Keith P. Rein | artist | Fort Collins | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Fort Collins
Industry: Design
Professional Title: artist
Specialties: Print Design, Photoshop, pinups

- About -

Keith P Rein is an American artist born in New York to a family of 5 and attended art school at the University of Georgia where he received a BFA in 2006 with a focus in photography. Here he combined the details he learned from photography with his past love of illustration to create a body of work that touches upon photorealism, pop art, and comic art. A neo pin up artist that combines the analogue techniques of watercolor with the modern teachings of digital painting, Keith's work has a unique style that is simultaneously whimsical and titillating. He has been freelancing since 2008 and currently resides in Colorado. Some notable work: the #foodporn series, the Slaughterhouse Starlets series, Manic Pixie Dream No.1 beer labels (second place in USA Today's best beer label 2018 contest).