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Spring Open Call for Artists aged 14-25

  • We are open to several forms of art including painting, sculpture, photography, and film.
  • If you are selected, you will be encouraged to volunteer at the gallery.
  • We don't display work of individuals older than the age of 25 or younger than the age 14.
  • Submissions may not include work from school (e.g. GCSE or A Levels) yet to be assessed.
  • ​Must be from or reside in the UK.
  • The work must be your own and original.
  • If your artwork is accepted we have the right to post it on social media (with credit to the artist, of course).
  • We do not sell art. We display your work for free to the public with no cost for wall space.

State of Wonder NYC

“State of Wonder” is a rotating, free-form group show split up into ten editions which encourage the viewer to gradually consider modern life from a variety of perspectives. We are seeking young artists working in all media who are born and/or raised in NYC and from the ages of 18-28, preferably those without current gallery representation or institutional support. Through the lenses of themes like technology, vices, and family, artists will respond to life in the world's most famous metropolitan area with work exhibited at varying locations throughout the city. By blending traditional curatorial presentation with untraditional events and formats, we are presenting a program that is accessible and meaningful to viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

Children’s Art Week 2020: Grants for organisations

Children's Art Week 2020: 29 June – 19 July 2020   

Children’s Art Week is a UK-wide programme run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education.   

In 2020, Children’s Art Week will take place online, at home and in schools across three weeks in June and July. Each week will focus on a special theme.   


Our 2020 themes are…    

Routes into Music Facilitation

We’re offering three brand new opportunities to work with Brighter Sound as a music facilitator across our programme of work for children and young people.

The placements – one leading to a formal qualification and two paid traineeships – will offer practical, hands-on experience of music delivery in a workshop setting, shadowing experienced facilitators who are specialists in musically inclusive practice.

The roles are aimed at musicians who are committed to the development of their skills as a creative practitioner. The ideal candidates will be passionate about unlocking the creativity of children and young people through music making, and nurturing musical, social and personal progression.

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