The Song Between Our Stars: Open Call for Artists and Writers

The Song Between Our Stars was founded in 2020 as a way of documenting creative reactions to contemporary issues.

We seek diverse, divergent, and atypical voices and to showcase work from emerging and established writers and artists alike. We seek literature and art that explores themes evident in current events, or is focused on contradictions and divisions: within our selves, within and between communities, and the various ways that individuals and groups nevertheless overwhelm their separateness.

The Song Between Our Stars is produced in both print and digital editions. Artwork should display well in A5 landscape. Photography, digital art, painting, sketches, collage and photos of 3D work are accepted. 

"First step" - A multidisciplinary Zine

After a long pandemic that is still ongoing, it's time to take a small "first step" towards something new. The theme of our Zine's first issue is called  "First step" for a reason. We don't want to focus on isolation and quarantine anymore, we want to celebrate creativity in its nascent form. "First step" is open to any interpretation. It could mean the first poem you wrote, the first picture from a larger project, the first time you tried a new technique and succeeded, or even the first words from your novel. We want to encourage you to share your creation with confidence.

We accept the following formats: photography, painting, design, sculpture, poetry, and short essays. 

Call for Submissions - Plant Press Zine

Submit work to our new publication, which will showcase art and writing inspired by the nonhuman world.

With the natural world under ever-increasing threat, the need to address these concerns becomes more important by the minute. The aim of this zine is to shine a light on pressing climate issues, whilst documenting individual reflections and ecological experiences. 

The art works will be presented in a limited edition zine, printed with vegetable inks on recycled papers.

Accepted art forms include (but are not limited to): photography, film stills, drawing, painting, printmaking, poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing. 

Deadline for submission is 1st June 2021. 

Follow us on Instagram for updates! @plantpresszine

Dinosaur Zine Issue 2: Nights


Open call for issue 2 of Dinosaur Zine

After the first issue, the second issue will be open in a broader term. All formats are accepted, including analog or digital, colored or b&w.

The theme of the second issue is 'Nights'

What happens when the lights of the day are withdrawn? What do nights hide? The subject is broad from night life to nights as whatever it makes you feel.

Submit your photographs related to Nights if you want to see your work printed

Submit up to 4 photos with a brief description via WeTransfer to the email address below

Submissions open until February 4th.

Flea Circus, Volume two: "Fools Paradise"

Fool's Paradise - A state of happiness based on false hope.

It's been a strange year, often a statement like that would be quite individual, but this year has made that statement feels almost universal. Local restrictions differ but at the time of writing we're about to go into a second lockdown. It feels like it's time again to find a little happiness even if it's based on false hope. 

​Show us your “Fool's Paradise”. It can be anything visual; photography, paintings, illustration, sculpture, or even poetry. 

​Submit your art for a chance to be included in the 2nd edition of Flea Circus. It’s free to enter, just follow the link to our submission form.

Good Luck! 

Dinosaur Zine


Open call for the new photography zine ' Dinosaur Zine'

Each issue will have a different theme

The theme of the first upcoming issue 'Hellöw' is 'analogue black and white photography'

Submit your analogue black and white photos if you want to see your work printed

Submit up to 4 photos with a brief description via WeTransfer to the email address below

Submissions open until October 23rd

The first printed issue will be out on October 31st.


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