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Believe Her: Digital Poster Show






Poster design has been used by women throughout history to advocate for equality and share messages. If you identify as a woman and have faced harrasment or discrimination, or have felt silenced because of your gender share your story. Design a poster about a time you felt silenced, posters can be any medium and any size. Posters will be reviewed and featured in an digital poster exhibition designed to help women's voices be heard.


In 2017 during the peak of the Me Too movement I designed a poster as a way to work through my discomfort as the overwhelming number of stories about harassment broke on the news and social media, everywhere I turned it seemed that there were more stories coming to light. As someone who has been a victim of harassment this time made me reflect upon my experiences as well as think about how many women’s stories go untold, behind the thin veil of what has been deemed socially acceptable to talk about were hundreds of women who had stayed silent. For me designing that poster was cathartic and helped me to work through some of the discomfort I was going through. It made me consider the many voices who weren’t believed when they told their stories, and the ones too afraid of the consequences to share theirs. What if poster design could help these voices be heard and believed? I am hoping to collect posters and curate an augmented reality poster show to help women share their stories, and hopefully this process will be as beneficial for them as it was for me in 2017.


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Women Artists Wanted for Issues Show!





Women who express themselves on important issues through visual art are wanted for an upcoming show - Women's Expressions: Art About Issues

The show will be staged at Liz Long Gallery at Chicago Urban Art Retreat in Feb/Mar 2019.

Send images for consideration via email now, & art to our actual location at 1957 S. Spaulding Ave. Chicago Illinois 60623

Pieces must be at gallery by the January 26, 2019.

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