Tanausu | Artist | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: Fine Art Photography, Sculpture, installations.

- About -

Tanausu Herrera developed a passion for photography from a very early age inspired by his father's hobby. Born and raised in the Canaries he soon discovered that there was an innate drive to communicate through photography his fascination for light and people, often using friends and neighbours as subjects to photograph, creating scenes that took them to a place of self-discovery wonder and joy. As a young adult he moved to London attracted by its multicultural society and creative scene. Studied Photography and soon started assisting various Fashion photographers on assignments around the globe. These trips allowed him to meet people from all walks of life, from poor villagers in rural India, rich Businessmen in Dubai, barmen in the Miami club scene, Immigrant prostitutes in Amsterdam's red light district to High society heirs in conservative England to name a few. This encounters expanded on his child like curiosity and observation for human behaviour and what is at the core of being human beyond what constructs an Identity. Tanausu's innate desire for truth led him to study and experience in depth various forms of personal development and spirituality, soon exploring the meditative nature in all aspects of Image making and the relationship between those unique moments in time and the experience between the viewer and the art. Tanausu developed a passion to create artworks that visually bridge those insights, those moments of clarity with the viewer, inviting them to look deeper and reflect into their own experience of self and reality. His work blends postmodernism with conceptual art and speaks to psychology, and human transformation. It explores through technology the parallels between visible and unseen qualities of light, operating on the material properties of digital media to reveal that there is more to discover under the photographic surface and the enquiry into the emotional embodiment of an Identity in humans and what core truths can be discovered, beyond what's visible. Tanausu has had his work featured in a number of International publications, private commissions and regularly collaborates with designers, visual artists and performers. His work has also been exhibited in The London Fashion Museum in collaboration with Getty Images.