Thomas Kozumplik | Musician, Composer/Performer | Brooklyn NY | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn NY
Industry: Music & Sound
Professional Title: Musician, Composer/Performer
Specialties: Writing, Electro-Acoustic Music, production

- About -

Loop 2.4.3 artistic director Thomas Kozumplik is involved with a wide range of music as creator, producer, collaborator, and freelancer. He co-founded the art/improv group Clogs, artist-owned record label Music Starts From Silence, and was a member of the Yale Percussion Group (dir. Robert van Sice), the Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble (classical, jazz, and world music), the Ron Parmentier Trio (modern and free jazz), and Uncle Jimmy's Dirty Basement (theatrical/multi-media rock and roll). His performances have been called "dazzling throughout" (Mojo, UK), "sublime" (Pitchfork, USA), "smart and engaging" (New York Times, USA), and "the hit for me" (composer Terry Riley via the New York Times). Gramophone (UK) called Loop 2.4.3's American Dreamland “an astonishing variety of brand-new yet iconic sounds that create a riveting aura” and praised its “artistic punch.”