honorarium opportunities for Zines

EXILE books is offering LOTS of oportunities to and be paid and published between now and the end of 2021

Upload your zines to the EXILE Zine Pool and be elgible for ranging from $100 to $500!  The Pool serves as an open ended submissions database for juried selections for special projects, as well as a virtual zine library. 

Heres how it works:

*It doesn't cost any money to submit your work and you can submit as many different works as you like. 

*Every zine will be on public view in the zine pool. Jurors for special projects will make their pics exclusively from the pool. 

What type of work should I send in? 

Juries will be looking for material that focuses on these areas:

The Witching Hour Volume II: A Quaranzine

Last October, we celebrated some of the most bewitching artists and enchanting works at our first annual The Witching Hour exhibition. I’d love nothing more than to revive such a wicked soirée. However, it is imperative that we prioritize our health and safety while COVID continues to leave heartbreak and devastation in its wake.

Open Call for The Chelsea Hotel Zine

A call for artists working in any medium to be featured in a fine art foccussed zine. This is the first issue of the zine, and will go into print and sales in October. See image for details.

Flea Circus, Volume One. 'Little Victories'

Flea circus is a submission based art magazine looking for contemporary art submissions on the theme “Little Victories” It’s completely free to apply and if your work is selected you will be sent a digital version of the magazine, shortly after the deadline there will be a print edition available for purchase. The deadline is June 30th.

We can’t wait to see your submissions! To keep up to date on the process please follow us on Instagram @fleacircusmagazine

Heavy Iridescent

Please submit art, photography, writing, poetry, and everything in between in response to the theme: CONSCIOUSNESS

Heavy Iridescent is a zine looking to publish your art, photography, writing, poetry, and everything in between.

We want the hyper-specific in tension with the general. Your heavy ideas, and the weight of the everyday. We want glittering colours, soap bubble thoughts, bright flashes of personality and instances of intense feeling. Give us bold experiments, vibrating phrases, eye-punching visuals and deep emotion.


Please interpret this theme however you'd like; the weirder the better! If you’re unsure of where to start have a look at these questions for inspiration:

They wore flowers in their hair

This is for call content. But it’s not a call for just any kind of content. This is a call for specific content, from specific people. This is a call for content from the lonely, the misunderstood, the anxious, the hopeful, the misgendered, the marginalized, the radical-in-other’s-eyes-but-not-so-radical-in-your-own, the politicized, the relatively unscathed, the visionaries. 

This is a call for the unspoken memories, the thoughts that run rampant, the words that went unsaid, the spiral after spiral, the dirty, the clean, and the (absolutely) in between, the revolutionary, but then again, not so revolutionary after all. 

In the midst of crisis, we seek to inspire and bring beauty to the foreground.


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