Tanya Houghton | Photographer | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Photography
Professional Title: Photographer

- About -

I am an interdisciplinary artist and photographer based in London; my work explores themes of landscape, memory and ecology, with a current focus on the Indigenous connection to the landscape. I like to thoroughly research a topic before I begin working on it, often working in remote spaces to gather my material, fully immersing myself in these types of locations. I gather a wide range of material from the spaces I work, photographic, video, sound, text and object I then expand on my findings in my studio to finalise the narrative in the final body of work. The result is a mix of photographic work and installation based displays, experimenting with the use of natural materials. I like to collaborate with others and enjoy working on a range of projects globally including exhibitions, festivals and editorial commissions. As well as working as an artist I also undertake curatorial roles, lecture and am invited to speak at conferences and symposiums about my work.