Todd Starks | Artist, Web Designer / Developer | Tucson | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Tucson
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Artist, Web Designer / Developer
Specialties: Wordpress & SquareSpace; Adobe creative suite; marketing & Branding;

- About -

Get outside as soon as possible. That's me. Give me a single track mountain bike trail along the face of a cliff, and I am one happy camper. Let me see the stars stretching from beginning to end. Pure elation! Throw in a moon and a campfire, and you won't see me inside for the night. I like to explore, to find the edge, to think deep, slow thoughts without words. I like to go fast as I can, then stop to examine an ant crawling along with his lunch dragging behind. The world is a deeply fascinating and wonderful place, and I am just glad to be alive, healthy, and able to enjoy it. I am more than a designer. I bring a strong passion for painting and drawing. See some examples of fine art at Regarding art and design; I started drawing while still wandering around in diapers. I 'wrote' before I could read, simply enjoying the forms of letters and marks made on walls and paper. Early on I showed a strong desire to learn how things work, tearing apart my toys or electronics to uncover the mysteries inside. Mom and dad weren't thrilled about the dismantling and graffiti, so they channeled my energy into drawing with mom and working on the family cars with dad. A combined love of art, design and science gives me a advantage in working with both web and print projects. Through non-traditional thinking and living, I have experienced several career paths, with a constant thread of art, drawing and design. Education and experience in the fields of art, design, building, science, medicine and business all fuel my analytical, creative problem solving skills. All these experiences give me a creative edge, maturity and dedication to projects.