Monika Tobel | BA, MFA | London | Art Jobs

- About -

I am a London based Hungarian multidisciplinary artist exploring nature-culture and species barriers. I am interested in breaking down these barriers, mainly by devising exercises that help me to de-learn and re-learn prescribed ideals of how to relate to the environment and its inhabitants, in order to develop a new non-hierarchical way of being in the world. I investigate modes of moral distinctions that enable us to commit atrocities against the signified other, be it race, gender, or species. I am intrigued by the possibilities of non-lingual communication between different entities; the information exchange via scents, sounds, touch. Originally a painter I have worked in a multitude of media throughout the years, lately due to conscious decision to stop making unnecessary objects resulted in a move towards non-material processes such as video, performance and sound. The work mainly consists of simple exercises of listening and interacting with multispecies collaborators, realized in performance and video form alongside some installations.