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Learn to Laser Cut a 3D Model at MadFabLab



Create a simple 3D model using free software and learn how to generate slices for laser cutting.

Whether you’re looking to sample 3D objects as prototypes, or you just fancy making a unique sculpture for your home, learning how to slice a 3D design is your starting point.

Using open source software (free software available for anyone to download online) and corrugated card as a build material, makes this method an ideal way to start tinkering with 3D prototyping without breaking the bank.

You’ll get to know the basics of open source 3D software, an essential tool for any budding digital maker.

Who is this course for?

This workshop is suitable for everyone, including young makers aged 11+. All under-18s must be accompanied by an adult (all participants need their own tickets).

Introduction to Laser Cutting: Acrylic Keyrings at MadFabLab



Want to get creative with laser cutting? Need a reason to stop losing your keys?

Learn to add the personal touch in this two hour introduction to laser cutting. Starting with the basics of designing in Inkscape, you’ll go on to create a beautiful, unique acrylic keyring of your own design.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for all abilities, and we welcome beginners with no previous experience of laser cutting or design.

Bid Writing Workshop



Aiming to raise funds for projects or operations? Whether you’re new to the bid writing process or want to scale up your applications, this course will equip you to win.

You’ll understand every stage of the bid writing process from identifying funds to delivering a winning bid, both in the wider strategic and policy contexts and at the nitty-gritty level of practical Dos and Don’ts. After completing this course, you’ll be fully prepared not just for filling in the form, but for the whole journey.

Who is this course for?

Individuals to small-to-medium enterprises aiming to raise funds for projects or operations. The course is suitable for both those who have not been through the bid writing process and those who have some experience but wish to improve their skills or increase the scale of their applications.

For those with existing bids in mind…

Laura will tailor the course for attendees who are targeting specific bids based on their feedback at the start of the day. This is an incredibly valuable addition to the course for those working towards a specific fund, although it is not a requirement and does not affect the core content and activities of the course.

Mary Virginia Swanson: Beyond Print




Join mentor and educator Mary Virginia Swanson  for a two-day workshop that will teach photographers how to conduct targeted research, build their audience, and extend the life of their photobook beyond publication. 

Whether your book is self-published, published by a trade publisher, or published by a small press, the publication date is just the beginning of the journey. In this workshop, Swanson will explore ways in which newly published photographers can conduct targeted research to find methods of facilitating awareness and attention about their projects. From examining existing and desired audiences to discussing the possibility of exhibitions, this workshop will broaden photographers’ perspectives and educate them about methods that will aid in securing exposure for their book and work. 

On the first day, Swanson will introduce the photobook market and how to research and build an audience. Participants will introduce their work and marketing concept to the group, and begin strategizing methods of targeted research. On the second day, participants will work to redefine their project statement and audience in order to create a precise marketing plan. The workshop will conclude with a discussion about exhibitions, social media tools, and educational programming that could be tied to a book project. 

Mary Virginia Swanson is an author and educator who helps artists find the strengths in their work, identify appreciative audiences, and present their photographs in an informed, professional manner. She draws from her thirty-year career spanning the fine-art, documentary, photojournalism, publishing, and licensing arenas to lend sage advice to artists at all professional levels. Swanson coauthored with Darius Himes the acclaimed Publish Your Photography Book, which was revised and updated in 2014 (Princeton Architectual Press). Visit or @maryvirginiaswanson.


Tuition: Tuition for this two-day workshop is $500 and includes lunch and light refreshments for both days. Currently enrolled students and Aperture Members at the $250 level and above receive a 10% discount on workshop tuition. Please contact for a discount code. Students will need to provide proper documentation of enrollment.


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