Tania Mujica-Mota | Actual visual and music artist , Author | Montreal | Art Jobs
Country: Canada
City: Montreal
Professional Title: Actual visual and music artist , Author
Specialties: New music singer-author and composer

- About -

My statement For me, art is an experience and a way of doing (alone or also in the relationship you build with the others, in the way you do it). I am concerned for the way I do my artwork and how I present it once done, as well as for the collaborations taking place in it, in order to try to propose "universes" through it. ​ After Second World War we questioned deeply the way art was done, overall in Germany, since there had been a misuse in the comprehension and practice of arts, starting by the exclusion of many artists being replaced by others that were too busy to realize they were also concerned. In the 1960’s somehow we came to wonder if art was the reflection of our societies. ​ But then, I have the impression that art, today, has to be reconsidered as central in society, but also in the way it’s been approached and thought. It has to give us not just an aesthetical foundation on what’s beauty and what is not, but in my way of seeing it, in the contrary: it has to open us to new perspectives. ​ My art approach deals with interpretation and re-interpretation. From my point of view, what’s accepted in a moment may not be in another one, or in another context or space. My artworks deal with these questions constantly, but in a non-stressed-self-criticism. Mistakes are then accepted as part of the process but the final intention is to better the artpieces, as one would do in an architectural construction normally, rather than hiding the mistakes. ​ ​ At this moment, Venice is very interesting to me and my artwork, since I can see how different buildings were treated architecturally differently depending on the materials they had originally and, being the buildings so different from one another in the style and architectural answer, one sees that different backgrounds intervened in their architectural landscapes; so these last enriched them and gave them an harmony, what gives the city a magnificent taste of permanent renewal, even though being so old! ​ © TANIA MUJICA-MOTA \ Visual, music and stage actual artist and author