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Call for Women Artists "HerStory" Online Art Exhibition



About Manhattan Arts International's Annual "HerStory" Exhibition
Manhattan Arts International (www.ManhattanArts.com) has been presenting “HerStory” exhibitions on this website since the year 2000.  Prior to that we curated women’s exhibitions throughout NYC. Our annual “HerStory” exhibitions provide the opportunity for women artists to have their artwork viewed by our expansive global audience. For centuries women artists have inspired, enlightened and informed us with their enormous talent, vision and commitment. Many have served as creative trailblazers. Unfortunately, their contributions have gone under-recognized.We won’t stop until there is a fair and equal balance of women artists represented by art museums, galleries, art book publishers, major private and public collections, auction houses, and the media.

More than 50 Women Artists Will be Exhibited - All Subjects, Styles and Mediums

HerStory 2018

Shown above: Art by some of the winners from Manhattan Arts International "HerStory" 2017.

“HerStory 2018” will feature a minimum of 50 outstanding contemporary women artists from around the world. All styles, subjects, mediums and sizes will be accepted in  Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Work on Paper, Photography/Digital Art, and Mixed Media.

Several awards including Awards of Excellence, cash, and publicity awards will be given by me Renée Phillips, director of Manhattan Arts International, and guest jurors in the Special Recognition Awards panel.

The artists selected will have one of their entries featured in this online exhibition, along with their artist’s statement and a link to their website. The exhibition will be promoted to our social media community and subscribers. We currently have more than 45,000 connections and subscribers, growing daily.


* Entry deadline May 31, 2018
* Enter before April 10 and receive a free copy of  “A Resource Guide to Women Artists” ebook.
* Exhibition artists will be announced on the website: June 12, 2018
* Exhibition: June 15 – August 15, 2018


* You must be 18 years or older.
* JPEG entries submitted with the entry form: 800 pixels on the longest side.
* A brief artist’s statement.
* Artists must have their art portfolio available for viewing on their own website or blog.
* Art shown in a previous Manhattan Arts International exhibition will not be accepted.
* Entries must be submitted directly by the artists, not their agents or representatives.
* Images should be photographed and cropped properly without frames or distracting backgrounds.

Use this link to learn more about "HerStory" and submit your entries.


Women in Art



Las Laguna Gallery is seeking works from women artists.
This exhibition is dedicated to the spirit and creativity of all women artists, past and present.

Since ancient times, women artists have been creating alongside their male counterparts but it seems that only recently has the women artist movement come roaring back.  As recently as 1986 women artist were not even listed in “Janson’s History of Art,” the leading textbook.

Past women artist like Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keeffe, Cindy Sherman, Rachel Whiteread, Joan Mitchell, Yayoi Kusama, Bridget Riley, Agnes Martin, Jenny Holzer, and Barbara Kruger helped pave the way for their contemporaries: Ruth Asawa, Sonia Gomes; Shinique Smith; Perle Fine; and Eva Hesse.

This show is open to all local, national and international women artists, professional and amateur.

Fee Detail: 

Women in Art



Laura Schumpert - Guilt - Photography - 20 Inches x 20 Inches © All Rights Reserved

Since ancient times, women artists have been creating alongside their male counterparts. Throughout history, women artists have been creating incredible artworks. Mary Cassatt, Sofonisba Anguissola, Marie Bracquemond, Mary Beale, Mary Cassatt and Camille Claudel helped pave the way for the contemporary giants, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keeffe, Cindy Sherman, Rachel Whiteread, Joan Mitchell, Yayoi Kusama, Bridget Riley, Agnes Martin , Jenny Holzer, and Barbara Kruger.

Las Laguna Gallery recieved hundreds of submissions and chose a wide variety of mediums and styles to show a snap-shot of incredible, interesting, and well crafted works.

Artists include: Aneka Ingold, Karri Breslin, Verona Chen, Polly Cook, Catherine Daley, Terri Deskins, Evgenia Espinoza, Mallory Gottlieb, Desiree Guerrero, Olga Hofmann, Jessica TC Lee, Julija Levkova, Pamela Macias, Sanda Manuila, Taressa Norberg, Kristin O'Connor, Yvonne Petty, Laura Schumpert, Zoe Star, Vicky Talwar, and Adriana Villagran.

Works include  Acrylic, Collage, Digital Art, Drawings, Illustration, Mixed Media, Oil,  and Digital Photography.


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