordered by some of the most deprived areas in the UK.

The Tetley’s 1930s building was transformed in 2013 to house unique gallery spaces, a learning studio for the award-winning participation programme, an artist residency studio, offices for creative businesses, a Bar & Kitchen and spaces for meetings and events.

For artists, The Tetley are mentors and champions, providing support, investment and development time and space. To the public and local communities, The Tetley is a destination to explore new and exciting works, take part in workshops, talks and events and explore their creative selves.

Over 130,000 people each year visit the Tetley to discover, create, relax and learn. The Tetley believe that everyone deserves to explore their cultural potential no matter their economic background, from messy play workshops for the under-fives, to professional artists at a pivotal point of their career.

The aims of ARMA 2020 are:

  • For an artist to conceive and deliver a participatory programme or project which engages a group of young people aged 16 – 25. 
  • For the artist to co-produce artwork with the group of young people.
  • For the artist, working with the young people, to realise an exhibition or public display in the Shirley Cooper Gallery, one of the main gallery spaces at The Tetley in summer 2020.
  • For the participatory project to benefit the mental health and wellbeing of the participants.
  • To provide an active voice to young people in shaping The Tetley’s artistic programme.


The participatory project

The participatory programme or project will give the artist the opportunity to work directly with young people, gaining insight and inspiration from their experience, and to work on the co-production of artwork.

The group of participants will be identified by The Tetley and at this stage is likely to be a group of care experienced young people. We expect the artist to be able to work with up to 10 – 15 young people in the group. The artist will work with The Tetley’s partner organisation and will be supported by them when working with the group. At this stage we expect there to be a minimum of 8 sessions the artist will need to deliver with the group, either on site at The Tetley or off site. However, we would like the project to achieve a deep level of engagement over a sustained period of 8 – 10 weeks during summer 2020. The artist will be supported by The Tetley and Engage to conceive and plan the participatory project.


The Shirley Cooper Gallery

The Shirley Cooper Gallery, one of the main gallery spaces at The Tetley ARMA 2020, will be dedicated to use for ARMA 2020 from late May to early September 2020 (final dates to be confirmed). The artist,will realise an exhibition, performance or other form of public engagement in this space. 

Depending on the project which the artist conceives, the dedicated gallery space could be used for production, public engagement and/or exhibition at different times during the period from May to September. One possible approach is for participation sessions to take place with young people in the space in June, before the space is opened for public engagement and/or display in July and August, though this is flexible. The space can be made private during participatory sessions.


The artist

Applications are invited from visual artists working in the areas of sculpture, paint, film, photography, performance, media and textiles etc. Collaborative applications from two artists are welcome. If two artists apply for the award the expectation is that one of them will be a visual artist and the other may work as a visual artist or in any other art form. Please note that the exhibition running alongside this commission at the Tetley will be sound based and therefore the use of audio in the ARMA Commission in the Shirley Cooper Gallery should be avoided to ensure there is no sound bleed in the main gallery spaces.

Artists should have a minimum of 3 – 5 years experience of practice outside of full time education, with some prior experience of working with young people through participatory or socially engaged projects. The artist will require strong communication skills when working with a broad group of people including young people, stakeholders and project partners. Artists should have experience of managing budgets, working to set deadlines, and skills in time management and project management and delivery in a creative environment.

The artist will be required to comply with safeguarding procedures and contribute to risk assessments, as advised by The Tetley, Health for All and Engage.

The Tetley can offer the artist the following facilities:

  • Use of in house equipment- AV equipment, projectors, TV, monitors and printing facilities
  • Dedicated space to deliver workshops in the learning studio suitable for dry and wet workshops
  • Private meeting room space for planning, meetings with artists,  partners and collaborators
  • In Kind Support from the Tetley Team including the main contact Participation Producer, (commission management, partnership management, budget planning, interpretation), Exhibitions Producer (exhibition realisation & curation aspects of exhibition planning, installation, invigilation and maintenance), Director, (promote and oversee Commission) Marketing & Press Co-ordinator (write copy, press releases, promote events and produce a marketing campaign for the Commission), Events Operation Manager (coordinate events and launch)  and Facilities Manager (risk assessment and safeguarding of the building and exhibition)
  • Limited dry materials including paper, pencils, pens and stationary
  • Technical support is available depending on budget (we have a small workshop to enable construction on site and have developed excellent relationships with AV experts and fabricators who we often use for exhibitions.) Access to the workshop will need to be supervised by our onsite technician depending on their availability, with budget allocated for their time


Celebratory event and exhibition

A celebratory event will be organised by The Tetley on completion of ARMA 2020. Material from the participatory programme or project; information about the commission; and material relating to ARMA, potentially including work by Alexandra Reinhardt, will be exhibited at The Tetley.



The Tetley will produce material to promote the ARMA 2020 Artist Commission and promotion of the award will be supported by Engage. The artist(s) will supply images of existing work for marketing material and access to images as the project progresses. The artist is encouraged to document the process and outcomes of the award using online media such as a blog, in compliance with any safeguarding procedures and documentation guidelines issued by the project partners.



An independent evaluator has been appointed to evaluate ARMA 2020. The Tetley and the selected artist(s) will be supported by Alison Unsworth, ARMA Coordinator and by Engage.



The award value of £15,000 will cover the costs for planning and delivery of participatory sessions; materials for the participatory sessions; artwork production, transportation and installation costs; artist’s time and any travel or accommodation expenses.

The Tetley, with support of MRCT, will meet the cost of the celebratory event, and other aspects of managing the artist commission, including the production of publicity and marketing material.

During the planning stage of the commission, the artist will propose a budget breakdown for the award value of £15,000 with support from The Tetley and Engage. The budget allocation is to be agreed with the artist, The Tetley, MRCT and Engage. Use of subcontractors is subject to agreement with The Tetley, and agreement of whether the artist or The Tetley will hold the budget for their payment.


Important dates

  • Application deadline: 10:00 am, Monday 11 November 2019
  • Artist interviews at The Tetley: 12 December 2019
  • Artist induction at The Tetley: January 2020
  • Participatory project at The Tetley: May-July 2020 (tbc)
  • Shirley Cooper Gallery available: 28 May 2020 – 6 September 2020 (tbc)
  • Celebratory event: August (tbc)


Who can apply

Visual artists are invited to apply. Collaborative applications from two artists are welcome. If two artists apply for the award the expectation is that one of them will be a visual artist and the other may work as a visual artist or in any other art form. Artists should have a minimum of 3 – 5 years experience of practice outside of full time education, with some prior experience of working with young people through participatory or socially engaged projects.

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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Artistic Commission



Call for Contributors

Up to £5000 is available to support outstanding contributions from local artists, for the inaugural Festival of the Sky. The application form can be completed online here.

This application is open to applicants wishing to create a variety of projects for the brand-new Festival of the Sky in Cleethorpes. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from people based in North East Lincolnshire.
We are looking to support a diverse range of exceptional talent, and we encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply. We are looking to support anything from art installations, performance and film screenings, through to active and fitness-based events, wildlife focused activities, crafts and making workshops. 

Two funding strands are available to support your idea. If you are unsure which Band would be best suited to your project idea, please email

Funding Band 1:  4 x £5000 Commissions. Suitable for NEL-based experienced artists, organisations and practitioners, successful applicants will deliver exceptional, ambitious projects suitable for presenting outdoors, on the promenade, beach or in the Town Centre in Cleethorpes. 
Funding Band 2: An unspecified number of suitable projects costing up to £500 will also be supported through this application. Suitable for NEL-based early career artists, workshop practitioners, sports and well-being-based activity leaders, craft and community interest groups. Projects based in venues or outdoors will be eligible for Band 2 funding.

Applicants to both funding bands will be required to deliver projects during the Festival of the Sky, on 6-8th September 2019.

About Festival of the Sky
The inaugural Festival of the Sky will take place in Cleethorpes on the 6th to the 8th of September. Supported by the Coastal Communities Fund from CoastNEL and organized in partnership by festival specialists From the Fields Ltd and North East Lincolnshire Council, the aim is to create a largely un-ticketed, accessible and engaging event.

Festival of the Sky will bring together great arts and culture across the weekend, with free performances, activities and workshops for festival-goers of all ages. The event aims to appeal to those who enjoy the outdoors, particular around activities and the environment. The main ‘festival hub’ will be situated on the promenade and beach, with additional pop-up activity taking place throughout the town. It will attract regional audiences, as well as those further afield and combine traditions around activities around seaside experiences with culture and wellbeing-based content.

We are opening the door to creative, innovative and engaging ideas and performances including workshops, live stages, lectures, stalls and film screenings. The festival is themed around sky, flight, environment and discovery, and we are particularly keen to support ideas that reference this.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Upekhhā: Therapeutic Residency for Multidisciplinary Artists





Our inimitable #therapeuticresidencyforartists is now taking applications from multidisciplinary artists around the world. Upekhhā invites creatives who want to delve into their inner world and develop an authentic and persevering connection between themselves and their art practice. 

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About us:

TATVA is a therapeutic retreat situated in one of the most scenic parts of North Goa in India. Basically the retreat is a big villa built in the Portuguese/Goan style and situated in a quiet and tranquil rural village, which is a farming and fishing community. We are situated on an island with lovely walks all around and many rivers. lakes and rice paddy fields. Our nearest town, which is only 5 minutes away, is called Aldona. It's charming and according to the locals (who are obviously a bit biased!) is the most beautiful village in the world! See - https://www.inditales.com/aldona-goa-beautiful-village-world/

About the residency:

The idea of the residency is to support residents explore themselves and their work; with the goal of empowering them to gain insight into their emotions and their views of the world; plus enable them to express themselves in their chosen creative genre. The residencies are intimate in nature, with between 1 to 6 people attending for 1 to 4 weeks; we also welcome couples and/or partners. We have a basic weekly programme; which includes two or three one to one sessions with a psychotherapist, work sharing/co-creation meetings with local artists (we collaborate with local artists and often take our residents to meet them in their homes/studios; or they come to TATVA to speak with our residents), some group work which takes the form of discussions and peer support in the event that there are other artists staying with us at the same time as you. The retreat has a distinct family atmosphere; which is also a safe space to emote and create. We cook, eat, laugh, discourse and work together; as well as giving each resident the space and privacy they require. There is no requirement on producing any work by the end of your stay; however if artists wish we can also organise local exhibitions for them to showcase their work. A detailed description of the residency can be found if you click on this link . We provide breakfast and either lunch or dinner daily; also we take residents out on excursions to places of interest, depending on what they'd like to see and know more about. There is room both inside and out for artists to create; as we have an attic studio and a big roof top veranda. We also have a garden and many areas and locations of local natural beauty. We advise artists to bring their own materials, as we only have the basics here; however we can help you source most materials in Goa once you arrive if you prefer. Residents also have free time to explore Goa; or just simply relax with the opportunity of immersing themselves in the Goan life. We will take you to areas and events in Goa that most visitors don't see or do; which are picturesque and/or interesting - these include season specific activities such as waterfalls, beaches, interesting cultural events, museums, galleries, heritage sites and architectural Portuguese and Goan gems. We help curate every aspect your stay which entails helping organise additional external activities such as yoga sessions, movement/body work workshops, flora and fauna treks, meditation, massages, wildlife and bird watching, boat trips etc.

Who we are:

You may also want to know about the people behind TATVA: The retreat is the home of the two founders of TATVA, David Stanton and Kripi Malviya. David is British and has worked in mental health and emotional well being for over thirty five years in Europe, Africa and Asia; Kripi is Indian and is a counselling psychologist, artist and poet. Please see - https://www.tatvacenter.com/copy-of-philosophy-2

Application, booking and fee:

We charge 37,000 INR per week (500 USD). To secure your place we ask for a 50% deposit once you've been accepted onto the residency. The fee includes all the therapeutic programme input mentioned previously; plus your own a/c double bedded room with balcony, bathroom, two meals a day and the use of the kitchen at all times. We also have a drawing room, study, music/reading room, dining room, wifi, large shaded roof terrace and garden - photos of the retreat can bee seen on this link - https://www.tatvacenter.com/copy-of-connect-with-us 

Contact & Links: 
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