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'Moon Reach', by Kathryn & RDWakeman, selected for new LA show



R.D. and Kathryn Wakeman are pleased to announce that their new collaborative artwork, 'MOON REACH', has been selected for group exhibition in Gestalt 6 by BG Gallery, Los Angeles CA.

Inspired by a California moon over the ocean, the piece was created in collaboration in Los Angeles. The Wakeman's collaborations explore word and image, hierarchy and alternative readings, including the female form in relation to nature.  These are further investigated through medium, techniques and implements such as wood, film, glass, glue and power drills.  

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UK/USA Collaborative Artist's work to shine at the 2019 L.A. Art show



Illuminated by a golden glow on Laguna Beach, CA, Kathryn Wakeman & her daughter R.D. Wakeman attempt to capture a selfie. It is sunset, that awe-inspiring last glimpse as the sun swiftly disappears from sight. That moment is the inspiration for their circular artwork: stone glass window, at bg gallery booth, L.A. Art Show 2019.  Embracing the colours of that spectacular sunset & inset with mirror the piece embodies the spirit of self-reflection & illumination that the selfie was meant to be.

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